Wednesday 20 February 2013


Good evening lovelies! Hope you've all had a great day. I'm sat here with the boyfriend who's currently flicking between the Brits and the Football so I thought I'd do some blogging to distract myself from the TV Tennis he's got going on. I'm just not that into the Brits to be honest, or any award show really - I like the music but the speeches and whatnot just don't do it for me. I do love seeing the outfits on Glamour Mag's website the day after mind you.

Anyway, I thought today I'd review something I'm absolutely loving right now - my Lush Comforter Bubble Bar! I mentioned this in a haul post a little while ago, I'd used it in the past as I'd borrowed a bit from my sister once or twice but never actually bought my own. So since I had a lovely full bubble bar to photograph and use all myself, I thought it was about time I shared my thoughts with you all, because who doesn't want to hear about a product that turns your bath pink? No one doesn't.

I've been so eager to review this, even though every blogger and their dog has probably already heard of/ used it before, but in case you haven't, I'm going to try to convert you. This bar is pretty much a solid bubble bath, which in itself, is cool enough to make me want to buy it. But if that doesn't sway you, the scent, colour and super cute swirly candy pink and white design should do! This big bar of loveliness will set you back £4.25, which I think for a Lush product is a pretty good deal. You can break it up into lots of pieces (you'd probably only need about half the size of the piece I'd broken off in the photo, which I learnt when I got in the bath and the bubbles actually tipped over the sides - oops), and crumble it into the water to create a lovely pink, bubbly, black current scented bath. I've used this three times myself and my sister's used a piece once and I still think I could get another two or three uses out of it so that's six baths for £4.25, which is great! I use this only when I want an extra special pamper night, so it lasts me a while and it could last even longer if you use smaller pieces too!

The actual bar itself melts into the bath water really well, which I love because I hate feeling grainy bits on the bottom of the bath, it makes me cringe! It fills the whole room with the gorgeous scent, but also manages not to be too overpowering (put it this way, your bathroom will smell like the bubble bar only - and not a whole lush store!). It has essential oils in it so it is somewhat moisturising too. I don't have particularly sensitive skin, but some product can give my skin a weird sort of dry/ tight feeling - nothing a body lotion can't sort out, but it's nice to have products like this that don't have me running for the moisturiser straight after! And above all, have I mentioned it turns your bath pink? Pink. How can you resist?

Have you tried this? What's your favourite bathtime treat?



  1. I want to try this, always hear such good reviews! x

  2. I love this bubble bar, its my favourite one :) It smells amazing and i find out of all the bubble bars Lush have this is the one that you manage to get loads of uses out of!

    I had a bath using this bubble bar this evening, heaven!
    Natalie xx

  3. I reckon I have hard water as I use half your piece but my bubbles are very unimpressive. Doesn't even cover the surface of the water...hmm I reckon I ought to split it into four? I also feel grainy bits with it :(

  4. I need to try out some more bubble bars so this will 100% be one of them as it looks great!

  5. I can't bear to read posts like this :-( I've moved into a flat with just a shower and I can't believe I cant use lush bath bombs anymore!

    This looks gorgeous .. lush just cannot fail <3


  6. Really want to try this bubble bar out :) Love products that change the water colour, especially if it's pink! xx

  7. I absolutely love my comforter :) think I'll have to have a lush bath tomorrow after reading this!!xx

  8. I want this so bad, I never tried anything from Lush, I think I need to place an order lol

  9. This has won me over i've read other reviews but I think I prefer yours! x

  10. This is my favourite lush bubble bar!
    Smells amazing! :)

  11. love this, my fave one!

  12. This is my absolute favourite Lush product, I couldn't give it enough justice when i reviewed it myself!
    It's just so girly and lovely and ahhhh!
    Nicola Mai..x

  13. This is my favourite bath product! I tend to opt for a shower instead of a bath nowadays so now my favourite lush product of all time is the Sweetie Pie shower jelly! x

  14. I want this so bad, top of my wish list x

  15. The Comforter Bath Bar looks like fun!
    Boutique Bag Lady


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