Monday, 14 January 2013


In my last haul, I featured the Soap & Glory 'Glow Job' moisturiser and decided to do a review on it. First things first, the packaging, as with all Soap & Glory products is gorgeous, I love their pretty pink, vintage style packaging and sometimes slightly scandalous 'punny' names for their products. But pretty packaging aside, it's what's inside that really counts!
This certaintly is a moisturiser with a difference! The difference being the 'bursting bronze beads'. These little beads feel like tiny little grains in the moistursier, and as you can hopefully see in the photo, they begin to burst as you rub it into your skin. There doesn't feel like there are awful lot of the beads within the moisturiser, which made me slightly skeptical at first, but when I started to rub it in and the beads 'burst' I could see the bronzing affect instantly! You do have to be careful to rub this in properly as the bronzing parts can go a little streaky if you don't, so this isn't a moisturiser for those who like a very quick morning routine! That said, it is quite easy to achieve an even look and doesn't take too long, but I definitely don't recommend trying to use this without a mirror! When rubbed in and blended, this product really lives up to its name and leaves a gorgeous, glowy and lightly tanned look to your skin. I have quite light skin and don't find that this is too dark for me, however I think it could be quite a shock if you are super pale!
I tend to use this in the mornings before putting on my make up as the bronzing affect is temporary and almost definitely would rub off onto your sheets at night! However, it does make a fab base for make up as it gives you a lovely sun kissed glow. I would definitely wear this on its own on a good skin day. Even though this seems a bit gimmicky, it actually moisturises really well and leaves my face feeling lovely and soft.
Overall, this is a lovely, light moisturiser that works very well for my normal/ combination skin. I do think this could be a bit too light for those with very dry skin but I do think it's worth a try purely because of how instantly healthy and glowy it makes you look!

What do you think? Would you like to try this?


  1. This sounds like such a lovely moisturiser and one that might have to have a cheeky purchase and a try of. I always like to mix and match with products on the face so its worth a go. Lovely post :)

    Love Emily xx

  2. Laughing at the name so much, the bursting beads sound so cool x

  3. I've seen a few people review this now and they have all been positive, i think i might go and buy this in the next week as i love a bronzed glow!
    Rachael x

  4. I'd definitely consider this for when spring comes and my skin isn't horrendously dry and pale. I absolutely love Soap & Glory so I wouldn't be surprise if this is added to my ever growing collection soon!

  5. This sounds really good, I really need to have some kind of bronzer in the winter ahaha xxxxx

  6. I always dilly dally in boots wondering whether or not to buy this, but after reading this I think I definitely will, it sounds perfect for me! thanks for the review :-)


  7. Great review! I am happy I found your blog!

  8. great review! I really want to try this, it looks awesome :)

  9. fab review! always like to hear 'real' peoples opinions - sounds great! x


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