Thursday, 29 November 2012


What's your favorite thing about Christmas?
I absolutely adore the build up to it, when there are Christmas songs on in all the shops, decorations everywhere and kids lining up to meet Santa, it's just so lovely. I'm really trying to make the most of the build up to Christmas this year as in past years the child in me has just wanted it to be the big day and wished away all the lovely Christmas shopping period! I love going shopping and stopping for hot chocolate, going to see the Christmas lights, just all of it!
My favourite thing about Christmas day itself is definitely being with the people I love the most and giving presents. This year I'll be with my Parents, my sister, my boyfriend and my Grandparents, it's going to be fab!
penguins in my local town centre at the christmas light switch on.

What's your favorite makeup look for the season?
I don't always do my make up differently for Christmas, but I love to wear a smokey eye or glittery eyeshadow! I don't really wear much if any eyeshadow on a daily basis so it's nice to do it differently for special occasions. I might try to do some Holiday make up looks on here this year so let me know if you're interested in that!

Real tree or fake tree?
I love real trees a lot, they smell so lovely and christmassy but I don't think I'd ever want one, they're just so messy! We have a fake tree I decorate it with my Mum every year, I'll definitely post a picture of it when we've done it! Here's a peek from our tree last year!

Giving presents or receiving presents?
Giving! I love receiving presents, I mean who doesn't, right? ;) But there's nothing quite like seeing someone really pleased with a gift you spent time picking out for them, I love making other people happy.

Do you open your presents Christmas morning or evening?
Morning! We all get ready and wait for any guests to arrive first, then have breakfast (Champagne optional!) and then open presents. 

Handmade Christmas cards or bought?
I love handmade cards a lot and as much as I'd love to make them myself I never get the time! I always tell myself I'll do lovely little diy cards and gifts and always run out of time. 

What's your favorite Christmas movie?
I love Elf (duh), Four Christmases and Home Alone, but I think The Holiday is my all time favourite. I also love all the Christmas Simpsons episodes!

What's your favorite Christmas food?
I'm not really sure, my Mum does a lovely Christmas dinner but I'm not sure I have a favourite food, I'm kind of boring in that way!

Hope you enjoyed this tag, definitely let me know if you do it!


Wednesday, 28 November 2012


The Revoflex X-Treme was sent to be by XLS Medical Fat Binder, I thought it would be great to review as part of my Fitspiration series as I haven't done a product review of this sort before so when this opportunity came up I thought it was perfect!
It can be really hard to find time (and money!) to keep fit around Christmas time as buying Christmas presents, preparing the house, cooking and all that fun stuff, takes up a lot of time and money and for a lot of people (myself included!) the gym is just not an option. I think something like this as a one off investment is fantastic as it has the same benefits as a lot of more expensive gym equipment and it actually makes working out a lot easier! It claims to be easy, effortless and quick and I couldn't agree more. It recommends 'Five Easy Minutes per day' and I'm not sure how true this is but I do feel like I've had a good work-out after five minutes!
I've used this a few times myself and I love it. It comes with a little green bag to carry it round in which is great if you want to take it anywhere with you (so no excuses if you're staying somewhere else for the holidays!). What I love about it is how portable it is. Unlike my exercise bike, I can use this in front of the TV which is a definite bonus. Workouts are more effective as the power bands increase their tension as you work, giving you more resistance. I can feel it working my muscles as I work out which is great. I haven't used this long enough to be sure if it actually works for toning but I have high hopes!
"The Revoflex X-Treme Abs machine targets the upper, middle and lower abs and the core muscles simultaneously, by concisely giving them positive and negative resistance which never lets them rest. Your workout is more effective with better results in less time. The Revoflex X-Treme is an easy, effortless, more intense abs workout exercise machine to help you get that firm abs."
It can also tighten your bum, firm up your thighs and work on your chest, shoulders, arms and back all in one, perfect for getting ready for all your pretty Christmas dresses!
You can check out the Revoflex X-Treme at Argos here. There is a video of this on there so you can see properly how it works as I'm hopeless at trying to explain it!


