Saturday 3 November 2012


I'd like to start by saying a massive thank you to my very helpful boyfriend for assisting with this post! Most of you probably have at least one man in your life, whether it be a boyfriend, dad, uncle, brother, friend etc and if you're anything like me, you probably find them damn near impossible to buy for! So lovely Darren agreed to help me - and all of you to think of a few ideas to make your life a bit easier this Christmas!
We thought things like socks and underwear were a good idea, for your boyfriend in particular (might be a bit awkward buying your grandad topman boxers!). Things like nice socks and underwear are a pain to have to buy for yourself so they definitely make very useful presents.
Then there's the old faithful aftershave and deodorant, this is fool proof for any man in your life, provided you know what kind of scent they like.
If you know the guy you're buying well enough, it could be nice to buy them some clothes, Darren always needs new clothes and doesn't always buy them for himself, a lot of guys will appreciate a nice warm jumper so if you know their style, go for it!
You might have a friend or family member you just need a small present for or maybe you want a little extra for someone, some of their favourite sweets is always a nice idea. You could always put them in a jar or tin to make it a little more personal.
There may be a CD, DVD or game you know they're after so this is always a great idea. Although try to get gifts like this as last minute as possible to make sure they don't buy it for themselves before Christmas!
Men need to keep warm too! So a nice hat, scarf or pair of gloves is a nice and very useful present. If Darren is anything to go by, men are particularly bad at remembering things like this so I know it's something they'll really appreciate (and need!).
I think fun presents like this wallet and the gorilla slippers make great presents for guys, even though they are slightly jokey and fun, they are quite useful too.
And finally, I was surprised to hear that Darren would like to receive skincare products, but again, it's something they probably won't pick up for themselves, but trust me when I say men do like to use skincare products (or secretly steal yours!)

I hope this post was useful to some of you, thank you again Darren for helping me out!



  1. great post, lads are so hard to buy for!

  2. Men are so hard to buy for. With xmas coming up, I've no idea what to get my dad or brother!

  3. Thanks so much for this, I'm at a complete loss as to what to get the men in my life. haha Great tips! xx

  4. super cute ideas! guys are definitely the hardest to buy for!

    -ariel* xoxo


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