Thursday, 31 May 2012


dress - local store
bag - bank
bracelet - matalan
necklace - new look
shoes - new look

Yesterday, me and Darren attended F&F's Pop up Shop launch in Covent Garden (full photo post up tomorrow) It was such a lovely little event and we had a great time, Tesco clothing is so surprising, if you haven't checked it out definitely do, it's so reasonably priced and excellent quality too!

I'm getting brave! I'm wearing a maxi dress! I bought myself another maxi skirt today too, getting super brave here. Most people are terrified of short skirts but anything knee length or below makes me wanna run and hide but I decided to embrace the trend last night and I love it! You'll definitely be seeing more of this, let me know what you all think.

Hope you've all had a great day!


Wednesday, 30 May 2012


18th birthday present - jijikiki * - topshop
new look - kukee * - primark
matalan - topshop - matalan

I was requested by lovely Ariel to do my jewellery favourites and I've been meaning to get around to it for ages! Since I had some spare time after work today, I thought I'd get it up!
The first earrings are just simple studs but I wear them most days as they go with everything and my lovely Auntie got me them for my 18th! I love them so much and I think these will be a pair I'll keep forever.
The next two pairs are also studs, the galaxy ones are so cool and unique and I just love the minty colour of the cute anchor ones.
The next and last pair of earrings are these stunning pink feather earrings from New Look, these are one of my all time favourite pieces of jewellery. Pink and feathers - what's not to love?
There's a flower theme with the rings, the little silver flower is from an online store called Kukee (linked above) it's perfect as a simple piece alone but it's also great for stacking. The colour of the primark one is just gorgeous, it's a great statement summer ring. I've had this almost a year actually and it's lasted very well for a primark ring. The sideways cross is another statement one, it's a two finger ring and to be honest, they get on my nerves a bit sometimes, but I can forgive them because they're just so pretty!
The little flower ring was part of a set, it's not supposed to be a thumb ring but I bought it too big and I think it works like this!
The last ones are these super cute stacking rings from matalan, I love these, they're great for spring and they're stretchy so they can be worn on any finger!

I'm off to Covent Garden later for the F&F Pop up Shop launch so I'll have a post up about that tomorrow, get excited!

Also, I've been considering starting a youtube channel soon(ish) maybe in a month or so, but I'm not sure, it's a scary thought but I just think it'd be kind of fun! Let me know what you all think!


Tuesday, 29 May 2012


top - republic
jeans - new look
shoes - new look
earrings - new look
lips - collection 2000 sweet tart + topshop coy (mixed)

The hot pink jeans are back! In all honesty, I do feel like this outfit might be a bit much for college but lovely weather seems to be slowly disappearing so I'm holding onto the summery feeling by wearing bright summery colours - wishful thinking!
If you'd have told me this time last year I'd be wearing hot pink jeans I wouldn't have believed you, I love pink and I love jeans, but together? I'd have been scared! I think they're pretty easy to wear though, I like wearing simple black or white tops like this one with them, it (sort of) tones them down a bit and makes them more appropriate for everyday wear.
I'm so in love with feather earrings at the moment, they remind me of flamingos! Feather earrings were so in last summer and they seem to be back again but not in such a big way, typical! If anyone knows where I can get some lovely reasonably priced ones in the UK, I'd love to know, leave links/ shop names in the comments if you know any.
Have a great day everyone!


Monday, 28 May 2012


top - primark
jeans - primark
shoes - new look
bracelet - oasap *

This blouse was originally my twin sisters, but as with possibly too many of her clothes, it's found it's way into my wardrobe and it's staying put, I'll be lost when she goes to Uni I really will! I won't have a free shop next door to raid whenever I feel like it!
These jeans were amazingly cheap, they were £9 from primark! These are made slightly differently to all the pastel ones I have, they're a little stretchier and feel like they fit a little nicer, we'll have to see how they hold up!
I'm making the most of all my summery clothes as gorgeous weather like we've been having here doesn't last too long in the UK, all the lovely summer clothes we've all been buying have finally been able to see the light of day and I'm really hoping it'll last, I won't get my hopes up too much though!
Have a great day everyone!


Sunday, 27 May 2012


top - topshop
skirt - h&m
necklace - matalan
shoes - new look

Another summery one today as the lovely weather is still going strong, I'm praying that it continues, but you never know in the UK! 
This top is actually quite an old cropped top from topshop, I'd completely forgotten about it! I used to love this top so much and wear it all the time but it hadn't seen the light of day since last summer - until now! I really love stripes in the spring/ summer time and I think they look perfect with this little red skirt, it's quite a nautical look! 
Also, these photos aren't doing this lovely nail polish justice, but you can click here to go to my post on the beauty corner about it - it's amazing!
I'm off to work today then I'm back at mine for a family bbq with the boyfriend - perfect!

Have a great day everyone!

Saturday, 26 May 2012


I've been absolutely loving the glamorous site lately, I recently discovered it and there are just so many things I want!  - Sorry about the cut off photos, I don't know what happened here!! Click the links above for the full photos and prices etc.
I was supposed to go to their A/W press event on wednesday but unfortunately couldn't make it - gutted!!
How gorgeous are all these pieces? I need some of them in my life! Now the weather's getting lovely, I think all of these would be absolutely perfect! I think the oriental dress would look gorgeous for a meal out, or drinks or even with pretty sandals for a walk on the beach! The floral dress would be a great casual dress with brown flats.
I'm loving the high low trend and I fell in love with this skirt when I saw it, it looks so floaty and girly and summery! I'd love to wear this with some lovely gold sandals, I can just imagine it on holiday!
Both pairs of shorts are amazing! The dip dye ones are so unusual, I'm not sure what I'd wear with them actually, maybe a plain black or white top and some jewellery? The pink ones are fab too, I neeeed some vertical stripes in my life!!
And lastly, the lovely floral top, I adore florals in the summer and this fold print would look amazing with some white shorts for a cute day or night time outfit in the summer.

