Wednesday 2 January 2013


Hi lovelies!
This post is going to be part one of two of my New Year Mini Series. Today, I am going to do a 2012 reflection post. All about what I learnt in 2012. Nothing too depressing or horrible, just looking back over the year to see what I want to take with me and what I want to leave behind.
I've never been a big one for resolutions and things but this year it feels like a good idea! So let's get into it.

In 2012 I learned:

Let Go:
In 2012, I've learned that not everybody - sometimes this will include yourself - is quite what they seem. Not everyone's in it for the long haul and that's okay. I'm leaving some stuff (including some people) in 2012, not so much because I'm angry at people, but people drift away sometimes and you have to expect that. This year, especially after leaving college, I've learnt who my true friends really are and I'm so grateful to them for that.
It's Okay To Change:
After leaving College, I had no set plan, my mind was all over the place and I was honestly quite scared. Darren knew he wanted to get straight into work, my Sister was off to Uni, my best friend had a job, it felt like everyone was decided except me! I applied for jobs, looked into courses and had a few interviews in Oxford Street and East London before deciding I wanted to be a Beauty Therapist and I couldn't be happier with my decision. Sometimes you'll just know when somethings right for you but you can't rush it. If I hadn't been to the interview for a Junior Buyers position at House of Fraser (yeah, that happened...) I wouldn't have realised that jobs in head offices in Oxford Street may seem all high heels and glamour, but in reality they're not too far from the mundane desk and computer jobs you've been trying to avoid all your life.
Risks Pay Off:
Me and Darren got together towards the end of 2011, it wasn't quite the simplest start to a relationship as we were both not long out of our previous relationships and had left our exes for each other. While I don't condon this sort of behavior, it's as I said before, you know when something is right - and sometimes you can't ignore it. While I know it looked bad from the outside, it was the right thing to do. It was the most exciting and scary thing as Darren was one of my best friends for ages before we realised we liked each other, but we took a risk and I've never been happier with a person. We started 2012 with a Kiss at midnight and started 2013 with one and I hope for many more new years this way.
Be Brave:
I did some things in 2012 that I'd never have done before. It'll sound cheesy but it's like starting a relationship with Darren in 2011 set off a chain reaction. I realised that sometimes you have to be ruthless, do whats right for you. There often will be consequences and you just have to accept this. I think with some things I wasn't quite ready for the consequences and that's something I definitely learned from. I learned to say yes to interviews in London even though they scare you. I learned that I can become a beauty therapist in 4 months, even if it seems impossible.

Overall, 2012 has definitely been a year for learning things!
I'm so grateful to those who've stuck by me throughout the year, my lovely family, beautiful friends, gorgeous boyfriend and YOU guys! Chloe's Way was born in April 2012 and has been going strong ever since, I couldn't have done it without my fabulous followers and I thank you all SO much for that, here's to another year of blogging!



  1. You learnt so many lessons I wish I could have learnt last year! xx

  2. I agree with Jessica! and lovely photos by the way xx

  3. lovely post, so glad you and Darren are happy too :-) lovely to read about it aw!! xxx

  4. If you don't mind me asking, where is your gorgeous burgundy coat from?


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