Thursday, 12 July 2012


And that's just what they'll do. Man in Barcelona is going for comfort, I respect that. I assume you were doing a lot of walking in these shoes, possibly some hiking, though they've not been on a hike before have they? They look pretty brand-spanking new right now. Though this photo is pretty old, so they're probably not brand spanking new anymore. You've probably been on lots of walks and sat on many a wall since this photo was taken. 
 Flowing skirt and bright red DM's? Are we on tumblr?! No, we're in Covent Garden. You were probably going for a really unique look today and that's cool, it looks like your skirt may suffer the beautiful British puddles mind you. But that's okay, at least your shoes match the telephone boxes, how patriotic of you!
 Those are appropriate for walking around all day are they? You're a fashion girly fo' sho. Comfort over style? Leave that for hiker man in Barcelona, these boots are fierce! Maybe you have a blog like this one, which would be cool. Judging by these boots, I'd probably read your blog, love! I can't quite work out from the blurry picture if those are brown socks or just pretty tops of the boots, either way - you go guurrrl ;)
 Ah, the drunken 'Has anyone sheen my shhoooes?' fiasco. Have we not learnt our lesson ladies? Don't take your shoes off at parties. There WILL be unmentionable liquids - or worse on the toiler floor and your shoes will go walk-about (ba-dum-chh). You couldn't take your high heels tonight could you? You probably threw them off to dance to single ladies like an absolute pro, then - whether you found the shoes or not - you almost definitely went all the way home still barefoot. Happens to the best (and worst) of us.
And that's all I have to say, about that.

All shoes photos are from people unfortunate enough to get in the background of my photos from various outings. No shoes were harmed in the making of this post. If on the off chance, you are one of the shoe models in this post and I have offended you, you should probably consider buying new shoes (big loves).
I'm aware that this is a rather different post to what I usually do, but I was feeling something light-hearted and fun today, let me know your thoughts and views and all that!




  1. Hahaha love this post :) made me laugh! And everything it's true :)

  2. haha i love this post! so true xx

  3. this post was soo funny :) you should do more like this
    Cerys ♥


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