Sunday 15 April 2012


dress - h&m
cardigan - topshop
boots - local shop
bracelet - destiny matalan
necklace - accessorize
lips - natural collection rose petal

Happy Sunday everyone! This is what I wore to work today, work - on a Sunday! Oh the life of a College student! I'm just chilling with the boyfriend now, having a nice relaxing day in as Easter's almost over and we're back to College on Tuesday, sob. I really love this dress, it was only £12.99 from h&m which isn't bad and they have lots of different styles too! I have a stripey one as well which I'm sure you'll see in a post some time soon!
If you're in the UK, you'll probably also be wondering where our fab sunny weather have got to. I should add a disclaimer on my blog, *beware weather rants in majority of posts* but honestly England, is a little bare-leg weather so much to ask? Ah well, looks like the black tights and boots are here to stay for now!

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  1. You look so nice in this dress! Love the flower! :) Such a pretty outfit.

    I understand you about the weather, here it's also rainy and cold.

  2. Love that dress, I can't believe the weather, there was hail today!

  3. cute bracelet :)
    Why won't it be warm!?! ://
    ♥ xxx

  4. love the dress! & the bracelet is adorable :) ahh the weather here has been so up and down.. really nice one day, snowing a couple days later :( hopefully the warm weather comes fast, can't wait to break out the sun dresses!



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