Friday 31 August 2012


There has been a lot going on lately and while it's not been anything bad or upsetting as such, the business of everything can get a little stressful and I think it's times like this that we all need to remember the little things that make us happy!
This is my list of some of the small things that make me smile. I find it's the small things like having someone play with your hair, eating grapes or new bed sheets that really are the best things in life. Whether you're feeling down, you're stressed, or you've just had a long old day - look for the little things that relax you and make you happy, light a candle, read a book or just look out the window at the world for a while and trust me - you'll feel 100 times better! 
What little things make you smile? I'd love to know! let me know in the comments :)


Thursday 30 August 2012


So I've been a rather sh*t blogger as of late, but I'm very busy lately - more on this later ;)
In the meantime, I'd love if you followed me on tumblr, I made a new one as I find reblogging pictures very inspiring!

Thanks for putting up with me dolls! I'll be explaining why I've been so busy v v v soon and will have a giveaway as a sorry present ;) keep your eyes peeled!



Saturday 25 August 2012


top - local store (available on ebay I think!)
jeans - f&f *
shoes - h&m
earrings - matalan
bracelet - portugal
lips - collection 2000 matte lip cream in powder puff
nails - MAC steamy

It has been a while since I did a proper outfit post hasn't it? I've missed this! I absolutely love love love outfits like this, it's so simple and a bit silly, which is the perfect outfit for me. (Because I'm a bit silly, not simple thanks very much).
I have a real thing for moustaches at the moment, remember the moustache tag? (do it.) Also, how amazing are these shoes? If you follow me on twitter, you'll know I was desperately searching the internet for an amazing pair of neon pink pumps, I very very nearly paid £40 for a pair, then went shopping the next day and found these babies in H&M for £7.99! I felt like I'd accomplished a life goal, seriously. 
I'm off shopping with my Mum and sister today which will be looovely, then I have a party to go to tonight, I still have no idea what I'm wearing, last minute is so my style though ;) I've been told in the past that my outfits are great because they look so effortless. Ooh yes. That's totally what I was going for daahling. It's effortless because I literally threw it on minutes before leaving, eek.
Anyway, hope you're all having a great day! Ciao for now!


Thursday 23 August 2012


You'll be noticing a lot of Autumn themed posts right now, I'm just so so excited for the Autumn time!
In this post, I wanted to show you a few things that are 'must haves' for me in the Autumn tied in with a few cooler weather outfit ideas.
My must haves will be bolded so look out for those!

hat - h&m, top - ax paris* ,jeans - miss selfridge, boots - local store

In the Autum, Dark Red items are a must for me as I love dressing like an autumn leaf! I also love woolly hats and boots are some of my cooler weather favourites too! these kind of outfits sum up the Autumn for me, it's pretty simple really, it's just jeans and a t-shirt technically, but the patterns and colours make it perfect for this season!

jumper - primark, jeans - f&f at tesco*, shoes - new look

I think it's nice wear some summery colours in the cooler weather sometimes. I often dress darker or more subtle in the duller weather, but I think pretty pastels and florals should not be shunned just because it's not sunny! Another thing that I think is on just about everyone's list for A/W is chunky knit jumpers! This one was only £12 in Primark, which is amazing compared to the prices of some of the ones you find in other shops (I'm looking at you topshop!).

dress - boohoo, cardigan - local store, socks - primark

This outfit is actually one I wore several times last year. I love neutrals in the Autumn, they work so well all year round but I think they look the best when the leaves are all red and yellow. Just me? Oh.
For me, it's important not to ditch the dresses in the Autumn time just because it's getting cooler, paired with tights or long socks,  you can still rock your pretty dresses in the cooler weather, just choose wisely! If it looks good with a jacker or thick cardigan, you're good to go!

Hope you enjoyed! 
What are your A/W must haves?


Tuesday 21 August 2012


I have been a bad bad blogger lately.

