Sunday 30 December 2012


Macaroon - Saint - Powder Room - Cafe Au Latte

I recently treated myself to a few new bits from Topshop's make up line, which is easily my favourite high street make up brand. Usually, make up from high street clothing stores can be a bit naff, but Topshop's is just fantastic.
I added two new lipsticks to my growing collection of Topshop lippies, one new lip 'stick' lip crayon and a nail polish. I've tried one other lip crayon and several other lipsticks and nail polishes from TS and have never been disappointed. 
The lipsticks I got are in the shades Macaroon (bright, almost neon coral-pink) and Saint (very pale nude pink). Macaroon is comparable to MAC's Costa Chic without the frosty finish and I'd say Saint is like MAC hue, only slighter lighter and more opaque.
I've never had a lip colour quite like powder room before but I'm so in love with it! It's the perfect pink lip colour. Bright, but not too bright and not too light or dark, love! It's very matte and while it does a good job at not being too drying, it does show even the tiniest hint of a chapped lip so lip balm it up before wearing this! It's worth this though as this is such a gorgeous colour. I can't really think of a colour to compare this too but I shall probably do a full review.
And finally the nail polish, I couldn't find the link to this one on the TS website which is a bit of a pain so sorry about that! This is just a basic nude polish though, although it has a little shimmer which makes it a bit more special. I think nude nails look really chic with pretty much anything so these shades are usually my go tos!

Have you tried TS Makeup? What do you think of it?

I probably won't post before New Years now so I hope you all have a good one, dance, drink and be merry! ;) (If you're old enough, I'm not condoning underage drinking)

Love ya!


Friday 28 December 2012


covent garden with friends - making a snow man - barcelona with college
darren's 19th birthday - my 18th birthday - F&F A/W preview event
holiday in norfolk - writing in the sand - paralympic rings
my first tattoo - hannah's last night before uni - day in cambridge
very silly night out - re-decorated room - penguins in town
planet hollywood in piccadilly circus - christmas present from darren - christmas day

As it's almost New year, I thought I'd do a post looking back on what I've done this year, it's been a busy one! Aside from everything in this post I've finished college and completed a beauty course and not to mention survived the apocalypse ;) I'm really looking forward to seeing what the New Year brings, bring on 2013!


Wednesday 26 December 2012


Hello lovelies! 
I'm going to do my 'What I got for Christmas' post today, I really hope you enjoy it and although I don't think anyone should need to justify themselves, we all know that sometimes people can get a bit funny about these kinds of posts! I just want to say I am not in any way trying to brag or show off about what I got, I'm so so grateful for everything and am purely posting this because I love to see what other people got!
So if for any reason this kind of post offends you, feel free to click elsewhere and read another post ;)

I got these bits from my Grandparents on my Dads side. These might seem a little odd to some people, but my main presents from my Parents (which I actually haven't got a photo of - yet!) are a massage table and beauty trolley so I can set up a mini salon in my house! So I asked my Nan and Grandad for some beauty supplies. These bits are going to come in very handy - I also love the colour towels they chose!

Again, to go with my main present from my parents, my Grandparents on my mums side got me this gorgeous lavender beauty therapists tunic, I love this one, I have a black one already but I wanted one in a prettier colour! They also got me some touch screen compatible gloves, some long cosy socks (always necessary) and chocolate, which was really sweet of them.

These Avon bits are from my boyfriends Mum. I love the perfumes a lot, the little red dress one is great to put in my bag as its so compact. The nail polish is a gorgeous gold and silver shimmer - fab for new year! The mascara is amazing too, the brush is similar to Covergirl Lashblast which if you know me, you'll know I love my lashblast!

My twin sister Hannah got me this super cute penguin from the Build A Bear Workshop, I was so (childishly) excited to see the build a bear box! She also got me this gorgeous washbag from H&M with some new look socks and soap and glory goodies inside.

This mini dove set and bath bombs were both table presents. We always do little table presents at Christmas, It's so sweet and fun to see what everyone gets.

 How cute is this dressing gown from my Mum and Dad?! I'm sat wearing it writing this post!

My Mum and Dad also got me the Soap and Glory 'Best of all' set, which I'm sure you've all heard a LOT about! It really is a fantastic set though and I was so excited to get it. I'm loving this and I'll definitely do some in depth reviews of some of the products.

Inspired by my Marilyn Monroe themed bedroom, my parents also bought me this little tin and umbrella (always useful in the UK). I love things like this, I'm going to use the tin to go on my bedside table to put bracelets and things in.

Also from my parents, I got Benefit the POREfessional primer, Clarins everlasting foundation, MAC Diva lipstick and MAC Cherry lip liner. All perfect items for this time of year!