Tuesday, 27 November 2012


I mentioned a few posts ago that I'd bought my first Korres Lip Butter as I'd heard so much about them and I'm definitely someone who needs a good lip balm around! My lips get super chapped in the winter so I thought it was about time I started testing some new lip balms out.
I decided to go for Jasmine as I like a nice light pink and I thought it would be best for every day. How gorgeous is the packaging? I didn't want to throw the box away! (I did though, I once went through a phase of never throwing away boxes from beauty products - not a good idea) The actual product is in a very pretty pink and white pot too so it looks cute on my dressing table.
This lip balm feels absolutely lovely on the lips and leaves a gorgeous light pink sheen. It's a very subtle light pink gloss. I love to wear it over MAC's Hue lippy. It's scent is absolutely beautiful, to me it doesn't smell like jasmine at all, it's very sweet, almost like the Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie, which I personally absolutely love so that's a bonus for me.
But packaging, colour and scent aside, let's get to the important part, does this lip butter actually work? Yes, yes it does. I'm very fussy with lip balms as as I've mentioned many times, I have very dry lips and this works a treat. It feels super moisturising and leaves my lips feeling soft and crack free!

Overall, I'd definitely recommend giving this a try if you're in need of a new lip balm.

What do you think? Have you ever tried a Korres Lip Butter?
P.S I'd like to know, after my current favourites giveaway (linked in the sidebar if you'd like to enter!) Would you rather lots of little giveaways like the current one, or one big collective 'goodie bag' giveaway - let me know!


Monday, 26 November 2012


Not like that, cheeky. I was recently sent a mixed pack of Nakd bars by Natural Balance Foods to try for review. I like to think that I eat relatively healthy and these bars are fantastic! Healthy Snacks are great for when you're trying to keep fit and in shape and these are perfect for that. I read a little about nakd bars before agreeing to review them and I must say, I was impressed, they have 100% natural ingredients, they're wheat, gluten, GM and dairy free and many of them count towards your 5 a day! They have seriously minimal ingredients which you can see in the photo I took of the ingredients list of a few of them.
All the bars in this mixed case are made up entirely of fruit and nuts, both of which are fantastic for a healthy diet. Though be careful if you have nut allergies. The ingredients are very clear and super simple though, so there's no long scary list to read through if you do happen to have any allergies.
For something so simple, they really are very tasty. They taste healthy and natural, which I personally love but they're also a little sweet thanks to all the fruit in them. There are lots of chocolatey flavours which is great if you've got a chocolate craving and you're trying to be healthy!
Overall, these definitely get a thumbs up from me, I'm so glad I tried these as they're such a healthy alternative to a cake or biscuit and they're quite a filling snack too, which is always good.

What do you think? Would you like to try a nakd bar?


Sunday, 25 November 2012


Hello my lovelies! So I've been shopping a little recently and I picked up a few beauty items that I wanted to share with you all. I was going to wait until I'd picked up a few more bits and pieces to do a big haul but I couldn't wait to show you all what I'd picked up. (and between you and me, I thought these products looks super pretty photographed together and anything else might've ruined my colour scheme!)
So you all know I absolutely adore Soap and Glory and it's always on 3 for 2 in boots this time of year so I always like to take advantage of that so I picked up the bigger version of Hand Food to keep on my bedside table in place of the smaller one I had (which now lives in my handbag), The Daily Smooth body butter, which smells absolutely gorgeous, it smells like the Mist You Madly body spray if you know what that smells like. Then the last thing I got was the Glad Hair Day conditioner, I've had mini versions of this in the past and loved it so much so I decided that it was time I bought the big one! As with all soap and glory products, this smells fab and what I love the most about it (apart from how amazing my hair feels after using it!) is that the smell stays on your hair for ages after using it. I find that with a lot of Soap and Glory things, I smell them all day after using them, which I love!
Then I got a couple of Korres things, the 3 in 1 White Tea Cleansing water was a TK Maxx bargain, which Darren actually found (brownie points!) it was down from £16 to £4.99 so I couldn't say no could I? I think this is a similar concept to the Bioderma Cleansing Water, which I've wanted to try for a while but couldn't get hold of. So I was super excited to try this. This is honestly such an amazing product so I'll definitely review it in full very soon. Then lastly I got a Korres lip butter, which I've wanted to try for ages as I've heard so many great things about them. I got the Jasmine one as I thought it looked the prettiest but now I definitely want more. Again, I'll probably do a full review of this at some point if you'd be interested in that.

