Wednesday 25 April 2012


dress - h&m
shoes - new look

Not an outfit of the day today, though I wish it was nice enough to be wearing this! I have been looking everywhere for a white skater dress, it had been driving me crazy, I'd looked online and it just about every shop and I just hadn't found the perfect one! A few days ago though, me and my boyfriend Darren were in town after college and we were looking in H&M as I had a card that gave you £5 off when you spend £10 or more. I was looking at all their new things and nothing really caught my eye, but then Darren found these dresses hidden among other clothes on a little rail and it was only £14.99, so I got this for only £9.99! Bargain!
I love the gold button detail on this dress as it adds an extra detail at the waist, without the need for a belt, which I really like, they make it a little more dressy as well so it could be worn on a night out or to dinner, but they're also placed well so they they're easy to cover with a jacket!
I'm thinking of wearing this on my birthday, which is next Sunday (6th may, it's my 18th!!) or my boyfriends 19th birthday, which is this Sunday! (29th) Hmm!



  1. Gorgeous hun. Looks really nice.

    Xox Soph

    Glamorous Life

  2. when I clicked on the link, I thought it looked too bright on the picture, to be today haha
    my bracelet arrived yesterday and it's lovely :) thanks
    Cerys ♥

    1. glad you like it! and I know, I took these photos yesterday, it's dreadful here today, the rain hasn't stopped! xx

  3. I love this dress, it looks great! I can't believe it was just £9.99!

    Take a peak at my blog<3

    Project Rattlebag


  4. lovely dress x

  5. I love this dress it is soooo summery :) I hope you will follow my blog :)



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