Wednesday 28 November 2012


The Revoflex X-Treme was sent to be by XLS Medical Fat Binder, I thought it would be great to review as part of my Fitspiration series as I haven't done a product review of this sort before so when this opportunity came up I thought it was perfect!
It can be really hard to find time (and money!) to keep fit around Christmas time as buying Christmas presents, preparing the house, cooking and all that fun stuff, takes up a lot of time and money and for a lot of people (myself included!) the gym is just not an option. I think something like this as a one off investment is fantastic as it has the same benefits as a lot of more expensive gym equipment and it actually makes working out a lot easier! It claims to be easy, effortless and quick and I couldn't agree more. It recommends 'Five Easy Minutes per day' and I'm not sure how true this is but I do feel like I've had a good work-out after five minutes!
I've used this a few times myself and I love it. It comes with a little green bag to carry it round in which is great if you want to take it anywhere with you (so no excuses if you're staying somewhere else for the holidays!). What I love about it is how portable it is. Unlike my exercise bike, I can use this in front of the TV which is a definite bonus. Workouts are more effective as the power bands increase their tension as you work, giving you more resistance. I can feel it working my muscles as I work out which is great. I haven't used this long enough to be sure if it actually works for toning but I have high hopes!
"The Revoflex X-Treme Abs machine targets the upper, middle and lower abs and the core muscles simultaneously, by concisely giving them positive and negative resistance which never lets them rest. Your workout is more effective with better results in less time. The Revoflex X-Treme is an easy, effortless, more intense abs workout exercise machine to help you get that firm abs."
It can also tighten your bum, firm up your thighs and work on your chest, shoulders, arms and back all in one, perfect for getting ready for all your pretty Christmas dresses!
You can check out the Revoflex X-Treme at Argos here. There is a video of this on there so you can see properly how it works as I'm hopeless at trying to explain it!


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