I haven't done an outfit post for what seems like ages and I haven't been posting as regularly as I would like to but of course, I do have my reasons! I always find it a bit strange when bloggers don't post in a while then come out with some long explanation as to why, but I always find myself reading the explanations because I do think it's nice to keep people in the know!

So basically, I've had a lot going on recently, nothing serious or sad so don't be getting worried for me! Some of you probably know that I've just left college and decided not to go to University. This is because I wasn't 100% sure if Uni was for me and I also wasn't entirely sure what I wanted to do. So I've been applying for apprenticeships and jobs and things all over the place in different areas of Fashion trying to find something that suits me. Lately though, I've decided that I'd really love to become a Personal Shopper/ Personal Stylist. I've found several short courses on this and am currently looking for more information! I'll have to let you all know how that goes!

Again, sorry for my absence, I'll keep you all updated ;)
In the meantime, please give me some feedback on the kind of posts you like to see the most and I will work on some of those for you!


Sunday 19 August 2012


First of all, I'd like to announce the winner of my Cross Earrings giveaway, the winner is:
Ariel from Chic Look xo Congratulations Ariel! Your Prize will be on it's way soon!

In last weeks Sunday Debate, I asked your opinions on heeled trainers. I thought Alona's comment was so true, I think spending a lot of money on a trend like this is a little crazy.

This brings us to this weeks topic! Spending money on trends.
I think spending money on classic pieces is justifiable as it's going to last forever, but personally, I think spending a lot of money on a trend that will only last a season or two is a bit of a bad idea.
Take these curved wedges for example. One is from Tribeca Shoes and the others are McQueen. They both look kind of similar but the price difference is almost £500!
Now £500 means for a very nice trip to Topshop, so I think I'd go cheap!
As for the shoes themselves, I'm a bit indifferent really. I don't hate them and I don't love them. They're one of those things that I think looks fab if you can pull them off, but I think I'd feel a little silly. I'd possibly wear a plainer pair (minus spikey studs!) on a night out but they might just bit a bit too Lady Gaga for me!

What do you think about these shoes? And let me know your thoughts on what you'd spend on a trend!


Wednesday 15 August 2012


Today, I created the moustache tag.
It's pretty self explanatory, basically, the only rule is that you take a photo of yourself with a moustache and post it on your blog, then tag people.
How many bloggers can we get looking ridiculous?!

I tag:
Life Sparkles
Chic Look xo
Simply Chic xox
Fashion Freshman
and YOU
feel free to do it if you haven't been tagged! Let me know if you do, so I can laugh at you as I'm sure you're laughing at me ;)

remember to enter my giveaway! (it's the post below!)


Monday 13 August 2012


Bonjour m'loves!
I don't know about all of you, but I've been absolutely loving the cross trend lately, particularly for jewellery, and I was reading through some lovely old comments on some of my posts the other day and got to thinking about how much I bloody love you lot! So I thought I'd do a little thank you giveaway for you all!

So follow these easy-peasy instructions to win these little beauties! (The earrings are 100% new and never worn, just to clarify, we won't be sharing ear germies!!)

To enter you MUST:
1. Be a public follower of this blog and comment saying you want to be entered, with your email address or twitter so I can contact you if you win.

Extra Entries:
1 Extra:  Add your opinion to the comments section in this post (the giveaway winner will be announced in the next sunday debate): 
1 Extra: Follow me on twitter AND tweet this giveaway, link this giveaway mention me @chloesway so I can see it!
1 Extra: Put this giveaway in your sidebar
1 Extra: Post about this giveaway
1 Extra: Like Chloe's Way on Facebook
1 Extra: Put a link to this blog in your sidebar

So that's up to 7 Entries!

This will end on Sunday 19th August at Midnight British time!

Good Luck!


Sunday 12 August 2012


Lightbulb moment guys!!
That's right, I have had an idea. It's pretty groundbreaking (ahem). I really like when people have a weekly series on their blogs such as Lily Melrose's Sunday Portraits. And I thought to myself, hey. I'd really like to do something like that myself. So I am.
I don't know if anyone's done anything like this before (if they have, I haven't seen it and I am not in anyway trying to copy or take credit bla bla) but I just thought it would be a fun and light-hearted thing for my looovely readers to take part in.

