Saturday 1 December 2012


coat - republic
t-shirt - stolen from  boyfriend
skirt - primark
socks + tights - primark
boots - primark
scarf - primark
bracelet - topshop

I love knee high socks lately, I bought these ones from primark along with some lovely army green ones and I'm obsessed with them! My friend Tanya (who demanded suggested I mention her) posted a photo of an outfit with knee high socks and a skater skirt on facebook (which is how I'd been wearing mine lately too!) and she looked so cute it made me want to wear mine again so badly. I've been living in my beauty therapists uniform the past few days which is fab, but I couldn't wait to get out my skater skirt and socks again! I wore the army green ones with this skirt and a gold sparkly top the other day, which looked great, but I forgot to take pictures (I'm a blogging failure, I know) but I'll definitely wear that outfit again so I'll post photos of that soon. I wore this out Christmas shopping yesterday which was lovely, I'm actually almost done Christmas shopping, which is great for me, I feel so prepared!
Just to say, please ignore my face in these photos - I haven't done an outfit post in a looong old time and I think my face has forgotten what to do when the camera comes out - oops!

What do you think? Are you loving knee highs at the moment?



  1. I like the look, but I prefer tights with my skater skirts, personally x

  2. love the outfit, especially the big fluffy coat!
    Cerys xoxo

  3. I LOVE this look! Your socks and shoes combo looks really good, especially as the socks are just below your knee. You look amazing girlieeeee! xx

  4. I went through a massive phase of constantly wearing knee highs, I can see why now. They're coming back out of the drawer!
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  5. Ahh i love this look! If only my calves weren't so bloomin' chunky! xxx

  6. this is super cute! love the look of this whole outfit!

    -ariel* xoxo


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