Monday 21 May 2012


dress - h&m
necklace - matalan
boots - local store
jacket - primark
nails - gosh bubblegum

The weather's meant to be a little nicer today so I'm taking a risk and wearing some skin coloured tights. It's not quite bare legs so I won't freeze if it's not lovely and sunny but I feel like you look just as crazy in skin tights as you do with bare legs when it's cold! 
I love the way this spike necklace looks with the stripy dress, the dress is really sweet and girly and I feel like this adds just enough of an edge to it so that it doesn't distract from the cute, girly look of the dress, but also looks a bit 'rough'. If that made any sense.
I'm also really loving this nail polish, it's so cute! The name bubblegum is such an appropriate name this is the perfect bubblegum pink - so cute!
I'm just off to college today, I've been making a dress based on Covent Garden for my final piece. I'm studying art and design for those of you who don't know! I might post some photos of it once it's completely finished for those of you who are interested. It's so nerve racking knowing my final show is coming up, I'm not going to Uni or anything after college, but it's so strange that I'm going to be leaving soon! Eeek!



  1. This outfit looks nice, post some pictures of your dress sounds really good :) xx

  2. Lovely outfit,the denim jacket is so cute with it! I'm always wearing skin coloured tights in the summer,especially when I'm too lazy to put on tan it's just an easy way out haha and still looks great,as long as they don't rip :)


  3. the spikes and stripes look great together, it adds a cool dimension to the whole outfit.. I've been so into spike jewellery lately, especially bracelets!

    -ariel* xoxo

  4. Love the dress and the necklace!

  5. I love how you put this outfit together! I also really like the spiked necklace!

    xoxox Maria


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