Monday 17 December 2012


Ah the Olsen twins. They literally never get it wrong do they? I was recently requested to do a post on who inspires me and my style icons etc so I decided to start with these two. I adore their style, it's so relaxed and effortless, but they always look so put together too. I love the messy, undone blonde hair, dark eye make up, nude lips and sunkissed skin thing they always have going on. I love wearing my hair loose and unstyled, (which it usually is on most days) and looking at the Olsen twins makes me feel like it is completely okay to not bother with the styling tools every morning and just let my hair do what it likes!
I love how their style is so simple, they're almost always wearing plain, neutral colours, but it's accessorized so well. It's so easy to recreate, black, white and grey with a hint of faux fur, what's not to love?!

Who's your style inspiration?



  1. Your right their style is just amazing! Love their effortless chic look! :) x

  2. I completely agree! I am so obsessed with them, they are too gorgeous and I can only dream of having their wardrobe! xoxo

  3. Ah the Olsen twins, they are so beautiful. I wish I still had a video player to play their videos. *Hangs head in shame* x

  4. totally agree i love the olsen twins style they are so effortlessly gorgeous!

  5. Your so right... they never get it wrong, so annoyingly pretty with amazing bambi eyes x

  6. i love the olsen twins, they have always been style inspirations even since i was little! they take fashion risks and neutralize them. love them!

    -ariel* xoxo

  7. they are beautiful :)

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  8. I love their style, especially mary kates and I adore their hair :)


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