Saturday, 7 July 2012


Hello again loves! I've really missed blogging while I've been away! I've been in Norfolk this week with Darren, my sister and our friend Emily and I thought I'd show you all a few photos, I'll do two or three of these as there are lots of photos I want to share! Norfolk is so lovely and we actually had pretty nice weather considering. It's been awful back here in Essex while I've been away apparently, lucky escape. 
As you can see, we stayed in an adorable little cottage with lots of cath kidston-eqsue decor, so cute. Our cottage backed right onto the beach, so we could literally get down there in 10 seconds, which was amazing. 
And yes, that's me, sunbathing, in England. I couldn't quite believe it either. 
Darren and I went for a walk on the beach late at night a couple of days which was absolutely lovely, it was very warm then too, I'm pretty sure the sea was sub-zero but what's blue feet and sand between your toes when you're having fun hey? We saw a seal jumping out of the sea at about 11 o clock at night too which was really cool, I've seen sea lions put on a show at seaworld but somehow seeing a seals head bobbing along in good old Great Britain was far more breathtaking. Take that Shamu.
For anyone interested, my black dress is h&m, bikini matalan and the black and white dress is topshop.



  1. aw it looks like such an amazing place!
    I love you blog it's so girly and pretty! :) xxx
    My Beauty and Fashion Fix- Beauty,Fashion,Lifestyle and Thoughts blog ♥.

  2. Looks like you had a great trip girl! The room is soo cute! I am so in love with the way you wear your hair! :) <3 haha
    xoxox Maria

  3. great pictures! looks like you guys had a great time! You and Darren are adorable in your pictures :)

    -ariel* xoxo


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