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Smooch Operator currently £4.00 - Boots
Mighty Mouth currently £6.00 - Boots

I recently bought these two lip balms on separate trips to Boots, why I needed both I don't know, but I figured a comparison of the two would make a good blog post so there you go! I should definitely own shares in Soap & Glory by now, I'm slowly collecting every product they've ever made and have yet to find one I dislike. So onto the comparison!

Smooch Operator is a cute pink and white tub, a similar size to a Korres lip butter but with more product inside. I know some people don't like lip balms in tubs but this doesn't bother me, as long as you always use a clean finger to get the product out and don't let everyone and their dog share it with you I think it's fine.
Mighty Mouth comes in a squeezy tube, a lot like a lipgloss, which does make it easy to use. It does have the logo and the product itself gives the tube a pink colour, but I don't think this transparent white tube quite matches up to Soap & Glory's usual fun packaging.
Winner: Smooch Operator, purely because I'm a sucker for pretty packaging. Though some may prefer Mighty Mouth for ease of use.

Description and Claims
Smooch Operator is described as 'a super-conditioning lip butter moisture & repair balm for dry cracked lips'. It's quite thick and reminds me slightly of the consistency of a Carmex tub. It does make it slightly difficult to use but it means you only need a small amount and it does feel very conditioning on the lips. It definitely has helped keep my lips soft and conditioned in the harsh winter weather, I definitely noticed my chapped lips had been improved after just a few uses.
Mighty Mouth is described as 'an extreme hydrating glossy lip balm' it also apparently has 'Xlarge Collagen Plump Peptide complex built in to help smooth, hydrate and condition the lips and provide long term anti wrinkle effects'. I can't comment on the long term anti wrinkle effect, but this does seem to give the lips a smoother slightly plumper look. The plumping effect is nowhere near that of Sexy Mother Pucker, but it doesn't claim to be, it just smooths out the lines in my lips to make them look prettier. As well as this, it does seem to hydrate my lips too.
Winner: Can't decide, they both do exactly what it says on the tin so neither have disappointed. If you're looking for a moisturising repairing lip balm though, I'd probably recommend Smooch Operator.

Scent/ Colour
Smooch Operator is light pink in the tub, but transfers no colour onto the lips. It smells of sweet coconut which is nice if you like that sort of thing. I quite like this smell, but I do think coconut is a more summery scent for me.
Mighty Mouth comes in the shade 'Naked Pink' which is a your lips but better pink. It also has a vanilla scent, which I absolutely adore.
Winner: Mighty Mouth has the edge for me on scent as I love the sweet smell. As for colour I'm not too fussed, but if you like a lip balm with a tint, Mighty Mouth is the way to go.

Lasting Power
Smooch Operator lasts a while before you need to reapply, depending on the condition of your lips. When my lips were quite bad, I probably applied this about 4 times in a day, once in the morning, twice during the day and once before bed. However if your lips are in good condition, once in the morning and once in the evening should do fine.
Mighty Mouth's moisturising properties last all day, however the colour and gloss does fade after a few hours. However I do find this lasts longer than a regular lip gloss somehow.
Winner: Dependent on whether you want the tint/ gloss or not. Both have excellent moisturising lasting power.

I don't think it would be fair to pick one overall winner, but if you want a good lip balm for sore, cracked lips, then Smooch Operator is the way to go. But if you want one to keep sore lips in good condition, and enjoy a bit of gloss and a plumping effect, Mighty Mouth is for you.

Hope this post was helpful to some of you!
Have you tried either of these? What's your favourite lip balm?



  1. definitely going to try Smooch Operator. I have really sore lips all year round and for some reason have never tried S&G lip balms before, eventhough like you, I own 90% of their stuff! Thanks for the recommendation :)

  2. i havent tried either of these i definately will give them ago. I havent tried many of their products yet, but like you im yet to find one i dont like!xx

    vintage teapot//fashion, beauty & life

  3. Ooohh these sound good! Interested in trying Smooch Operator!

  4. I really love comparison posts! I think I should also have shares in Soap and Glory - I really adore the brand but haven't tried either of these! I'm currently using Nuxe Reve De Miel and at £10 I just find it really expensive and don't think it's done that good a job, it just smells great. I think I'd have to go for Mighty Mouth here though as I think the scent would win me over. I'm not a big lip gloss fan though so it is good that that effect doesn't stay too long. Great post!
    Rebecca-Louise -

  5. I´ll have to try them! I am following you <3<3

    I got a giveaway and I would love you to enter

  6. The Smooth Operator sounds really good! I should give it a try! x

  7. ooh i havent seen either of these around much but definitely going to keep an eye out! sound great! especially in these horrible wintery months!i do love the korres one though, i have one in mango and its amaazing! x

  8. They both sound great - detailed review :)

  9. Great post- I really like the sound of Mighty Mouth, will defo need to pick that up when my spending ban is over. :)


  10. I haveeee to try smooch operator! Xx

  11. Gorge

  12. great review! i am so jealous of the amount of soap & glory you have in the uk! the section at our drugstore is like a tiny little bit!

    -ariel* xoxo

  13. Nice review!ihavent used either of these products before.

    Kimberley x


  14. This sounds great! I just made a review on soap and glorys concealer and that's amazing xx

  15. I love the Smooth Operator lip balm too. It smells amazing and leaves my lips lovely & soft xx


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