Saturday 13 October 2012


shoes - red herring

Very very strange photo of me this. But I have another lovely Shikha London dress to show you all! This one I chose in a moment of madness as it's not really my usual style but something drew me to it. It's kind of got an almost vintage feel to it, it reminded me of the kind of dresses Allie wore in The Notebook!
I think I'll probably get more use out of this dress in the summer as its so light and bright but I'm excited to wear it all the same. Once again, the quality of this dress is just beautiful. It has a lining underneath that makes it feel really 'silky' to wear, which I really really like, it's so comfortable and and soft.
I love the print of this dress too, the little bows (or butterflies?! not sure!) are so cute and the coral colour is lovely, I was scared it'd wash me out as I'm ridiculously pale at the moment but I think the cream coloured bows must balance it out or something because I actually think it was quite flattering on.
If you haven't already I'd definitely recommend checking out Shikha London (link above) - the quality of their clothing is just amazing - as are their prices!



  1. You look lovely dear! Love the side braid on you and that dress is so cute, it really reminds of Allie in the Notebook! :)

  2. I love rebirthing about you!


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