My mum and dad also got me these adorable me to you bear slippers - how cute are they? And this little jar was a present from my Auntie, it has things like ribbon, buttons, sequins and rhinestones in it. It's so useful for doing little crafty things and I can't wait to use it! My Auntie also got me some super cute pink fluffy ear muffs, which I didn't manage to get a photo of as they're currently being worn by the Santa Claus toy in our living room!!

I was definitely spoiled by Darren this year! He got me this gorgeous sequinned skirt from New Look, a book (love this series), MAC Creme d'nude lipstick (will definitely do a review!), a me to you bear and a Tiffany Necklace(!!!!!) I was so excited when I unwrapped it and saw the blue box, it was everything I could do not to scream and jump up and down. Boyfriend of the year award?

As I said, my main present from my parents is going to be my mini salon, so I'll definitely get photos of that as soon as I'm all set up! I also got some money and gift vouchers from other family members so expect some sales hauls. I also had a few presents from friends which I got early so I want to say thank you to absolutely everyone, not just the people mentioned! I am so grateful for everything I received for Christmas and couldn't be happier.

I had such a lovely day and I hope every single one of you had a fab Christmas and have a wonderful New Year!


Monday 24 December 2012


Happy Christmas Eve everyone!!
I've been a complete blogging failure lately as I've been so busy with Christmassy things lately, though I'm sure we all have! I will have lots of Christmas themed posts up between tomorrow and New year but I just wanted to do a quick post to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, I hope you all have a fab rest of Christmas Eve and a wonderful Christmas Day!



Thursday 20 December 2012


strange fruit - decorating for christmas - silly photos with darren
christmas swap with ariel - sox! (more on this soon) - christmas nails
picadilly circus in the rain - covent garden - legally blonde cocktail in planet hollywood

I've not blogged as much as usual this week so I thought I'd do a little update on what's been going on lately. I've been quite busy with work, christmas shopping, finishing beauty school and going out lots. Me and Darren have been going out for dinner and to pubs and things lately as it's such a nice atmosphere this time of year.
I've been sent some really cool socks (inspired by my 'Pull Your Socks Up' post), from, I'm going to talk about them more when I do an outfit post with them.
I went to London with my Mum, Sister and some family friends last night, it was lovely. It was raining and so so busy but that's part of London's charm really!

What have you been up to lately?


Monday 17 December 2012


Ah the Olsen twins. They literally never get it wrong do they? I was recently requested to do a post on who inspires me and my style icons etc so I decided to start with these two. I adore their style, it's so relaxed and effortless, but they always look so put together too. I love the messy, undone blonde hair, dark eye make up, nude lips and sunkissed skin thing they always have going on. I love wearing my hair loose and unstyled, (which it usually is on most days) and looking at the Olsen twins makes me feel like it is completely okay to not bother with the styling tools every morning and just let my hair do what it likes!
I love how their style is so simple, they're almost always wearing plain, neutral colours, but it's accessorized so well. It's so easy to recreate, black, white and grey with a hint of faux fur, what's not to love?!

Who's your style inspiration?


Saturday 15 December 2012


I've been on a bit of a healthy hair mission lately and this Schwartzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Leave in Conditioner was on offer for less than £2 in Superdrug so I thought I'd give it a go. I'm so glad I did! It makes my hair feel so soft and moisturised. I spray it on when it's damp after the shower or whenever my hair's feeling a little dry. It helps keep it smooth and easy to brush through, which is fantastic. I may do a full review on this if anyone is interested.
I did a full post on this Korres 3in1 Cleansing water so I won't talk about it too much, but it really is amazing. I got it for £4.99 in TK Maxx too. My TK Maxx has had lots of Korres lately, so keep your eyes peeled in your local one!
I've been using this Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation lately as I've been trying to find a good high street/ drugstore foundation and I've actually been surprised at how much I like it. It's not the best foundation I've ever used but for a cheaper one, it's definitely one of the better ones I've tried. It gives a medium - full coverage and lasts a long time. Maybe not the full 25 hours, but I don't really touch it up too much throughout the day.
It is official, Covergirl Lashblast is the best mascara in the world. I received this in my Christmas Swap with Ariel from and I've loved having it again. They just need to bring it over to the UK now!

I did a full review on Soap and Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss in Pink Apricot a few days ago so again, I won't go on too much but I just love this lip gloss. I love the tingly feeling it gives your lips, it lasts for hours and it actually does seem to plump my lips a little.
My favourite red lipstick of the moment has been Rimmel's Alarm. It is a true bright red, without being too blue or yellow. I love wearing this with a darker red lip liner underneath to get a slightly more vampy shade. It lasts a long time and doesn't smudge too much. I generally really like Rimmel lipsticks, I desperately want some of the new(ish) Kate Moss ones!
The Topshop Lipstick in Nevada is another I've done a full review on so once again, I won't ramble on. But this has been my everyday lipstick lately, I wear a nude lipstick pretty much every day in the day time, this looks particularly lovely paired with the Soap and Glory gloss.
This Deborah Lippmann nail polish was one I received in a Glossy Box many a moon ago now, but I've recently found a new love for it. It's a gorgeous deep wine coloured glitter, it's incredibly opaque for a glitter too.
And finally, NYX Cream Blush in Boho Chic this was another item I received in the swap with Ariel. I love it so much, I adore cream blushes and had never tried a NYX one until I received this. It's such a gorgeous natural pink colour, it looks fab on my skin tone. It's very long lasting too which is great!

