Saturday 24 November 2012


I recently received an offer to be sent a book by The Folio Society, which is a fab company that does lots of classic books with these gorgeous hardback covers. While this isn't the sort of book I myself would read, (though it would look beautiful sitting on my shelf!) I knew my boyfriend Darren would love it, as he's an old man at heart and war and history is right up his street. I think this book is so gorgeously presented, the hardback cover and beautiful design on the front make it look, to me at least, a lot more 'gifty' than just picking up a paperback from a local bookshop. It also arrived in a sturdy protective case which I thought was great as it protects it during postage and helps to keep it in great condition forever!
I think something like this would make an amazing Christmas gift for any bookworm. They have loads of other books for all ages. There are some lovely childrens books such as Alice in Wonderland, Charlotte's Web and Grimm's Fairy Tales. There are also some old classics such as Great Expectations (which is secretly one of my favourite books, but shh!) Oliver Twist and The Hobbit, to name a few. I think there is something for just about every book lover out there!

What do you think? Would you like to give or receive one of these?


This post was not sponsored but the book was sent to me for reviewing purposes.


  1. I love the alternative book covers, definitely great for displaying on the bookshelf... Especially if its a favourite classic! Thanks for sharing x

  2. I love the cover! Sounds like a really lovely gift idea xx


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