Tuesday 11 June 2013


Hi lovelies! As some of you may know, I am currently away on holiday in Majorca this week, yay! So, as I didn't want to leave you all post-less, I am handing you over to my lovely guest bloggers.
Today's post is by Sammie from Love From Sammie and it's all about some gorgeous Summer lipsticks, enjoy!

Hi, I'm Sammie and I blog over at Love From Sammie. I blog about beauty, fashion and life. I started my blog back in October and I'm pretty proud about how far its come in under a year. I have an unhealthy obsession with shopping, whether its for clothes or makeup, there's always something waiting to be delivered to my house! Come take a look at my blog, I currently have a MAC giveaway on where you could win a lipstick of your choice!

Seems as Summer is meant to be here, I thought I would do a post on some lipsticks I've been loving over the warmer (supposedly!) months. All these lipsticks are from the high street, costing from £1-£9, so they are all very affordable and easy to get your hands on! For Summer, I love pinks! They are my all time favourite Summer colour I would say, with peach/orange colours coming up close behind. I also love nudes, I actually only own one nude right now, and even now I can't seem to find it, so I'm sorry for it not being in the photos above!

So, we have (L-R in first photo):
  • Barry M - TMLP
  • MUA Shade 15
  • MUA Shade 4
  • Miss Sporty Shade 059 - I Poke
  • Bourjois Rouge Edition Shade 08 - Rose Studio
  • Primark (No shade name)
  • Apocalips Shade 102 - Nova

    Barry M - TMLP
    I've previously posted about this lipstick here. This is an amazing lipstick, I won't go into too much detail because of already having a post about it, but it turns your lips pink depending on how much alkali you have in your lips, or something like that! Its such a weird conception, but its one I love. Its sure to make a statement in any month, but as I said I love pinks for summer I thought I had to include it!

    MUA - Shade 15
    I love MUA lipsticks. They cost £1, and for that price, you can't go wrong. They haven't got amazing staying power or anything like that, but they do have a wide range of colours - two that are perfect for summer! This is kind of a peachy/nude colour which I love, I've not worn it much but it should be making its appearance this summer some time!

    MUA - Shade 4
    As I've said, I love pinks. This is a gorgeous colour, it was my first MUA buy and I've not looked back since. This was the colour that has made me go back and pretty much buy all of MUA's lipsticks! Its such a daytime colour, not so much night time unless you've got some amazing eye makeup on but nonetheless, its still one thats used a lot!

    Miss Sporty - 059 I Poke
    First of all, what a funny shade name, or is that just me? Oh well, its the colour that counts! This is a coral colour, it was my first coral that I ever bought, and it still is! I'm not quite brave enough to buy more yet but I've been wearing this more and more so I'm hoping I can soon brave the makeup counter and go and buy myself another shade! Miss Sporty's lipsticks are so cheap, and they have such a creamy consistency and they don't dry your lips out, which is what I love about their brand. I am such a lover of them because of the above points - they're amazing! Their staying power isn't too bad either!

    Bourjois Rouge Edition - 08 Rose Studio
    I won this in a Twitter giveaway - yaayy! I have previously posted about this here so I won't go into too much detail. I chose this to feature in this post because its pink, obviously! I also do think its a colour which can be transformed so easily from day to night, its a perfect summer colour!

    Primark (Shade unknown)
    I have also posted about this lipstick here, I love my lipsticks! This lipstick was from Primark, and unfortunately it doesn't have a shade name. Its so bright, and it is so easy to apply which was a bit of a shocker because of it being from Primark. It also stays on so well, I really wasn't expecting anything at all, but it stayed on for hours! What a buy. It cost £1 so its on par price wise as the MUA lipsticks, but should I go as far as saying I think this lipstick may be better? 

    Apocalips - 102 Nova
    Finally in my Summer Lipsticks post is the Apocalips lip lacquer in the shade Nova. I was pretty late in picking these up as I purchased them around two months after they were released. Every one in the world plus their dog has heard of these I'm sure, there was such a massive hype over these lip colours, some people not really loving them, others thinking they're the best. I do really like them, this was the colour I knew I had to get (again, because its pink!), but I've posted about these here - I also picked up Stellar and Nude Eclipse too.

    What lipstick colours would you wear for Summer? Do you own any of the lipsticks featured in this post?


    1. Nova is a beautiful colour, I love your picks! xxx

      Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

    2. Definitely want to try out the MUA lipsticks,
      lovely post!

    3. Love the lipsticks colors! :)



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