Tuesday 12 February 2013


Hello lovelies! I hope you're all having a fab pancake day, Darren and I had a bit of a sitcom moment with them earlier as I thought adding a some baking powder to the batter/ smothering them in toffee sauce was a good idea. They turned out a bit thicker and more than a bit sweeter than I expected, still yummy though!

Anyway, more to the point, I mentioned that I'd picked up this lipstick in a haul post a few days ago and got a few requests to review it so that's what I'm going to do today. The lipstick in question is MAC's 'Coral Bliss'. Which I believe was a limited edition shade until fairly recently. It's a Cremesheen finish and described to be a 'Frosted Light Coral' - do not be alarmed!! I actually don't think this is frosty at all (I don't do frosty lipstick, good for you if you can pull it off, but it makes me feel and look like an 80s throwback.), it is however quite glossy, as are most cremesheen lippies. It also feels super smooth and moisturising on the lips and definitely doesn't dry them out at all. While it does show the lines in my lips a little, it doesn't emphasize them, so while it won't make dry or cracked lips look a lot better, it certainly won't make them look any worse, and if worn heavily, I think it could possibly hide them a little.
The colour itself is a light slightly sheer (but buildable) coral shade, I toned down my lips with a little foundation for the sake of the swatch and my lips are fairly light pink anyway, but I think it would look a bit darker on more pigmented lips. I love to put on a little foundation to lighten up my lips, or even a very thin layer of Creme D'nude with one quick swipe of Coral Bliss over the top during the day for a pretty, light pinky nude, or for a bolder look, it can be worn alone and more built up. This, I think is the best thing about this shade. It's a super fun, bright colour when worn slightly thicker - perfect for the summer, but it can also be very subtle and pretty.

What do you think? Would you consider purchasing this shade?



  1. It's absolutely gorgeous!! Looks so pretty, especially next to your skintone!
    Eleanor x

  2. I love this colour :) i really want it now!! looks so pretty

    Love Emily xx


  3. Such a lovely colour! Also, agree with the lady above, it looks great on your skin tone! :) XO


  4. I am a great pancake day :D
    had a little too many!

    This is beaut! I love colours like this :)
    I am going to be getting this soon as its been on my list for a while now!
    hareem xxx

  5. This shade is gorgeous! :)


  6. The colour looks so good! :)


  7. Gorgeous colour, I'm in love with coral at the moment :-)


  8. That looks so pretty, can't wait for payday now. x

  9. This looks so pretty! I don't like frosty lipsticks at all but I agree that this one doesn't look frosty! It's gorgeous :) x

  10. This is very pretty. Would look so nice with tanned skin. I love all coraly shades in summer. I'm writing a post about Betty Bright at the mo which sounds simular with a bit more orangy tones :) x

  11. this colour suits your skin-tone very nicely! xx


  12. Oh this is sooooo beautiful! It's the perfect Spring colour :D xx

    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  13. that's such a nice shade;}X


  14. I love MAC lipsticks so,so much!

  15. I've never seen yet this shade in the Italy stores ): anyway, it's the perfect color for spring!

  16. this lipstick looks amazing, so pretty!

  17. Such a nice colour! And I have enough products to back to mac so I am for sure going to get this one! I love how pretty your blog is!




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