Thursday 2 August 2012


Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I've not been feeling too great lately! Nothing serious, just a terrible terrible cold that's quite honestly making me want to do nothing but eat grapes and watch The Simpsons with Darren all day! But life goes on and I'm no drama queen (...) ;)
But anyway, I was sent this adorable ring from OASAP (link) and I just had to blog about it! Oasap is a global online fashion store with an incredible range of womens clothing, accessories, bags, jewellery etc etc. The price range is varied, but nothing too un-accessible! And the best part? It's FREE worldwide shipping! My ring came super fast too!

This ring is fully adjustable, which is great as it will fit pretty much any finger. It feels quite strong too, I usually find adjustable rings to be a bit flimsy but this one was great. It's so cute too, the little mouse design won me over right away, it makes me smile every time I look at it - just what I needed when I'm feeling a bit out of sorts!

This post is not sponsored but the ring was bought with online credits which were given to me through the site.



  1. It's so adorable and quirky! Absolutely love it x

  2. I love this, I couldn't resist it on my last OASAP order either but I got it in gold, it's just so cute!

  3. cute ring! i love it! and free shipping even better :)
    check out my blog tooo xx

  4. how cute is that ring! nawwwww xx


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