Friday 29 June 2012


top - river island
skirt - primark

I. Love. This. Top. I got this on sale the other day and I loooove it! It's a very bright almost-but-not-really neon pink and it's beeeautiful! The only problem is, I think it would be a problem for girls with larger chesty areas as you can't really wear a bra with it because of the back! 
I've had a mental day today, I've went to London for an interview this morning, then into town shopping with Darren this afternoon and then back to mine to pack as me and Darren and my sister and a friend are off on holiday tomorrow! We're going to a little cottage by the beach, I'll be taking lots and lots of photos of the area and ootd photos to post on here! So this may or may not be my last post for a week! I'm not entirely sure if we have internet connection where we're going or not, so just in case I thought I would warn you all, just so you don't send out a search party (duh?) 
So, if I don't post again until I'm back, hope you all have a great week and I'll speak to you all soon!

Bye Loves!


Tuesday 26 June 2012


top - local store
skirt - primark
shoes - primark
ring - matalan
bracelet - dorothy perkins

I'm really loving wearing simple black and white outfits with cute accessories at the moment, they're so easy to put together especially on a tired college morning! I'm incredibly proud of this skirt, it was hidden at the back of a rail in primark and it was the last one and I'd had my eye on it for ages but just never picked it up. It was only £8 (so I thought) so when I found the last one I was so relieved it was a small size. Then when I got to the til it came up for £3! Day. Made. I've wanted a black high low skirt for so long, this is definitely going to be a staple piece in my wardrobe and it'll (hopefully, as you never know with primark) take me into autumn/ winter too as it's so versatile!
I also love this top, I got it from a local store but I'm sure you'll find similar on boohoo or missguided or websites like that. Crosses so sometimes scare me a bit as I don't want to look too goth-y, love that look on others but it's just not me. But I think the glittery crosses make this a bit more girly so I fell in love with it! I think it was only about £8 so that was great too.
Bit of a different layout for today's post so let me know what you think!


Monday 25 June 2012


Just a quick post today, but hopefully it might inspire some of you!
I've been getting a little bored of my wardrobe lately but I really didn't want to spend too much buying loads of new stuff, so I thought I'd update some things I already have!
I dyed an old pair of white lace new look shorts lilac and dip dyed an oversized white t-shirt (mine's a pajama top from forever 21!) with pink!
It was super easy, I used dylon dyes from wilkos, they're only £2.99 a packet and you get loads!

What do you think? Have you ever DIY-ed anything in your wardrobe?


Sunday 24 June 2012


jacket - primark
top - river island
leggings - jane norman
shoes - primark
necklace - h&m
ring - matalan
lips - benefit posie tint
nails - sally hansen sheer strawberry
spare hair extensions dyed with crazy colour pinkissimo (diluted with conditioner)

Very simple outfit today but I thought the accessories and pink hair made it just about blog-worthy! I had a little piece of spare hair extensions with 3 clips on, so I cut it into sections and dyed them a very subtle pink, what do we think?! I was thinking of dip dying my extensions pink but I know I'll get bored of it sooner or later so this seemed like a more sensible idea for the time being!


Saturday 23 June 2012


Ah it feels so nice to be back to blogging! So so sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I've just been so busy at college and things that I haven't had the time and quite frankly, my outfits just haven't been interesting enough! 
So I thought I'd do a wishlist post as a welcome back to blogging, I still may not be posting as regularly for a while but I definitely want to get back into the swing of things more, I feel lost without doing blog posts!
Anyway! I've been loving topshop lately, there are so many pieces I want at the moment! 
Even though it's getting warmer, I just love the anchor sweater, it'll be lovely for a day or evening in. I love prints at the moment so the bralet, shorts and bikini all caught my eye. I love the colours on the bra top and I adore the floral print, it'd look so lovely with a black high-low skirt! How adorable is the print on the shorts too? Slightly 'kiddy' but I don't care - cuuuute!
I just don't know what it is about the monkey ring, but I think I need it in my life, it's absolutely mental but I feel like I need this little guy chilling on my finger. It reminds me of these little toy cars my grandad used to have that had monkeys in, like monkey racers? I'm not sure, I'll have to see if he still has them, I'll get back to you all on that matter.
High lows!!! I really love this trend and I want to try to get more of them before the winter rolls back around and forces me to lock away my pretty clothes. I love all the pastel colours as you all know well, so these are just calling me!

Hope you enjoyed and didn't miss me too much ;) (kidding!!)


Tuesday 19 June 2012


I'm so sorry for being MIA lately, but I'm sooo busy with work and college right now, and I'm taking part in a fashion show at college too so lots going on!

Lots of exciting things planned soon, but in the meantime, enter my giveaway and I'll be back to regular posting soon!


