Saturday 27 October 2012


As promised yesterday, this is a haul of some of the stuff I bought yesterday. I bought a couple of other things but one was for Darren and the other is a surprise for someone so it can't be included. It's not a very big haul but I'm so pleased with what I got I just couldn't wait to show you all. You may notice a slight colour theme, tell me if you spot it ;)
I meant to do some Christmas shopping but didn't really find anything much, so I'm hoping me and Darren will go back to Cambridge, or possibly somewhere else like London for some Christmas Shopping next month! Although I must say, while London has some amazing shops, I do find it a little stressful during the Christmas period, so we'll have to wait and see! Anyway, ramble over let's get into the haul.
jumper - h&m skirt - new look (generation 915)

 First off is this light knit jumper, Darren actually bought this for me which was lovely of him. Its a very light knit which makes it perfect for layering in the Autumn/ Winter time. I loved this because it's great to wear when you're going out during the day, as it's thin enough to wear comfortably under a coat and won't be too hot when you go indoors.
The second and last item of clothing I bought was this red skirt - I know, it looks a lot like the one I had on in yesterday's post, I can explain. Don't tell anyone, but the 'skirt' I had on yesterday was actually a dress with the top folded under! I've been after a red skirt like this for ages now but found that a lot of them came up quite long on me and I like my skirts to be relatively short, not flash my undies short, but I just find a lot of skirts are an awkward middle length. So I headed to New Look kids section! The age 14-15 was actually still a little long so this is age 12-13!! Before anyone goes all lecturey on me, I think the age 12-13 is about a size 6-8 anyway as it fits me perfectly, seriously if you're a UK size 6-10 or possibly even 12, go to the new look kids section!! It's so much cheaper and they have some lovely bits.

headband - h&m hat - new look

I love the way people wear these knitted headbands in the winter and I think they look so cute, this actually keeps my head surprisingly warm considering it doesn't actually cover my whole head. I love that it has little sequins sewn into the knit, so cute!
Then Darren got me this gorgeous red beanie from New Look. I've been after a nice beanie for ages now, I was worried it wouldn't suit me at first but I tried it on in the shop and loved it! I put it on right away yesterday, there are photos of me wearing it in this post so you can see what it looks like.

topshop nevada lipstick - mac hue

I got this nude lipstick at topshop as I was in need of a new nude and I love topshop lipsticks so much. I love this and I'll probably do a full review on it at some point so let me know if you'd like to see that.
I've finally been reunited with my beloved Hue lipstick! I had a few empties so I back to Mac'd them and got this for free!
hollister crescent bay body spray - lush snow fairy shower gel

These Hollister body sprays are bit expensive at £12 each but this smells so so amazing so I can forgive them. It is described as a watermelon, poppy and sugary woods scent. I definitely agree with this, it's so sweet and fruity, not particularly suited to the Autumn/ Winter time but hey ho! I find that the scent actually lasts quite a while on these compared to a lot of body sprays. They're just great to freshen up during the day.
Who doesn't love Snow Fairy, right? Lush's christmas stuff is just so cute I'm not really one for long baths, I prefer to shower really so as much as I love the bath bombs and things I don't really find much use for them! So snow fairy is perfect for me as I can use it every day. It smells like candy floss and bubble gum, it's gorgeous!

What do you think? Have you made any cheeky purchases lately? Let me know!
Also let me know if you'd like any reviews of any of these products!



  1. The hat and the skirt *__* amazing!


  2. I bought the H&M jumper the other day - theyre amazingly slouchy arent they :)

    OO id love to see swatches of the two lipsticks - theyre both on my current Christmas wishlist! :) xx

  3. Love H&M and also love your hat! X

  4. Ah I love what you got, especially the colours <3 Deep reds are so nice. x

  5. I love the skirt!my whole wardrobe is turning out to be this colour at the moment oooops xx

    1. It's just perfect for this time of year! x


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