Thursday 23 August 2012


You'll be noticing a lot of Autumn themed posts right now, I'm just so so excited for the Autumn time!
In this post, I wanted to show you a few things that are 'must haves' for me in the Autumn tied in with a few cooler weather outfit ideas.
My must haves will be bolded so look out for those!

hat - h&m, top - ax paris* ,jeans - miss selfridge, boots - local store

In the Autum, Dark Red items are a must for me as I love dressing like an autumn leaf! I also love woolly hats and boots are some of my cooler weather favourites too! these kind of outfits sum up the Autumn for me, it's pretty simple really, it's just jeans and a t-shirt technically, but the patterns and colours make it perfect for this season!

jumper - primark, jeans - f&f at tesco*, shoes - new look

I think it's nice wear some summery colours in the cooler weather sometimes. I often dress darker or more subtle in the duller weather, but I think pretty pastels and florals should not be shunned just because it's not sunny! Another thing that I think is on just about everyone's list for A/W is chunky knit jumpers! This one was only £12 in Primark, which is amazing compared to the prices of some of the ones you find in other shops (I'm looking at you topshop!).

dress - boohoo, cardigan - local store, socks - primark

This outfit is actually one I wore several times last year. I love neutrals in the Autumn, they work so well all year round but I think they look the best when the leaves are all red and yellow. Just me? Oh.
For me, it's important not to ditch the dresses in the Autumn time just because it's getting cooler, paired with tights or long socks,  you can still rock your pretty dresses in the cooler weather, just choose wisely! If it looks good with a jacker or thick cardigan, you're good to go!

Hope you enjoyed! 
What are your A/W must haves?



  1. looking gorgeous, i love those burgendy jeans xx

  2. Hi chloe :-) i have nominmated you for the liebster blog awards over on my blog here leave a comment so i know you have seen and let me know the link to your post too! xxx

  3. Great outfit choices, love the different combinations and the boots! :) x

  4. your jeans are very nice (I love the red one)

    Lau' from

  5. I am so excited for Fall!!! I love all of the outfits, the first one I especially love. Totally screams Autumn!

    -ariel* xoxo

  6. All i gotta say is that I LOVE all these looks! I love those red colored jeans in the first outfit. When I think of fall colors I think of wearing colors like that. I also love that last outfit. Its super cute! I love how you are wearing knee high socks with it! Love all of them! :)

    xoxox Maria


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