I'm feeling a very glamorous summer coming on! ;)


this post is not sponsored, but the high res photos were sent to me for use on my blog, thank you glamorous!

Friday, 25 May 2012


dress - republic
sandals - new look
necklace - kukee
bracelet - matalan
nails - topshop flamingo coral

I'm not wearing tights today which is a bit scary, but I decided to brave it as it's just so bloody hot!
I'm loving this weather here in the UK right now, we're not used to amazing weather here so this is fantastic!
I love the colour of this dress SO much, I think yellow is such a gorgeous summery colour and it just makes me happy!
The only problem with this dress is that it's a little bit see through and you can see any underwear lines underneath! It's fine, because as you might be able to see (!!) I have little black shorts on underneath so I don't really care!
Anyway I'm off to college now, hoping it'll go quickly so I can enjoy this sun this afternoon. 
Have a great day!


Thursday, 24 May 2012


The Dress - New Look

Comfy Casual
boots - local store
cardigan - topshop
scarf - primark
bag - fiorelli 
Mint Colour Pop
clutch - f&f tesco *
shoes - primark
Pretty Casual
belt - from another dress, republic
shoes - new look
bag - bank
Dinner Date
blazer - f&f at tesco *
bag - primark
shoes - new look
Pink Party
pink soled shoes - ella london via ebay
sequin clutch - next
belt - primark
Glam Rock
jacket - h&m
bag - new look
boots - new look
A little black dress is (or should be!) an essential item in any girls wardrobe, my little skater dress was from new look but you can find them pretty much anywhere for around £15-£20!
In this post, I've shown several ways that you can accessorize the same dress to make it look different every time and suit any occasion!
My favourite is probably the pink party one but I love and wear all of them a lot!
Sorry for the moody face in some of the photos, some of the smiley ones were so overexposed you couldn't see the colours at all! Also, in 'real life' the colours on 'Pretty Casual' look a lot better together than they appear to, the belt and bag tie in perfectly with the shoes!
I really like doing posts like this, let me know if you'd like to see more of these!
Which is your favourite look?


Wednesday, 23 May 2012


top - river island
blazer - F&F at tesco *
skirt - primark
boots - local store
necklace - present from darren
nails - topshop flamingo coral
bracelet - oasap *

Cheesy grin in the last photo! It looks like the lovely weather is finally here where I live and I hope it's here to stay! 
I love this little skirt from primark and it was only £5! Although it's a size 8 and I could've done with a 6, I'm always the smallest size in primark bottoms and this originally had an underlining but it was just too puffy so I had to cut it out, but this was the only one they had so I just had to get it! 
I'm looking for more cute little skirts like this so if you know anywhere I can get some similar, let me know!
I'm wearing my F&F blazer again, I imagine you'll be seeing a lot of this as I love it so much! It's the perfect light summer jacket and it can be worn pretty much anywhere.
I added this adorable little bracelet to my outfit last minute as it came through the post today, how cute?! It was sent to me from a site called oasap, it is a global online store with free shipping world wide - how amazing is that? Definitely check it out, I've linked it above!
The Cosmo blog awards are coming up and it would mean the world to me if you would nominate Chloe's Way by clicking the link in the sidebar of my blog. If you do, you're in with a chance to win £500 next vouchers! So why not?!
Hope you all have a great day!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


top - hollister
jeans - therapy at house of fraser
shoes - new look
cardigan - topshop
necklace (just seen) - kukee
bracelets (L-R) - matalan, pisa, barcelona, topshop, ebay
nails - topshop  flamingo coral

Plain white Tees, get it? I think that may be my cleverest title ever. No? Oh well
I do like a simple outfit every now and again, I paired my favourite dark wash skinny jeans with a simple fitted t-shirt and decided to make the accessories, mainly she lovely shoes (recognize these?) the focus point of the outfit. I love layering bracelets like this, I think they look quite cute together, I particularly love that a couple of them are from abroad! The shoes are my favourite bit though, how cute are these? I rambled on about them in the post I did about them so I'm sure we don't need all that again!
I'm especially glad of my extensions today as I kind of like to hide the little seagull on hollister tops, I have nothing against it I just don't like looking like I'm showing off the fact I'm wearing hollister. (trust me, plenty of people do this!) But I do like the fit of these t-shirts, they're really flattering!
Anyway, off to college soon, for those of you who were interested, here's a picture of the dress I've been making. Do ignore Natalie Cassidy's head poking out the top of the mannequin, my class are a bit mental!

Have a great day!


Monday, 21 May 2012


dress - h&m
necklace - matalan
boots - local store
jacket - primark
nails - gosh bubblegum

The weather's meant to be a little nicer today so I'm taking a risk and wearing some skin coloured tights. It's not quite bare legs so I won't freeze if it's not lovely and sunny but I feel like you look just as crazy in skin tights as you do with bare legs when it's cold! 
I love the way this spike necklace looks with the stripy dress, the dress is really sweet and girly and I feel like this adds just enough of an edge to it so that it doesn't distract from the cute, girly look of the dress, but also looks a bit 'rough'. If that made any sense.
I'm also really loving this nail polish, it's so cute! The name bubblegum is such an appropriate name this is the perfect bubblegum pink - so cute!
I'm just off to college today, I've been making a dress based on Covent Garden for my final piece. I'm studying art and design for those of you who don't know! I might post some photos of it once it's completely finished for those of you who are interested. It's so nerve racking knowing my final show is coming up, I'm not going to Uni or anything after college, but it's so strange that I'm going to be leaving soon! Eeek!