Hope you enjoyed or saw something you'd like to pick up, let me know if you're interested in any particular reviews!


Saturday, 24 November 2012


I recently received an offer to be sent a book by The Folio Society, which is a fab company that does lots of classic books with these gorgeous hardback covers. While this isn't the sort of book I myself would read, (though it would look beautiful sitting on my shelf!) I knew my boyfriend Darren would love it, as he's an old man at heart and war and history is right up his street. I think this book is so gorgeously presented, the hardback cover and beautiful design on the front make it look, to me at least, a lot more 'gifty' than just picking up a paperback from a local bookshop. It also arrived in a sturdy protective case which I thought was great as it protects it during postage and helps to keep it in great condition forever!
I think something like this would make an amazing Christmas gift for any bookworm. They have loads of other books for all ages. There are some lovely childrens books such as Alice in Wonderland, Charlotte's Web and Grimm's Fairy Tales. There are also some old classics such as Great Expectations (which is secretly one of my favourite books, but shh!) Oliver Twist and The Hobbit, to name a few. I think there is something for just about every book lover out there!

What do you think? Would you like to give or receive one of these?


This post was not sponsored but the book was sent to me for reviewing purposes.

Friday, 23 November 2012


ducks swimming in/ drinking from a puddle - sort of ombre hair - santa's grotto in town
fave christmas yankee candle - shellac polishes - starbucks toffee nut latte mm!
penguins - reindeers - christmas lights

Life has been getting rather festive lately and I for one am absolutely loving it! I cannot understand people who claim to hate Christmas. It's stressful and hard on our bank accounts but that's all part of the fun isn't it? Who doesn't love festive songs and sparkly lights everywhere?
How funny are the ducks drinking out of a puddle in my local town? They have huge ponds where our local shops are, but as soon as it rains, the ducks swim in the puddles. I don't know, it amused me!
I also ombred my hair slightly, I dyed it a darker blonde on top though it's faded to almost nothing now, touch ups will be required asap.
I trained in Shellac nails and bought a few polishes for my kit, honestly if you've never had shellac before I'd totally recommend it, beautiful nails that actually last. Perfect for the Christmas season! And if by any chance, you know me and you're reading this, I'm offering shellac nails for £15 as a Seasonal offer until January so let me know if you're interested ;) (shameless, I know.)
How sweet are the penguins and reindeer? Yesterday, Darren and I went to the Christmas light switch on in town and they had penguins and reindeer in the town, it was so lovely. Lots of cheesy local bands and dance groups but that's all part of the fun really. Arg and Gemma from TOWIE were in town too, oh the perks (ahem..) of living in Essex eh?

What have you been up to lately?


Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Hello Lovelies! Two posts in one day? I'm spoiling you all ;)
But seriously, today I really am spoiling you. I've come up with an idea. You all know I love doing giveaways but I wanted to do kind of a more personal one. So this is going to be the first of my 'Favourite Things' giveaways. I'm going to be picking out a few of my most favourite products/ items that I own myself and giving them away to one of my followers. Of course, I won't literally be giving you my product, all items will be brand new and unopened! I think it makes it a little more personal to give away something tried and tested by me that I already love and just know my followers will love too. I don't know how often these giveaways will be, it'll probably just be as when I think of a product/ feel like doing a giveaway but I hope you like them!
So I'm kicking off this little series of giveaways with my beloved Soap and Glory hand food. This is the perfect little hand cream to keep in your handbag for three main reasons.
1. It looks amazing
2. It smells amazing
3. It is amazing.
Soap and Glory is one of my most favourite brands ever because not only do all their products smell amazing and come in gorgeously kitsch and girly packaging, they really work. I've never ever tried anything from this brand that I don't love, so expect them to come up again in future giveaways!
So if you'd like to win this little beauty, here's how.

To enter, I'd like you to leave a comment below telling me what you're asking for for Christmas this year! 
You must of course be a public GFC follower of this blog, comment below with your GFC and email address (so I can contact you if you win)

Then for some bonus entries for an extra chance to win, you can:
1. Follow me on Twittoorrr (@chloesway) and tweet this giveaway, mention me in your tweet so I see it!
2. Like Chloe's Way on Facebook - tell me your facebook name - I will check!!
3. Do a blog post on this giveaway and link it in your comment so I can check.
4. Give me an idea for a blog post in the comments.

