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Hi lovelies! Hope you're all good and have had a fab day. I've been meaning to do this tag for a while now because I think it's such an interesting one to read. High end make-up feels a little bit more special, but there really are some gems on the highstreet so I thought I'd give my take on this tag. I changed 'drugstore' to high street, because I wanted to include some make up from high street shops and we don't call it drugstore in the UK and I feel a bit silly saying it! Anyway, let's get into the questions!

The Questions:

1. What is your favorite drugstore makeup brand overall?
This was really, really difficult and I could only really narrow it down to two (oops!). For me, it's a tie between Soap & Glory and Topshop make up. Soap & Glory do the best eyeshadows I've ever found on the high street. While they don't have a wide range, the lid stuff palettes are my absolute HG eyeshadows. I also love their mascaras and the supercat eyeliner. As for Topshop, their lipsticks, nail polishes and blushes are absolutely amazing. And me being me, the packaging from both brands sways me slightly too!

2. What are your favorite face, cheek and lip products?
Face - definitely my Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation. It's amazing! I actually think it's better than most of the high end foundations I've ever tried. I actually did a full review of it here if you'd like to see that.
Cheek - This has to be the Look Beauty 'Make Me Blush' in the shade Rosy. It's a gorgeous peachy pink with shimmer. As I usually wear matte eyeshadows I like to go for a bit of shimmer on my cheeks. It's not too shimmery so you won't look like a disco ball, but it has just enough to give you a bit of glow.
Lips - This has to be Topshop lipsticks in general, rumour has it they're made by the same people as MAC's, but don't quote me on that. The formulation is gorgeous and they come in a fab range of colours. Some of my favourites are Nevada, Macaroon, Whimsical and Saint - I really want to try a red though!

3. Least favorite product?
This was quite a difficult one to think of as I usually really look into products before I buy them, so although sometimes something might disappoint, I don't often hate a product. However, I once picked up the Collection 2000 Cover Up Stick concealer on a whim when I needed a concealer and was short on cash and I can't stand it! As the lasting perfection concealer was so amazing I figured this would would be pretty good too but I was so wrong! For me, this has very little coverage and looks cakey far too easily for my liking. There may be some people out there that love this but it's just not for me at all!

4. What is the best makeup bargain?
This has to be the elf make up brushes! Not all of them are so great, but I love these two eyeshadow brushes. They're only £1.50 each, I've had them for around two years and they're still going strong! They're super soft and work perfectly for applying and blending eyeshadows. They still hardly shed at all after all that time too which is amazing.

5. What is your favorite underdog product? (Something you love that often gets overlooked?)
For me, the Accessorize blushes are a major underdog in the make up world. They're a fab cheap alternative to a MAC Mineralize blushes and are great for a 'night out' blush as they're so shimmery. They last really well on the skin too. Although I'm sure a lot of people love these, I haven't seen many people talk about them in the bloggy world so that's why they're my underdog.

6. A drugstore product that is overpriced?
While I absolutely adore these, I do think the real techniques brushes are bit expensive to be sat on the shelves in Boots! I know Boots do stock premium brands sometimes, but my local Boots doesn't and they still have these brushes so I consider them to be high street brushes! They are definitely worth every penny, but I think if you're looking for brushes on the high street, you may not expect to pay as much as these retail for. 

7. Show your best drugstore dupe!
I think if you're on the lookout for a fab nude, Topshop Nevada is very similar to MAC Creme D'nude. It's a tiny bit sheerer and not so shiny, as Creme D'nude is a cremesheen finish, but Nevada is buildable and has almost the exact same effect on the lips. Love it!

8. Drugstore product that isn't worth the hype?
I'm sorry, but I think Barry M nail polishes in general are over hyped. Please don't hate me! It's not that I don't like them and I think the glitter polishes are fab, but the cream polishes just don't do it for me. While I do own a lot of them because they're so cheap, I just don't think they're that great. They don't last very long on my nails at all, I'm lucky if I get to the end of the day without chips usually. I'll give them that the colour range is fab and I do use them if I just want my nails to match an outfit, but otherwise I just don't think they're all that. Although I do want to try the Gelly and textured ones!

Hope you enjoyed this post - I tag you all!
Let me know what you think and definitely comment if you've done this tag, I'd love to see it!



  1. loved reading this! I agree with the realtechniqes, they are amazing quality at a fair price but not exactly 'dugstore' :-)

  2. I'm the same with Barry M polishes, and since I've tried other brands it's made me realise how poor they are x

  3. such a lovely post! Never thought about purchasing the accessorize blushers, but they do look really similar to the MAC mineralised skin finishes. I've found that not many of the collection products are as good as the much raved about lasting perfection concealer, which is a shame! xx

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  5. I've done this tag a while back but I still love to read everyone's answers :) Totally agree with you on the Rimmel foundation, it's amazing! And I'm actually surprised I haven't tried Lid Stuff yet, Soap&Glory is my favourite brand after all xx

  6. I use Accessorize eye shadows and I agree, total MAC dupe and in some ways, better quality. I think the brand is really under represented
    Roxy's Box of Tricks  

  7. I agree with the Barry M comment although I love their glitter polishes! Primark is my fave budget polish.

    The Style Rawr!

  8. good post! I haven't tried wake me up foundation yet! I am going to buy the Soap and Glory Lid stuff tomorrow! I can't wait to try it xo

    Shabby Chic and Tea♥

  9. This post is super helpful, thank you!!Xx

  10. Love this post , great information

    xo Meg
    xo Meg<3

  11. i love this tag, it's one of my favourite ones to watch/read on Youtube and blogs! i'm going to vancouver soon and they have a topshop so i'm hoping I can pick up some of their stuff!

    -ariel* xoxo

  12. Ooo really enjoyed reading this, I get bit overwhelmed looking at all the makeup stalls, good to know which products to look out for. I love the S&G palette too. The pink and brown shades make such a good pairing :) xx

  13. i loved this post, i think there's such a good range of make up available on the high street! xx


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