Thursday 14 February 2013


Hi lovelies! Happy Valentines Day! I hope you're all having a lovely day whatever you're doing. I'm going shopping then out to dinner with Darren later, nothing too fancy as it is a bit of a gimmick really, but any excuse for a meal out and soppy presents is fine by me! Anyway, I've been meaning to do this post for a while now, as I find them really interesting when other people do them and I've finally found what works for my skin (which is normal/ combination, with a slightly oily t-zone and normal cheeks, with larger pores around my nose, for the record!). So I thought this would be useful to those with similar skin types to me, or just if you're on the look out for some new products.

 Cleansing/ Toning

Garnier Simply Essentials 2 in 1 Make Up Remover - I use this to remove my face and eye make up before bed and before cleansing. I've spoken about this in previous posts so you probably know how much I love it by now. It's an oil/ water forumla that you shake up to mix the separate liquids and put on a cotton pad to use. It removes every trace of make up, including difficult to remove mascara. I think this is due to the fact that it's oil based. This may scare you off if you have slightly oily skin, but I've never had problems with it as I always use a face wash or separate cleanser afterwards.
Soap & Glory Peaches & Clean Cleansing Milk - I really have been meaning to do a full review on this as I love it so much! Again, if you have oily skin, you might usually back away from Cleansing Milks but this one if definitely worth a go. It makes your skin feel super clean and soft, without drying out dry skin, or being a nuisance for oily skin. I use this after taking my make up off using my Sephora Precision Pore Cleansing Pad (far right) and it gets off any last traces of oil/ dirt/ make up and makes my skin feel lovely. The smell is gorgeous too (if you like artificial peaches!). Despite being obviously heavily scented, I don't think this is a harsh cleanser at all, but if you're sensitive to fragrance, or don't like strong scents on your face this one might be a no no for you, but I love it! 
Korres 3 in 1 White Tea Cleansing Water - This is my lazy product for when I've had a busy day/ night out or am just too tired for the long trek to the bathroom (being human and all), I use this on a cotton pad to double cleanse my face after taking my make up off with the Garnier make up remover. This gets off all last traces of make up/ dirt and makes my face feel almost as fresh as when I've just used a face wash. I refuse to use face wipes, even after a night out, so this is my little savior for when properly washing my face at night seems too much like hard work. 
Garnier Simply Essentials Soothing Toner - This is just the toner that goes with the Garnier make up remover, it's the sensitive skin formula. I don't really have too much to say about this as I'm not fussy with toners. However I do like to use one as toner closes your pores and no body wants open pores. Ain't no body got time for that. This one does the job and it's super cheap so that's fab.


Soap & Glory Glow Job Moisturiser - I use this moisturiser before my make up whenever I feel like I need a little pick me up. It has 'bronzeburst' particles in it, which create a gorgeous sunkissed look, which just makes me feel a bit more alive if I'm having a 'meh' morning. This is a bit tricky for those morning when you've slept past your alarm and need to get ready in a hurry however as it does take some blending to get the bronzing beads to create an even look, but once they do, it's absolutely gorgeous! On a good skin day, I can wear this on it's own as it looks so lovely.
Soap & Glory Clear Here Moisturiser -  This is my everyday moisturiser at the moment, its targeted towards oily skin - and while my skin isn't generally too oily, I do find a light moisturiser works better for me so I decided on a whim to give this a go a while ago and I'm so glad I did. While it is very light, it still leaves my skin feeling moisturised and soft, it also has a slightly mattifying effect as well as slightly reducing the appearance of pores. While this works really well for me, I'm not sure it'd be great for drier skin types as it really is a very light moisturiser. However, if you have oily, combination or normal skin and would like a light moisturiser, then this is for you. While I don't get many spots, my skin has been a lot clearer and more even since adding this to my skincare routine - bonus!
Good Things Bright Eyes Eye Cream - Eye cream is probably the one thing I tend to neglect in my skincare routine, but since adding this back into my routine, I've had to use a lot less concealer under my eyes! I don't have a huge issue with dark circles or puffy eyes, but I've been a bit of an insomniac lately for no apparent reason and this has definitely improved the little problems I did have after one too many early mornings. It's targeted towards young skin, but still has anti-aging properties, which is great because it means it's not too heavy duty, but still prevents early aging - you're never too young to start!

Treatments and Masks

Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It - Are we sensing a bit of a theme? I really think Soap & Glory have nailed it with their skincare, which is why it makes up most of my current skincare routine! My exfoliator of the moment is Scrub Your Nose in it, which is fab for getting rid of dead skin and clearing pores. It makes my skin feel super smooth and very clean without making it feel too tight. 
Soap & Glory The Fab Pore Facial Peel - This is my favourite face mask at the moment, I use it twice a week - which might be too much but it's been fine so far (touch wood!). I've only had it a little while but it's been fab for clearing my pores and generally making my skin look more healthy. My face feels super smooth and fresh when I use this. As mentioned at the beginning of the post, I have larger pores around my nose and this has done a great job of keeping them clear and they definitely seem visibly reduced. I will do a full review when I've used this a little longer.
Soap & Glory Dr Spot - As I said before, I don't get too many spots, but when I do, I like to have a little treatment like this handy to stop them getting too scary. I've only had this a little while and haven't had too many spots in the time I've had it. However, I did have one very tiny one that I caught before it got bad and this got rid of it over night! I was seriously impressed.


Lush Sweet Lips Lip Scrub - Lip products probably don't really belong in my skincare routine, but here we are. I use a lip scrub about 3 times a week or whenever my lips are chapped and I love them. I've used a few from lush but the Sweet Lips one is my current favourite, it smells of chocolate which is really nice and it works really well. I'm aware you can make lip scrubs at home for about 10 pence per pot or something ridiculous like that but it's not quite the same is it?
Soap & Glory A Great Kisser Lip Balm - I've been loving the Soap & Glory A Great Kisser Lip Balm as my every day balm lately. This is the Vanilla Bean one, it smells and tastes nice which is great but it also works really well too. It keeps my lips super soft and gives them a lovely pinky peach sheen.
Carmex - When my lips need a bit of TLC due to this horrible winter weather, Carmex is a life saver. It soothes and relieves sore, chapped lips and leaves them soft, moisturised and kissable. (perfect for Valentines day!!)

What do you think? What skincare items are you loving lately?
Let me know if you'd like any full reviews. Any reviews I have done are linked in pink.



  1. I agree with what you've written about Peaches and Clean - as someone with sensitive skin, I wanted to love it but it made my skin go painful, bright red and blotchy x

  2. I totally love S&G skincare, it's just so pretty and smells so good and affordable!
    I love the LUSH Lip Scrubs too, they taste so good!


  3. oh i love soap and glory products x

  4. This is a really helpful post! I have the soap and glory cleansing milk and I definitely think I'll be purchasing a few more of their products!Xx

  5. I LOVE Garnier skin products!
    Love the photos you took :)
    Alona |

    PS- Thank you so so much for including me in your favorites!

  6. I have the lip products that you've got and they're so good!

  7. love these types of posts! seriously so jealous of all the soap & glory products! I've been meaning to get that sephora cleansing pad for a while, i eye it up all the time!

    -ariel* xoxo

  8. Adore the soap and glory cleanser. One of my faves xxx

  9. congratulations guys, quality information you have given!!! bubblegum casting


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