Wednesday 30 May 2012


18th birthday present - jijikiki * - topshop
new look - kukee * - primark
matalan - topshop - matalan

I was requested by lovely Ariel to do my jewellery favourites and I've been meaning to get around to it for ages! Since I had some spare time after work today, I thought I'd get it up!
The first earrings are just simple studs but I wear them most days as they go with everything and my lovely Auntie got me them for my 18th! I love them so much and I think these will be a pair I'll keep forever.
The next two pairs are also studs, the galaxy ones are so cool and unique and I just love the minty colour of the cute anchor ones.
The next and last pair of earrings are these stunning pink feather earrings from New Look, these are one of my all time favourite pieces of jewellery. Pink and feathers - what's not to love?
There's a flower theme with the rings, the little silver flower is from an online store called Kukee (linked above) it's perfect as a simple piece alone but it's also great for stacking. The colour of the primark one is just gorgeous, it's a great statement summer ring. I've had this almost a year actually and it's lasted very well for a primark ring. The sideways cross is another statement one, it's a two finger ring and to be honest, they get on my nerves a bit sometimes, but I can forgive them because they're just so pretty!
The little flower ring was part of a set, it's not supposed to be a thumb ring but I bought it too big and I think it works like this!
The last ones are these super cute stacking rings from matalan, I love these, they're great for spring and they're stretchy so they can be worn on any finger!

I'm off to Covent Garden later for the F&F Pop up Shop launch so I'll have a post up about that tomorrow, get excited!

Also, I've been considering starting a youtube channel soon(ish) maybe in a month or so, but I'm not sure, it's a scary thought but I just think it'd be kind of fun! Let me know what you all think!



  1. yay!! thanks for doing this post, I love it. all of your favourites are so pretty, I have been looking especially for mint anchor studs but can't find any! the flower stacking rings are so cute!

    I'd definitely subscribe if you started a Youtube channel! You'd do great!

    -ariel* xoxo

  2. All these are so cute! I especially like the pink feather earring - since I am obsessed with feathers! and the cross and blue flower ring! Love them!
    Yuo should defs start a youtube channel! Like Ariel said, I would sunscribe as well! When I first got mine it was kinda scary but after making a few vids you get the hang of it and its not scary anymore :)

    xoxo Maria

  3. I love the mint anchor one, its so cute :-)

  4. So cute earrings and rings... Nice designs :)
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