Friday, 8 February 2013


I tweeted earlier today about getting all of these items for less than £10 today, which seemed to interest some of you on twitter, but I'm afraid there are no magic tricks or vouchers to share, just some advantage card points and the back to mac programme!
I had 12 empty MAC pots and as you all probably know, when you have 6 empties, you get a free lipstick, so as I had 12, I got two lippies for free! I chose Creme D'Nude (right), as it's my absolute must have nude for everyday. Darren bought me my first one at Christmas and I've actually almost finished it already, so I decided to get a back up. The other one I chose is Coral Bliss, which is lovely, it's a cremesheen finish so it's very moisturising and glossy. It's a gorgeous lightish, bright corally pink colour and I love it! I'll hopefully do a full review with swatches so let me know if you'd like to see that.
Then as I had almost £30 on my Boots card, I decided to get some Soap & Glory skincare, as it was on 3 for 2 and a mini version of 'Mist You Madly' because I bought the full size and wanted a mini one for my handbag. I picked up Peaches and Clean, which is another back-up as the one I got in my Best of all set is already running low and I can't be without it now. The two other things I got are things I've heard lots about but haven't tried before. I got Dr Spot, because I've heard so much about it and while I don't break out very often, I'm the kind of person that freaks when I do! So if and when I do have to use this (possibly tempting fate here!) I'll get back to you on it! I then chose the Fab Pore mask, as I've heard it's great for clearing and shrinking pores, again, when I get around to using this I'll definitely review it.
Then for the only things I actually had to pay for! I got the Lush Comforter bubble bar, this smells amazing. I'm awful at describing scents but it's just so sweet and girly and gorgeous and it turns the bath pink! I then got the Sweet Lips lip scrub as needed a new one and hadn't tried any others but the bubblegum one before. I'd hear lots about the Mint Julips one, but I'm actually not big on mint scents, this one smells of chocolate which is lovely  and I think they all pretty much work the same anyway!

Let me know what you thought of this haul and if you'd like any full reviews!



  1. I'd like to see a Coral Bliss review, looks lovely! And Lush, oh my I could spend all the money there ;)

  2. Cream d nude is my favorite! It's so lovely and coral bliss is on my list to purchase next! Loved it when it first came out:)
    Hareem xx

  3. Oh i love cream d nude! Xx

  4. Aw thats a lovely haul! Love The Fab Pore, works wonders for me x

  5. i didnt know mac had that little scheme!

  6. Great picks, I love Soap & Glory and those lipsticks look so nice :) x

  7. I bet it feels so much nicer going home with all these lovely products without feeling guilty about paying for them! Do you prefer the bubblegum or sweet lips lip scrub? I really can't decide which one to get xx

    1. I love them both the same in that they both exfoliate in the exact same way, but it's whether you'd prefer a chocolate or bubblegum scent! The bubblegum one is bright pink which is cute but I love the smell of chocolate too! Really it's a case of which scent you'd prefer :) xo

  8. love the lipstick color.. do a swatch for the lipstick please ^^

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  9. Great buys hun! :)
    Love The Comforter from Lush!

  10. I'd love to hear what you thought of the Soap and Glory products!! I have the peaches and clean and although it's lovely to use, it doesn't seem to have much of an effect!Xx

  11. You've got lots of great products in your haul! I love Mac lipsticks, peaches and clean and the Lush lip s rub!

    Enjoy using your products!

    Kimberley x


  12. Lovely haul! 'Coral Bliss' looks like a gorgeous colour. I have eight or nine MAC empties hanging around, I must go get a new lipstick. Enjoy your new goodies! :)

    Fiona @


  13. Lovely stuff you got there! All brands which I like!
    I would like to see some reviews about the Soap & Glory products!



  14. I haven't got a MAC lipstick in forever! The lipsticks you got make me want to go right now haha :)
    Hope you have a sec to check out my latest post!
    Alona |

    PS- I changed my blog from "Fashion Freshman" to "Style Wanders"! You're on my faves list! x

  15. Coral bliss looks like such a lovely colour :) x

  16. great haul, especially since you got most for free! :)
    I would love to see a review on the MAC lipsticks and Lush Sweet Lips :)

  17. Lovely things

  18. the lush bubble bar is amazing, I've used it before :-)
    - x Cerys x -


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