Saturday 19 May 2012


Hello there everyone! I don't really know where I'm going with this post, I just really wanted to show off these two super cute purchases I made recently. So it's not quite a haul post, as there are only two things, but hey!
I am a sucker for anything pretty and vintagey looking. I admit it. I've never been one to be very lucky with actual vintage shopping, so I mostly have to settle for vintage inspired bits and bobs, but that's okay. 
I got this purse in TK Maxx the day after my birthday, I'd spotted it in there a few days before, but it was £14.99, which I suppose isn't that much, but you don't exactly flash your purse about a lot, so I don't often spend too much on purses, but this was an exception, an adorable, beautiful exception. So I went back the day after my 18th, armed with birthday money and there it was, waiting for me, literally saying 'buy me Chloe, I'm the cutest thing you've ever seen!'. It was right, it really is. It's by Lloyd Baker London, I don't know how much that'll mean to anyone because I'd never heard of it before, but Lloyd buddy, I salute you. How cute is the birdcage and the teddy bear? Maybe I'm too excited about a purse. What are you gonna do?
Then there are the gorgeous little shoes from New Look, they might be a little bit like metallic granny curtains, but that's fine, granny curtains are cool. These were only £9.99 and New Look were doing 20% student discount when I was in there, so I got them for £7.99, chuffed! I'll definitely be wearing these to death this summer. 
I hope people actually read my rambles in this post, or else the title's going to look very odd. Let me know if you do! 

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  1. I love how "retro" these pieces look!
    I absolutely love birdcage prints. I've seen those quiet a bit in stores like Accessorize!
    I love how elegant those flats look :) New Look was one of my favorite stores while I was in England! I really want to go back someday (hopefully in the near future!).

    Fashion Freshman

  2. I love your new purse =D
    Cerys ♥

  3. The purse is gorgeous, definitely worth the investment.
    Adoring the prints on both items !

  4. omg! that wallet is so freakin adorable! I love vintage inspired things like this. & the shoes are very cute :)
    yes, I do read the writing in your posts, haha, they are fun to read!

    -ariel* xoxo

  5. omg I love these so much!! Ive alwasy liked these types of patterns and that is an amazing price for flats that look like that! haha. Yes I do read the writing as well! :)
    xoxox Maria


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