Hope you enjoyed!
What have you been loving lately? Have you tried any of these products?

Thursday 13 December 2012


Merry Christmas!
I found this tag on Youtube and thought it seemed like a lot of fun so I'm going to give it a go! Let me know if you do this tag, I tag you all!

1) Favorite Winter Nail Polish?
Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle, it's a gorgeous wine red glitter, so festive and pretty.

2) Favorite Winter Lip product?

I'm loving dark reds at the moment, I don't have a total favourite right now, but I adore reds in general.

3) Most worn Winter clothing piece?

Definitely my furry jacket! I wear it all the time and with everything. It's so cosy and warm, but still looks really lovely.

4) Most worn Winter accessory?
This would definitely be my dark red new look beanie, or knee high socks. I love them!

5) Favorite winter scent/candle?

I'm not too sure on this one, I love my Banana Nut Bread candle, but I don't think you can beat the smell of Christmas, If you know what I mean. Christmas always smells like a bakery mixed with cinnamon, spices and pine. Weird, but I'm almost certain everyone will know exactly what I mean!

6) Favorite Winter beverage?

At the moment, mine is the 'Low Calorie Mocha' I showed in this post. It's so simple to make!

7) All time favorite Christmas/Holiday movie?

It's got to be The Holiday for me. I watch it every single year. Though I also love Elf, of course!

8) Favorite Christmas/Holiday song?

This this this. DUH!

9) Favorite Holiday food/treat?
This might be boring, but it's got to be advent calender chocolate! They're so tiny and cheap and probably the crappiest quality chocolate ever but it wouldn't be december without it! Me and Darren got super childish ones this year, so the chocolate is only the crappiest!

10) What is your favorite Christmas Decoration this year?
Definitely the little sparkly deer Darren bought for me, she's so cute! The pink Sparkly bow hanging above is a very close second too. I just love a bit of glitter!

11) What's at the top of your Christmas list?

As a lot of you might know, I'm a beauty therapist, so I've asked for a massage table and beauty trolley so I can set up a mini-salon at home, which is suuuper exciting! I'm also hoping for some new make up but other than that I'm not really too fussed. I've been so busy buying other people's I forgot about myself a bit!

12) What are your plans for the holidays this year?

I'm spending Christmas day with my Parents, my twin Sister Hannah, my Boyfriend Darren and my Grandparents, which will be lovely. I love having family around at Christmas, it wouldn't be the same without it!

I hope you enjoyed this post, definitely do this tag if you'd like to and let me know if you do!



The winner of my Christmas Favourites Giveaway is Hannah from
Congrats Hannah!
I've emailed the winner and her prize will be on it's way soon.

Don't worry if you didn't win, plenty more giveaways soon!


Wednesday 12 December 2012


Hi guys!
Me and Ariel from did two beauty swaps last year when I had my old blog, we did one in the summertime and one at Christmas and I was so excited to do another Christmas swap this year! If you don't know what beauty a swap is, it's when two bloggers (usually from different countries) pick out beauty items for eachother and send them over for them to try out. It's great because it gives you an opportunity to try out brands that you can't get in your own country. For example, Ariel sends me a CoverGirl mascara in every swap because it's my absolute favourite and you can't get it here!
In this package Ariel sent me;
Popping Corn (intrigued!)
Essence Nail Polish in Chic Reloaded
Essence Stay All Day Eyeshadow in Coppy Right
NYX Cream Blush in Boho Chic (prettiest colour EVER)
Bath and Bodyworks PocketBac in Apple Wreath
Bath and Bodyworks Shower Gel in Pink Sugar Plum (Just in time, I've just finished LUSH Snow Fairy, but I actually think Pink Sugarplum smells better! I'll be so sad when this runs out!)
NYX Jumbo Shadow Pencil in Milk
Covergirl Lashblast Mascara
Physicians Formula Plumping Palette in Browns (I'm usually scared of brown shades but these are stunning, they're pretty much all 'your lips but better' shades)
Physicians Formula Baked Wet or Dry Shadows in Ginger Snap

She also included a couple of things for my twin sister Hannah, which was SO sweet of her. Also, how cute is the wrapping paper she used? I'm such a sucker for Hello Kitty - so cute! I think Ariel may be my Canadian twin, she always seems to pick out perfect items for me. Thanks so much Ariel!

I'll definitely do some full reviews, let me know if there's anything you'd particuarly like me to review.
Definitely check out Ariel's blog and send her some love!