Thursday 20 September 2012


I finally got a tattoo!! I've been wanting one for the longest time now and I was convinced I'd get one as soon as I turned 18 but I wasn't 100% sure what I wanted and I think it's definitely something you need to be sure about.
Anyway I thought I'd do a post on my experience as I've had a lot of questions from people after tweeting constantly about getting it done! So I thought I'd answer them all in one big post.

I always wanted a little tattoo, I've never wanted anything too big or crazy and I knew I wanted a quote/ word, it was just a matter of deciding what and where.
At first, I considered getting one on my wrist, just a single word, but I thought that would probably be a bad place to get my first one as it's supposed to be one of the most painful! So I thought I'd go for my upper inner/ side arm, as I wanted it to be somewhere that could be both easily seen and easily covered. The time between deciding what I wanted and making the appointment was incredibly short, I literally messaged my artist the day after I decided, and made an appointment for one weeks time and that was it. The reason I decided to get it so quickly and didn't need much time to think is because when I decided what I wanted, I just knew it was perfect.
I wanted 'this too shall pass' because when something bad/ boring/ sad is happening in my life, I tend to get really caught up in it. So I wanted something to remind me that no matter how bad something is, it will eventually be over. It also works the other way. Good times come to an end too, you might be having a fab time doing something as simple as going to a party with friends, but that party will end, that night will come to an end. So this tattoo is a reminder to cherish the good times and get through the bad.

I didn't want to go to get it done on my own so I bought my boyfriend Darren along for support, I'd definitely recommend bring someone along with you, even better if they have tattoos (Which Darren luckily does!) as they will reassure you and help to calm your nerves. I was ridiculously nervous before getting it done, but I told my artist that and he reassured me saying that it wouldn't take long and it's not a particularly painful place. How right he was!
I had two main worries, the pain - and what if I moved?! He put the stencil on and I filled out the form while it was drying. He had me stand up and have my arm straight down while he put the stencil on, which I'd definitely recommend instead of having the stencil on with your arm outstretched for tattoos like this as it ensures that the quote will go straight down rather than off to the side when your arm is down. He then sat me down and got started! He did a tiny bit to start with to make sure I could deal with the pain. As soon as he did I felt this huuuge sense of relief, it hardly hurt at all! We did the rest and in less than 2 minutes it was all done!
Of course, everyone's experience will be different and as I said, I was told this wasn't a particularly painful place, but I honestly feel like I was worried about nothing. I think getting my ears pierced hurt more than this. It's hard to compare the pain to anything, but to me it's a little like getting an injection by a doctor, then having it dragged along your skin. Sounds worse than it is, think vibrating cat scratch! I think it hit a nerve a couple times, which was a little sharp, but it was really no big deal and I really want another one now! I'd say it's more of a strange/ irritating feeling than actual pain and though mine was very quick I definitely could have gone longer. I found it so fascinating watching him do it, some people say they find it easier to not look but I literally couldn't look away!

I'm following the aftercare instructions and will keep you all updated, but the area on my skin doesn't hurt at all anymore, it feels a little like after you get an injection and your arm feels a tiny bit numb/ bruised, but no big deal.

My advice to anyone that wants to get a tattoo, but is worried about the pain would be just go for it! The pain was not even close to what I was expecting, I've honestly had more painful paper cuts. As I said though, everyone's experience will be different so talk to your artist and get as much advice as you can and don't worry!

What do you think? Do you have any tattoos?


  1. Congratulations on your first tattoo doll. I don't have any but I LOVE THEM.

    PS. Thank you for your comment on my blog and would love to follow each other if you like. Hope to hear from you soon.

    <3 Marina

    1. thanks so much! I already follow your blog, love it! :) xox

  2. It looks so sweet, and very well done compared to a lot of others I've seen! I've always wanted one saying 'Believe' but I have the worst phobia of needles in the world :(

    1. It's honestly not that bad! if you wanted it similar to mine and just in one thin line it would literally take like a minute too! :) x

  3. It looks great girl! I love when people get tattoos that mean so much to them! Thats good to hear that it didnt hurt alot! Thats crazy how fast it was done in!! When I turn 18 I plan on getting 2 tattoos! A quote under my left collarbone, and one on my foot. I cant wait to get them! I love tattoos so much :)

    xoxox Maria

  4. I'm not really into tattoos but this has such a nice meaning and looks really sweet!

    The Style Rawr!

  5. Wow beautiful tattoo, you chose a beautiful font as well <3

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  6. I would love to get a tattoo and I also want my belly-button pierced :) Cute quote and I love the reason you had it done
    Cerys xoxo

  7. very cute tattoo, i love the quote!

    -ariel* xoxo

  8. I really like this!Love the meaning behind it too.I'd never ever be able to decide what design to get myself though!x

  9. I have 3 tatoos (had one last week) & I dont find them painfull at all! Even a bit addictive! Love yours XO

  10. Your tattoo is lovely! I've been wanting one for some time now but can't decide what/where and I'm constantly worried that I won't like it once it's done!
    Decisions decisions!!

    Jo xo


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