Wednesday 26 September 2012



I've been a Sh*t blogger this week, as in, I have not posted at ALL since last Thursday. That my friends, is because I've had a bit of a crazy week!
For starters, the day after I last posted was Hannah's (my twin sister) last day at home before we took her off to Uni on Saturday!
This is us on her last night, you can see just some of the stuff she was taking with her in the background of this photo! So that was all rather exciting/ emotional. I miss having her at home so so much but her Uni is lovely and it's great to know that she's having fun!
My beauty course is going really really well, we've been doing waxing this week which was terrifying.  It's a lot easier than I thought though and you get do used to seeing (and removing the hair from) ladies private parts after a short while!
And along with that I have been working non stop this week, both on beauty school stuff and actual work work as even though I am a beauty therapist in training, I have to remain in the real world and earn money too! So that brings us to today, after a few hours at work, a few arguments with my bank (LONG story) and a trip to the oh so thrilling tescos, here we are. I have missed blogging - and, while I've been MIA Chloe's Way hit 200 followers! It's not a massive milestone but I was thrilled none-the-less! So I will have a lovely giveaway for you all very very soon so look forward to that.

PS PS PS! Happy Birthday to Maria from send her some love!!

Ciao for now lovelies! xoxox



  1. Awe, I couldn't imagine having my sister leave, I'd be lonely too! :( that's great that your beauty course is going good!

    -ariel* xoxo

  2. hope you are having a good time doing your course :)
    Cerys xoxo


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