So that's up to 5 entries, so get going! Please only comment on this post once stating all your entries.
For example,
GFC - Chloe
I'm after a furby for christmas.
Follow on twitter as @chloesway
Like on Facebook as Chloe Salisbury
*Link to your blog post*
My idea for a post is...

So that would be your 5 entries!

This giveaway is of course international, and will end 2 weeks from now at 23:59 Wednesday 5th December and the winner will be announced on Thursday 6th!

Good Luck!



Sorry for the lack of posting lately, I've been so so busy with work and I'm coming to end of my beauty course so in a couple of weeks I'll be a fully qualified beautician! So back to the point of the post, if you follow me on twitter, you'll have seen that I've been rambling on about the Starbucks christmas drinks and while I love them, they are loaded  with calories and are definitely not a good idea to drink everyday! So I decided that I'd have a go at making my own slightly healthier christmassy drink!
This is so simple and you might not actually need it explained to you but I thought I'd share it anyway because it's so yummy!
So here's how I make my own 'mocha'.
You'll need:
Hot Chocolate Powder
Coffee Granules
Sugar (Optional)
Milk (Optional)
Your favourite mug & a spoon!

1. Put two teaspoons (or as much as you'd like) of hot chocolate powder into the mug, add one teaspoon of coffee (or more/ less depending on your taste) and a little sugar, if you'd like it a bit sweeter.

2. I put a dash of milk into the mug before I add the water, straight on top of the chocolate and coffee, but you can do this the other way round if you'd like.

3. Add the boiling water and stir until smooth.

And that's it! It's so simple and I think it tastes just as nice (or almost as nice!) as a starbucks mocha! You can buy lots of different flavoured hot chocolate powders such as caramel, hazelnut or dark chocolate if you'd like - hazelnut is amazing!
The best part about this one for me is that because I've used options hot chocolate and only a little milk and sugar, and mainly water rather than milk, this drink is only a little over 50 calories - which is amazing compared to the starbucks version at around 250!

What's your favourite winter drink?


Saturday, 17 November 2012


I have a little review for you all today as I am in love with this product. I absolutely adore hair oils and was just running out of my Avon one when I found this little beauty for only £3.45 in Superdrug (it was on offer from £6.99 so hurry if you want to give it a go!). I'd heard good things about TRESemm√© Liquid Gold and while I am still lusting over everyone's beloved Moroccan Oil, I can't bring myself to splash out on it while I still have lots of Christmas presents to buy for people! So as this was so cheap I thought I'd give it a go.
My hair is quite dry and damaged so any oils and treatments are a bit of a Godsend for me. This contains the ever so wonderful Argan Oil along with Vitamin E and anti-oxidants, which apparently, combined makes for a rather amazing hair product. The instructions suggest applying one pump to the mid-lengths and ends of damp or dry hair. I find I need 2 or 3 pumps but a little does go a long way. This is slightly runnier than other oils I've tried, which is nice because it's so light and doesn't make my hair appear greasy in the slightest.
I apply this to my hair from the mid-lengths downwards, concentrating mostly on my very dry ends while my hair is damp and let it air dry (I'm avoiding heat at the moment!) and when it does, my is very soft and smooth and shiny! My hair is quite fine and yet this doesn't weigh it down one bit. I think this is a fab oil if you have never used hair oils before as it's so light so it's hard to go wrong.
I loved this product, it leaves your hair feeling super soft and nourished without being too heavy. I have also used this on dry hair to tame it a little and it did a great job. I 100% recommend this and will definitely re-purchase.
Have you tried TRESemmé Liquid Gold? What's your favourite hair oil?


Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Another Christmas post, I know, I know. I'm so excited for Christmas this year and I love looking for lots of lovely little extras to add to presents. These are a few things I found that are all £5 or less, which is perfect as stocking stuffers or little extras for someone.
I love anything Cath Kidston, it's it's perfect for a super girly girl. They have lots of different little bits but I thought the keyring was great as it's so cheap but it also adds a little 'luxury' (I consider it to be luxury as it's so cute!) to a Christmas present.
The Soap and Glory mini's are fab as stocking stuffers - I'd be more than happy to recieve some! All Soap and Glory is on 3 for 2 in boots at the moment so stock up!
I think these little playing cards from Topshop are so cute, they're a bit different to your usual playing cards and I think card games are actually quite fun, especially on Christmas day.
These little Yankee Candle Samplers are fab as a little extra gift as they're very cheap but still burn for a good few hours.
Cheap Smells has Essie Polishes super cheap at the moment, but snap them up fast because they go very quickly! There's a shopping link above if you're interested. I also included a Topshop polish as they're £5 each and fantastic quality. Topshop polishes are actually some of my favouritees.
I love these socks from Matalan and undies from New look, I hate buying socks for myself so I actually quite like to receive them as a gift.
How funny is this grow your own Mr Grey? I had to add it to this list as soon as I saw it. I definitely want to get one of these for one of my friends.

Hope this was helpful! Would you like to see a stocking stuffers post for guys?


Tuesday, 13 November 2012


I love having my prettiest products out on show, especially when they're my most useful ones! These are the products I keep on my bedside table and use every night. I love the lush lip scrubs, I suffer with suuuper dry lips in the winter time which I absolutely can't stand! I use this every night along with the Body Shop Born Lippy lip balm to keep my lips as soft as possible.
Doesn't soap and glory just have the most amazing packaging? I think Hand Food might be the best hand cream ever. It makes my hands so soft and smooth and the smell is just gorgeous! I use this every night before bed and every morning too. As I'm training as a beauty therapist it's very important for me to keep my hands nice and soft so hand cream is essential - especially in the winter! If you want try this out then I'd 100% recommend it!
I use body butter every night before bed, I often use the body shop ones but I recently got this mini Soap and Glory 'The Righteous Butter' and I've been absolutely loving it. I definitely want to get the full size. What I love about this is it's just as moisturising as the Body Shop ones I usually use but the smell lasts so much longer! This smells beautiful (like all soap and glory products!) so the long lasting smell is a definitely plus.

What's on your bedside table?


Sunday, 11 November 2012


This beauty is the last of the three dresses I received from Shikha London.  I planned to do this post much much earlier but with my room being redecorated, I couldn't get to all of my clothes in my wardrobe! I will be posting photos of this on asap but I wanted to share it with you as soon as I could.
Let me just say that the photos are not doing this dress justice, it is beautiful. I was actually unsure about the orange back at first but it makes it so much more interesting. It looks quite straight and simple but this dress is seriously flattering on. It's a perfect short but not too short length too.
I do worry with sequinned dresses that they might be a bit uncomfortable but there's no danger of that with this one, it's got a lovely silky built in slip that makes it feel so luxurious to wear.
I think I might wear this on New Years eve as it's so unique, I think the orange back is quite unexpected. I'd pair this with simple nude heels, or even some orange ones if I could find some to match! This dress definitely doesn't need accessories as it's so special on it's own.


Saturday, 10 November 2012


Hello again lovelies!
Its's time for another Winter-Proof yourself post. If you haven't seen my first two, you can check out the one on hair here and the one on clothing and accessories here.
So in this post I'm going to explain how I personally take care of my skin during the winter, obviously the products I use may not work for everyone but I'll help as much as I can and I'm sure you can adapt it to your skin type.
I actually have relatively normal skin on my face, it can be slightly oily in the T-Zone, but not so much in the Winter. I don't suffer too much with dry skin, but my skin can get very sore and red in the cold weather so I like to use  a light moisturiser after cleansing and toning to make soothe it a bit. I'm actually quite easy to please with moisturisers, the two in the picture are the ones I'm currently using. The Murad one is running out and as it's a sample size, it was much cheaper than the full size, so I'm not sure if I'll be splashing out just yet. I actually love the Palmers Cocoa butter moisturiser for my face so I think I'll buy that next. I use the Piz Buin one in the mornings as it's quite light and very moisturising, but mostly because I don't bother with fake tan in the winter and it has just a hint of colour to it so it perks my skin up just a bit.
Winter tip - Remember you still need an SPF moisturiser where possible in the winter too, just because you can't see the sun it doesn't mean it's not there! 
For the body, I honestly don't think there is anything better than Body Shop Body Butters though, I adore them! Almond is my all time favourite for sure, I love it! I really want to get the Cranberry one they have for Christmas though.
One thing you have to be super careful to take care of is your hands, my hands can get really dry in the winter - and this is bad news, especially as a trainee beauty therapist! A good hand cream is always good to have in your bag. I love this Garnier one, it's suuuper cheap and one of the best I've ever tried!
Winter tip - Always apply hand cream before going outside and wear gloves, it will lock in the essential moisture while keeping your hands protected from the cold.
I also carry a mini Palmer's Cocoa butter around in my bag, this is great for dry skin pretty much anywhere. I use it on dry elbows, hands arms etc. It's also really great on my tattoo!