SO, every Sunday (or thereabouts) I will post a different, controversial trend/ item and I'd like you all to comment with your opinions - good or bad. I will share mine too, feel free to disagree with me! And then next Sunday, I will print screen my favourite comment and the comment and the person who posted it will feature in the next post!

So without further adieu, this week's trend. The Heeled Trainer
I won't sugarcoat it. I hate them, truly, madly, deeply.
What is the point in wearing sports shoes with a heel? If I wear trainers, it's because I'm going to be doing a lot of walking, or workout out. I want to be comfy. If I want to wear heels, I want to dress up and dance, these are just big and clompy and in my (not so) humble opinion, these are just plain impractical for just about everything.
I'm so sorry to offend anyone who likes them (perhaps those of you could enlighten me on how one might wear these?) but I can't help but think Vicky Pollard goes clubbing. Maybe you have to be a little bit hip hop to understand these bad boys, but I don't think I'm quite ready to channel my inner Nicki Minaj just now thank you very much!

Do you agree? Or not?
Let me know either way!

High heeled trainers. DISCUSS.


Saturday 11 August 2012


Autumn isn't quite upon us yet, but I can't help but get suuuper excited about it. Autumn has always been my absolute favourite time of year, I think it's the most fashionable time, with all the layers and accessories you can get away with but it's also the most beautiful time. Me and my lovely lovely boyfriend Darren became official in autumn last year and some of my earliest memories of us together is walking in the leaves and going to coffee shops almost everyday for hot chocolate! Soppy, but it's true, Autumn is definitely my favourite season my far!

Onto the wishlist!
I really need some new autumn shoes and these red stonewash converse and new look flats are exactly the kind of thing I love for that time of year! The colours are perfect and I feel like you can still get away with cute flats in the autumn time.

One thing I've been after for a long long time now, is a pretty mac/ trench coat and this one from Miss Selfridge is just beautiful. I think you always risk looking a little too masculine with a trench coat, but the pleats and ruffled collar give just the right amount of girlyness to this coat - love!

Ah bags. Who says you don't need a new bag every season? I think this red satchel and beige river island bag would be my dream duo for autumn and winter. The beige one would be perfect for everyday whereas the satchel would be lovely to take out when I'm wearing a suitable outfit with complimenting colours. (Which is most of the time in the A/W to be honest,  I like dressing like an autumn leaf, can you tell?)

This time of year is chunky knit season and it always will be, whether you're in high school or you have a bus pass and you're knitting them yourself, everyone and I mean EVERYONE needs a big chunky knit jumper or cardi in the cooler weather. Fact. This Topshop one is gorgeous, I'd wear this with dark red jeans and some simple flats or boots, so cute!

I already have a skirt similar to this River Island one, but the slightly darker colour of this one makes it perfect for the time of year, I can see this with black tights and boots with a woolly hat. (I'm getting excited about this outfit just writing this - must must must buy!)

And of course, just because it's not summer, it doesn't mean we have to ditch the crazy accessories, these super cute infant school style frilly socks are just so cute and let's not get started on the long list of things that are absolutely perfect about this cat scarf. If I look like a primary school child all October then so be it. At least I'd be the coolest kid in class.


Thursday 9 August 2012


playsuit - h&m
jacket - primark
shoes - primark
nails - missguided nail polish in misstify
necklace - shop chloe's way
ring - oasap*

I've been debating whether or not to post this outfit since this time last week as I was feeling absolutely crap for lack of a better word! I had a terrible cold and a weird swollen eye, which you may or may not notice!
But I really like the outfit so I decided to be brave and post it anyway!
I really really like this playsuit, I saw it on sale for £5(!!!) in H&M a couple of weeks ago and I just had to get it. Summer's slowly coming to an end but I think it might just look good with black tights and a leather jacket in the winter? And even if not, who cares it was £5!
I thought the cat/ mouse jewellery combination was quite clever if I do say so myself, who doesn't love ironic accessories? ..Right? Either way, I thought it was cute! These cat necklaces are available in my little blogshop if you like it, shameless advertising there ;)

Hope you're all having a fab day!


