Friday, 2 November 2012


I'm determined to be super organized for Christmas this year so I thought I'd help you guys out too! I know christmas time can make our bank accounts very unhappy so in this post I've found a few very lovely girly gifts for £10 or under. I think these are all gifts that look more expensive than they are and they're all known and well loved brands which is nice. I think any one of these would make a lovely little gift for someone you're buying a smaller present for or a great extra gift for a friend or family member, (or girlfriend, show this post to your other half and hint away! ;))
I've just started buying a few christmas presents so I'm feeling kind of organized now, though it's hard to believe it's less than two months to go now! I'm thinking of getting Darren to help me with gift guide 'for him' if you'd be interested in that, let me know!

Have you started Christmas shopping yet?



  1. Great post, I always struggle for money around Christmas and you're right, these do look more expensive than they actually are!
    I'd find a gift guide 'for him' really useful!

    Jo xo

  2. These are all so pretty. Would be so happy having these as presents at christmas. Great prices too :)


  3. the barry m polishes look like gorgeous colours x

  4. awe, i love these! so girly and pretty!

    -ariel* xoxo

  5. I gave my two younger teenage nieces nail art,polish and adorable pedicure things and additionally a little holder for them from Anthropologie (NOT $5!).I thought it was similar to a Summer Xmas stocking.They didn't share my energy and pushed it on the floor saying they thought it was gift for their 5yr old cousin No thank you,either.I chose that a less expensive gift would be nothing.I figure kids expect iPads today.I cherish your thought;it simply brought this tragic memory back.
    romantic gift baskets


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