Wednesday, 11 July 2012


everything - primark

That's right, my entire outfit is Primarni! This is possibly the cheapest outfit ever but I love it so much! 
Top - £4
Skirt - £6
Socks - £2.50
Shoes - £6
Entire Outfit - £18.50
Wow. I love the cropped style of this top and I think it looks super cute with the little skirt and socks - I feel a bit like I've gone back to school wearing the long socks and black pumps combo but ah well! 
Just a quick post today as I need to leave for work 5 minutes ago ;) Let me know what you think of my bargain outfit.

Have a great day!



  1. This outfit looks so nice on you :)
    I love the top and great how you got everything from primark such a good shop!!
    Nicole xx

  2. It's looking so beautiful as well you! I think bracelet of black onyx beads will be great match for you.


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