Friday, 5 October 2012


dress - shikha london*
bracelet - dorothy perkins

First off, sorry about the lack of my head, I was out in the rain before taking these photos so my face was having none of it. That aside, let's all give our full attention to this fabulous dress shall we?
I was lucky enough to be contacted by Shikha London (linked above) who sent me a few gorgeous dresses (the others will feature in blog posts very soon) and this is one of them. This isn't actually one of the dresses I chose as this one was from their new collection but wow did they chose well!
I have been looking at dresses like this for ages and almost bought one so it's lucky I didn't!
As we all know, that time of year is approaching and much faster than we all realised, it's October which means next month is November, Christmas shopping month. I know, I don't know whether to cry or sing rudolf the red nose reindeer. But despite all the bad weather and mental shopping trips, it does mean party season! I think this dress would be an amazing dress to wear around Christmas and I'm actually thinking of wearing it on Christmas Day. It's such a beautiful colour, dark reds like this scream December to me and the gold spikes give it a bit of edge (and add to the christmas colour theme!) which I absoluteley adore. As much as I am a very girly girl, I do loves me a bit of an edgy, rocky outfit every now and again and this dress ticks all of my metaphorical boxes! ;)
I also want to take a minute to appreciate the quality of this dress. I have a lot of skater dresses and some of them are just so horribly thin with uneven hemlines and/ or loose threads all over the place but this one is just amazing. Thank you Shikha London, I very much approve!



  1. Lovely dress :) I am really looking forward to Christmas!
    Cerys xoxo

  2. Gorgeous dress

    You should enter my jewellery giveaway over on my blog -

  3. i love the colour of that dress and the stud detailing! it looks very pretty!

    -ariel* xoxo

  4. Your dress is gorgeous! I love the studded details x

  5. Love the dress!I'm absolutely in love with burgundy for the fall and the studs just top off that dress perfectly!


  6. The dress is amazing Chloe!


  7. love this dress!!!! nice blog! u have a new follower!!!!!! xx


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