Friday 15 June 2012


top - f&f *
jeans - f&f *
shoes - new look
necklace - ji ji kiki *
nails - gosh bubblegum
lips - rimmel nude pink

Can you believe this top is from Tescos? They really never fail to amaze me! This is just what I'm wearing to college today, it's also my boyfriend Darren's final show at college tonight, he does music and plays guitar so it'll be lovely to see him play!
I'm actually wearing false nails in this post, I'll be reviewing them over on the beauty corner soon, loving them so far! I know false nails are so so naughty but I didn't use glue for these so it should hopefully be okay when they come off - all will be revealed.
I've just posted a new giveaway, so remember to check that out, it's a couple of posts below this one, or you can check it out in my sidebar - good luck!


Thursday 14 June 2012

Tuesday 12 June 2012


I was contacted by the love Tess from House of Wonderland which is an adorable online jewellery store - and she was kind enough to agree to do a giveaway for you guys!

The prize is the super cute Alice in Wonderland inspired 'Eat Me' earrings above, 
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So that's up to 8 entries in total! 
Only one comment per person please, it's hard to keep on top of otherwise!

Ends Saturday 23rd June at Midnight British Time!

Good Luck!
 Ps. no post tomorrow (13th June) as I have my final show at college, hopefully I'll get some photos of that!


Monday 11 June 2012


Just thought I'd share a few things I've had my eye on recently. Lately, I've been loving all things super girly and cute and summer time-ish - even if 'Summer' here has been pretty non-existent lately! Though to be honest, the bad weather makes me want to buy lovely summery things even more, just to feel a little bit brighter!
1. I never thought I'd say this but I love the cat eye sunglasses trend, these are so crazy and silly but so cool!  They remind me of the old barbie dolls in their black and white swimsuit with the cute little white sunglasses, does anyone remember those?
2. How sweet in the print on this dress? I love the little deers, so so adorable!
3. Oh how I wish my wardrobe contained more high-low skirts. This is one of my favourite trends right now, this one is so so pretty, I neeeed more of these in my life!
4. You can't really tell from the photo but these shorts are neon pink, I must admit I am a bit scared of neon but I don't think these are too scary at all. I've decided I want to be brave and get some neon in my wardrobe soon!
5. I've been looking for a lovely pair of floral skinny jeans for so long and I love love love these! They floral pattern is quite subtle which I like, these would look so lovely paired with a pretty pink vest and simple flats.
6. Another high-low skirt? How pretty is the pattern on this? It's quite bold without being over the top, i can imagine this on the beach or for a meal out on holiday.


Sunday 10 June 2012


top - h&m
skirt - h&m
cardigan - local store
socks - primark
boots - local store
necklace - jijikiki *
nails - topshop waterlily/ adrenaline

The sun was finally back out earlier but it's gone again now, oh England, why must you tease us? Even though I knew the sun wasn't going to last too long, it was still pretty warm and I decided that I needed to wear a summery outfit before I crazy. Black tights, I love you, but I think we need a break.
I love outfits like this for the summertime, it's so easy and simple but because the details on the top tie in with the skirt it looks really put together and cute.

I actually really love H&M and I don't think I think as much of it as I should. I do think it can be quite hit and miss but they do have some really great basics like this skirt. They have all sorts of colours and I'm pretty sure this was no more than £5! I've had this particular one for a couple of years now but it's lasted really well and I really want to get some more.

Hope you're all having a great day!


Saturday 9 June 2012


blazer - f&f @tesco *
jeans - f&f @ tesco *
top - new look
necklace - matalan
bracelet - matalan
bag - bank
shoes - new look

I cannot speak highly enough of tesco clothing, these jeans are not much more expensive than the primark ones I've got but the quality is another level, they're incredible! I absolutely adore them and you've all probably seen how often I wear this blazer by now! I like outfits like this because all I'm really wearing is a black vest top and jeans but the accessories and jacket really make the outfit. I love using accessories to dress my outfits up, it makes a pretty outfit without costing a fortune, which is always good.
I've not got anything on my nails today which is almost a sin really, I can't stand naked nails and I think I'm going to get on that right after I've finished this post!

On another note, it's my Mum's birthday today and her and Dad are on their way back from a holiday in Majorca, I'm so jealous! They're going to be so tanned! Today, I went into town with my sister to get last minute things like balloons, a birthday banner, flowers, cake etc etc for when Mum gets back so that'll be nice. Hope you're all having a great day!


Friday 8 June 2012


new look clutch bag - new look shoes - primark skirt
new look skinny jeans - f&f dress * - f&f blazer *
primark skirt - new look earrings - deepfriedfreckles

It's a bit shocking that it's the 8th of June and I've only just realised I didn't do a May Favourites Post! I'd been meaning to do it about a week ago but I had other things to post and it just got a bit pushed aside!

Anyway these are my May favourites, these are all the things I've been loving this month, I've been absolutely obsessed with pink this month (although I'm pretty much always obsessed with pink) as you'll notice in the bag, jeans, blazer and earrings. I've also been loving cute prints, especially florals, the floral skirt from primark is so cute and the daisy dress from F&F at tesco is one of my all time favourite pieces! The metallic flowers on the shoes are so cool too! (see metallic granny curtains)

And my final favourite, as it's Malia from Deep Fried Freckles! Malia did my blog header illustration for me and I'm just in love with it! I can't thank her enough, she's super talented so definitely check out her blog (linked above)