Thursday, 17 January 2013


£7.50 at Boots

I mentioned in a haul post a few weeks ago that I'd picked up the Soap & Glory 'Scrub Your Nose In It' exfoliator and mask. This scrub claims to refine large pores and prevent blemishes. The directions say to apply to a damp T-zone and scrub in circular motions for a while before extending to the 'less clogged' areas of your face, that's the cheeks, to you and me! For a mask, you apply a thin layer to your face and leave for three minutes. I've used this as a mask once and definitely think it made my skin feel a lot smoother. I've used this a few times as a general scrub, my skins been acting up a little bit lately, probably due to the horrible weather! So I've been using scrub more often than I usually do and this has definitely helped, it makes my skin feel smoother and appear brighter immediately after use. It definitely does a great job of unclogging pores too, my skin generally isn't too bad, but I do get the dreaded blocked pores around my nose and this does help to gradually clear them up. This has a slight minty smell to it, which I find quite refreshing and it makes my skin feel really fresh and clean. I do feel like I need to moisturise after using this as it makes my skin feel slightly tight, but I that's the pore refining effect, which is a good thing. It doesn't seem to dry my skin out at all which is a bonus as I've found many scrubs seem to dry my skin out, particularly on my chin and cheeks, but I've not had that problem with this one, which is great!
Overall, I'd recommend this to anyone. I think it'd do wonders for 'problem skin' but it also makes a fab weekly/ twice weekly scrub for those with normal skin.

What do you think? Have you tried Scrub Your Nose In It or would you like to?

p.s. I've been doing lots of beauty posts and reviews lately as it's so much easier than fashion and outfit posts with the terrible lighting thanks to the winter weather! Let me know what you all think about this?



  1. I have been very intrigued by this product in the title, which i interpreted as a nose scrub haha, obviously not. When boots bring back the 2for3 offer i'm so going to be purchasing some more soap and glory!

  2. My skin is also being a pain at the moment, i remember having a small sample size of this and i loved it and you have just reminded me about it so thank you x

  3. I love this, staple product for me x

  4. lovely review, i would love to try this as my skin has been really bad in this weather x


  5. Great post!!

    Really love your style and posts!!

    A blog like this deserves a new follower!

    Hope to see you back on mine for a peek :)



  6. Great post. I've been seeing this pop up here & there, was very intrigued by it.

    Think I will be getting this when I can :)

  7. Hello hunny. I just discovered your blog today and im in love with it! You have such a lovely style! Looking forward to reading loads more xx

  8. I love Soap and Glory! Thanks for the great review.

  9. I love this product, I'm on my 3rd bottle! Such a good scrub. I can't use mine as a mask though as it stings a little but I like it as a scrub :)

  10. This sounds like something I definitely need to try. I get blackheads on my nose all the time, so I hope this product can help me with the problem. :)

  11. I really like using this once every week or so around my chin- the minty-ness of it is really refreshing!x


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