Monday 5 November 2012


starbucks in cambridge - shopping! - tired boyfriend on the train home
cadbury oreo - starbucks in canterbury - h&m jumper and topshop lipstick
visiting my sister at uni  - sharing an ice cream with darren on our anniversary - newly decorated bedroom!

Thought I'd just do a little life update post today, these are all photos from the past couple of weeks. As you probably saw in this post, Darren and I went shopping in Cambridge which was a lot of fun. My sister came home last week, we went to pick her up at her University in Canterbury, it's such a lovely city, I definitely want to explore more! She told us that it's law that they have a bible in their rooms, how odd is that? We're not religious and while I don't have anything against religion, I do find it funny that they can get fined if they don't have a bible sitting on their shelf!
It was mine and Darren's one year Anniversary! On Halloween of all days, so yeah, last Halloween was spent sitting in my bedroom giggling and trying to act cool while Darren asked me to be his girlfriend! We went out for dinner then went to see Paranormal Activity 4, just to do something a bit relevant to the day!
And finally, I mentioned many a tweet ago that I was re-decorating my room and it's just about finished, I love it, my wallpaper is a photographic design with images of Marilyn Monroe, I'm obsessed with it.

What've you been up to lately?



  1. Loving your blog, gifts for him is very good!:) xxx

  2. i LOVE the oreo chocolate! it's so lush! and i really like that shade of lipstick, what's it called?

    ellie x

  3. Oh I can't wait to see PA4. You picked the best night to see it and at least your BF will always remember your anniversary this way.

  4. lovely pictures! your wallpaper is incredible, i love it!

    -ariel* xoxo

  5. those oreos dairy milk look amazing.
    I've done one of my life updates on my blog too haha! :)

  6. Why can I not find this Oreo chocolate anywhere?! Looks so yummy. Also, loving the wallpaper!


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