Tuesday, 5 June 2012


top - river island
jacket - h&m
skirt - topshop
boots - local store
necklace - h&m
ring - haribo (seriously)
nails - gosh bubblegum

Yes, I am wearing a Haribo ring, let's pretend it's because I'm really cool and quirky and not because I put it on and totally forgot about it until I looked at these photos. Oops. Anyway! I can't believe I'm wearing tights and a leather jacket in June, it's so rainy and horrible here, we get a little teaser of sun for a week then that's it! This country is too depressing, I'm hoping the week of lovely sun we had isn't our summer this year! I'm going away with my boyfriend, sister and some friends in this country at the end of this month and I want the lovely sunshine back, fingers crossed!
This skirt is a really old topshop one but it does say good things for the quality of some topshop things because it's lasted a good couple of years now, I got it at the beginning of college nearly two years ago and I lived in it back then and it's still going strong.
I have such a love-hate relationship with these river island vest tops, it's silk effect and looks very lovely on, the shape and fit is just lovely, but there's no stretch in them at all and they are SO hard to get on. It is slightly loose fitted, but it needs a zip at the back or something, it's not even slightly tight but you've gotta be so careful putting it over your head, I've got lipstick on this and my pink one far too many times.
I'm rambling a little now so I'm gonna leave this here I think!

Have a great day everyone



  1. This skirt looks lovely :)
    Nicole xx

  2. Really pretty skirt and your necklace is lovely! x
    Dreams and Dresses

  3. That skirt is really pretty! Ohh I don't know what's up with the weather...it's just crazy!

  4. The haribo ring looks very cool! ahah
    i love the silk vest, it fits so nicely on you!
    oh and this weather sucks, i was hoping the nice sun would last all the way up til august.. sigh. x

  5. I really like that shirt! Its so cute and unique! :)

    xoxox Maria

  6. Just one more saying she loves your skirt! Also, howwwww do you do your hair like that?! Sick of my old poker straight :-)


    Robyn x


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