I hope this was helpful to some of you, do you have any favourite products for the winter?


Thursday, 8 November 2012


These are just some things on my Christmas Wishlist this year!
I've wanted to try this nars lipgloss for so long as everyone talks about it (blogger hype, I know!) it just looks so pretty. I'm not usually one for gloss, but I feel like this one would be lovely.
I love this dark red dress from topshop so much, this would be perfect with black tights on Christmas or Boxing day.
I know they're expensive and everyone and their dog has a pair but I reeeally want some proper disco pants!, in love!
The bag from Matalan looks a lot nicer in person than it does online, its a lovely light beige/ cream colour with rose gold studs. It's perfect for this time of year and I love anything with rose gold on it.
I've been after this Chanel perfume for ages, it just has the most feminine, girly scent. It's not the cheapest perfume out there mind you!
As you all may have seen in this post, I've recently redecorated my room, this cushion from Matalan would be perfect. I already have two sequinned pink cushions so this one would look lovely in the middle of the two.
And finally, probably the most unnecessary of all these items, sequinned shorts. Just because why wouldn't you want these? Maybe it's because I'm an Essex girlie ;)

What are you after this Christmas?


Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Who doesn't love a freebie, right? I'm sure you all know how amazing Glamour magazine are for their freebies, with brands like Benefit, Nails inc and Clinique, they really are fantastic for a magazine that is priced at just £2!
I subscribe to Glamour so I hadn't seen it in the shops before I got this issue and didn't know it came with a (full size) Nails Inc polish but I was so excited to find out when it came through the post. I was even more excited to see that the colour I'd recieved was 'Elizabeth Street' which is a stunning baby pink colour. As with a lot of light colours this isn't the most opaque nail polish and it did take three coats to look like the colour in the bottle, but it's such a lovely consistency and it was free so I can't complain! I have to say, even though it does take a few coats, I really love the colour so I probably would purchase it myself. It only takes three thin coats and you get such a big bottle so it doesn't really matter.
This issue also came with lots of samples which I like, especially make up samples (in this issue there was a Rimmel BB Cream sample, a Max Factor 3 in 1 Foundation sample and Nivea Daily Essentials Primer sample.) as it gives you the opportunity to try new products, for a few days if you de-pot them, then decide if you like them before buying.

Have you picked up this month's Glamour Magazine?


Monday, 5 November 2012


starbucks in cambridge - shopping! - tired boyfriend on the train home
cadbury oreo - starbucks in canterbury - h&m jumper and topshop lipstick
visiting my sister at uni  - sharing an ice cream with darren on our anniversary - newly decorated bedroom!

Thought I'd just do a little life update post today, these are all photos from the past couple of weeks. As you probably saw in this post, Darren and I went shopping in Cambridge which was a lot of fun. My sister came home last week, we went to pick her up at her University in Canterbury, it's such a lovely city, I definitely want to explore more! She told us that it's law that they have a bible in their rooms, how odd is that? We're not religious and while I don't have anything against religion, I do find it funny that they can get fined if they don't have a bible sitting on their shelf!
It was mine and Darren's one year Anniversary! On Halloween of all days, so yeah, last Halloween was spent sitting in my bedroom giggling and trying to act cool while Darren asked me to be his girlfriend! We went out for dinner then went to see Paranormal Activity 4, just to do something a bit relevant to the day!
And finally, I mentioned many a tweet ago that I was re-decorating my room and it's just about finished, I love it, my wallpaper is a photographic design with images of Marilyn Monroe, I'm obsessed with it.

What've you been up to lately?