Sunday 23 June 2013


Hello lovelies! A bit of a different review for you all today but it's something I've been absolutely loving lately! Being a candle lover, I'm super excited to share this product with you all!I was recently sent this gorgeous gift set* from Amber Lights Candles, including a wax burner, some tealights and a selection of wax melts in various scents. I actually came home to this when I got back from my holiday so it was a nice welcome home for me!

In this lovely little gift set, I received a cute little wax burner, (which looks lovely in my room!) with several of Amber Lights scented wax melts. As you can see in the photo, the melts have super cute names such as Gorgeous (which I am currently burning, love it!) and Sexy As Hell. I love when products have fun names so this was a massive plus point for me! I'd never tried a wax burner before but I am now well and truly converted! Each wax melt lasts for ages and make my room smell gorgeous! I find the scents much more noticeable than with a regular candle which I love.

In addition to the scents I received, there are tons more on the site. They all have fun names and a detailed and very accurate description is provided so you know what you're receiving! I really want to try Candyfloss, Carnival Freaks, Hugs and Kisses, Pink Kisses and Rock Chick - to name just a few! You can browse the wax melt scents here.

If you're tempted by this gorgeous little set (only £6.99!!) or any of the other sets or wax melts, the lovely Dawn from Amber Lights has given me a code for 15% off for all my lovely followers! Enter CHLOESWAY15 at the checkout the receive 15% off your final cost at the checkout. Click here to shop!

What do you think? Have you ever tried a wax burner, or would you like to? Let me know!
Hope you enjoyed this post!



  1. Oh this sounds lovely! I got some wax tarts for Christmas but still haven't gotten round to getting a burner. Going to go check out here website :) x

  2. Pink Fluffy Cloud? Cotton Blossom? Angel Kisses? Lovely names! n_n
    I'm a candle lover myself and would love to try these! Do they ship internationally?

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

    1. I'm not sure! I think so but I'll see if I can find out for sure :) x

  3. This set looks so cool, I really want to try something like this! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  4. These look lovely, I'm currently running out of my yankee wax burning tarts. I may have to have a stalk of this website!


  5. I keep meaning to get one of these but there is something about a jar candle which gets me every time!

    1. I was the same but I'm totally converted now, love it!xx


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