Sunday, 2 September 2012


top - local store
disco pants (dupes) - tk maxx
shoes - sports direct
necklace - matalan
ring - oasap *

Another rather simple outfit today, nothing too fancy as I've just got work today, woo! Probably going to go shopping for a bit with the boyfriend afterwards, returned the new look jeans I mentioned yesterday, sob.
In other news, disco pants!! These are only a cheapy copy that I found in TK Maxx but I actually really like them, they're very very comfy and quite thick, which is great because it means I can wear them with shorter tops like this with minimum bum exposure. Thin leggings and short tops will never ever ever be a good look (sorry if you're into that, but it's the truth really).
I love love love the galaxy print on this top, full on galaxy print scares me a bit, particularly in leggings, but I think this was just the right amount for me.
The weather is being particularly bi-polar these days, I was in a jumper yesterday and vest today, if it could make up it's mind, that would be fab - I'm very much looking forward to wearing all my lovely fluffy jumpers and boots. I'll have changed my mind come November, just you wait and see!
Have a great sunday!



  1. ajfhur your disco pants are amazing! They look just as great as AA Disco pants! I've been looking for a cheaper alterbative, but not with much success haha
    You look amazing!

  2. I LOVE THE LEGGINGS! Those are so cool!!! Especially paired with those shoes. Love love love.

    I'm your newest follower :)


    1. thanks so much! i'll definitely check out your blog :) xo

  3. the tank is so cute with the galaxy in the peace sign! i love the pants :)

    -ariel* xoxo

  4. you are so friggin' cool mrs! haha.
    you have such good taste in clothes, and a great blog.
    oh and you're gorgeous.
    you are just the type of person i'd look at and think 'yeah i wanna be friends with that person, she seems really cool!'
    anyway, now i've been really creepy ha i thought i'd say hi as i'm now following you.
    hope to speak to you soon, you seem super lovely.
    come say hi if you'd like to.
    hope to hear from you.
    laura x

  5. Lovely outfit, I really like the ring.

  6. Love this look! The top is cute and looks great with the pink converse!

  7. This is such a cute outfit! I've seen similar ones attempted and not work out right, but you've hit the nail on the head here. Getting myself down to TK Maxx asap!
    Followed :)

  8. Great outfit, love the disco pants! xo


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