Tuesday 7 August 2012


Hello! Long time no post (sort of) 
I found this tag post on Ariel's blog and thought it looked fun, so I thought I'd do it to get back into the swing of things - hopefully properly this time! So busy lately, my outfits have been so boring I've just not bothered posting them! I wore a cute new sports bra the other day mind you. However that feels a tad inappropriate really. 
ANYWAY! This tag is all about revealing little embarrassing secrets about yourself, which I thought would be quite funny, so lets get on with it.

1. What TV/Film show do you secretly watch?
I've been known to watch Arthur when there's nothing else on. Yes, Arthur the (questionable) Aardvark. 

2. What song do you secretly know all the words to? 
Call Me Maybe, Baby, Gotta Be You and endless amounts of Britney and The Spice Girls. 90s kid, heeeey!

3. Who is the one "non-famous" person you'd secretly like to meet?
(Blogger/YouTuber related)
SO many!
And all the old people from Elders React on the fine brothers youtube channel!
It's endless!

4. What is your worst bad habit?
I couldn't think of one (clearly too perfect) so I asked my boyfriend Darren. He reckons I take up too much space in bed (not my fault when I'm asleep) and I correct his spelling too much! 

5. What is the most expensive thing you own? Do you regret buying it?
I'm honestly not sure.. so I suppose I don't regret it! ;)

6. What is your biggest pet peeve?
Loud. Eating. If you can't eat quietly, starve. 
Bit harsh, but seriously it makes me want to CRY, people that eat like cows need to go make like a bloody cow and eat grass outside where I can't see them, hear them or drop kick them.

7. What do you secretly like the smell of?
There's nothing too weird I don't think, but I kind of like the smell of pet shops. Like sawdust and hay? It makes me think of bunnies and guinea pigs and that can't be a bad thing.

8. What are you secretly lusting after?
The whole of Topshop's knitwear range would be fab. Thanks!
I tag everyone!

kisses! :* :*


Saturday 4 August 2012





Possibly the most random purchase I have made in a long time, but I spotted this notebook while shopping in a department store a couple of weeks ago and didn't pick it up! I went home and looked on the website and they didn't have the neon pink so I really regretted it. Then it clicked, look on the Ted Baker website! And they had it! AND it was on sale for £5! The shipping was £4.50 but, I still payed less than I would have for full price and the packaging is just gorgeous!
I just love cute notebooks and this neon one is just so beautiful! It's such great quality and what I love about it, is the fact that the pages are plain paper, so it's great for sketching, should I ever need/ want to sketch anything! This was the perfect thing to turn up on my doorstep while I'm feeling a bit poorly, cheered me right up!
I'll be back to regular posting and outfit posts soon, just trying to get better! I have outfit photos from yesterday that I might do a post on soon, though I think I look a bit red eyed/nosed in them! Oh well!

Have a great day!


Thursday 2 August 2012


Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I've not been feeling too great lately! Nothing serious, just a terrible terrible cold that's quite honestly making me want to do nothing but eat grapes and watch The Simpsons with Darren all day! But life goes on and I'm no drama queen (...) ;)
But anyway, I was sent this adorable ring from OASAP (link) and I just had to blog about it! Oasap is a global online fashion store with an incredible range of womens clothing, accessories, bags, jewellery etc etc. The price range is varied, but nothing too un-accessible! And the best part? It's FREE worldwide shipping! My ring came super fast too!

This ring is fully adjustable, which is great as it will fit pretty much any finger. It feels quite strong too, I usually find adjustable rings to be a bit flimsy but this one was great. It's so cute too, the little mouse design won me over right away, it makes me smile every time I look at it - just what I needed when I'm feeling a bit out of sorts!

This post is not sponsored but the ring was bought with online credits which were given to me through the site.