Sunday, 30 December 2012


Macaroon - Saint - Powder Room - Cafe Au Latte

I recently treated myself to a few new bits from Topshop's make up line, which is easily my favourite high street make up brand. Usually, make up from high street clothing stores can be a bit naff, but Topshop's is just fantastic.
I added two new lipsticks to my growing collection of Topshop lippies, one new lip 'stick' lip crayon and a nail polish. I've tried one other lip crayon and several other lipsticks and nail polishes from TS and have never been disappointed. 
The lipsticks I got are in the shades Macaroon (bright, almost neon coral-pink) and Saint (very pale nude pink). Macaroon is comparable to MAC's Costa Chic without the frosty finish and I'd say Saint is like MAC hue, only slighter lighter and more opaque.
I've never had a lip colour quite like powder room before but I'm so in love with it! It's the perfect pink lip colour. Bright, but not too bright and not too light or dark, love! It's very matte and while it does a good job at not being too drying, it does show even the tiniest hint of a chapped lip so lip balm it up before wearing this! It's worth this though as this is such a gorgeous colour. I can't really think of a colour to compare this too but I shall probably do a full review.
And finally the nail polish, I couldn't find the link to this one on the TS website which is a bit of a pain so sorry about that! This is just a basic nude polish though, although it has a little shimmer which makes it a bit more special. I think nude nails look really chic with pretty much anything so these shades are usually my go tos!

Have you tried TS Makeup? What do you think of it?

I probably won't post before New Years now so I hope you all have a good one, dance, drink and be merry! ;) (If you're old enough, I'm not condoning underage drinking)

Love ya!



  1. I usually steer clear of make up from clothes shops, but last year I bought a topshop lipstick and blusher. My favourite being the blusher, I love it! But the lipstick dried my lips out no end :(

  2. I bought macaroon recently, I love it! It's such a girly colour. I love the look of that polish too!


  3. I am loving Topshop makeup at the moment and I agree they are really good for high street makeup. I must say, I like that nail polish. Need to look out for it! :)


  4. i've been lusting after cafe au lait, i've heard so many good things about it! xxx


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