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Hi lovelies! Let me just start by saying these are not products I used up in just one month, in fact I can't even remember the last time I did an empties post! So these are just a few things that have built up over the past few months. Since taking these photos, I've finished up a few more products so expect yet another empties post up in the near future! I'm pretty proud of myself for actually finishing up these products as I'm usually terrible at actually finishing things, I usually let things sit in a drawer or cupboard for ages then forget about them so these posts actually motivate me to use things up! Anyway, I won't ramble on too much as this is going to be a long one, so, let's get into it!

Vo5 Heat Defence Sprays
As heat defence sprays go, this one is okay. It does the job, it protects my hair, it doesn't make my hair greasy and my hair doesn't feel dry after straightening. The reason I don't really love this is because I don't love the smell (I find it a little manly!) and it doesn't do anything other than protecting my hair. I can't complain though as it doesn't claim to give you super soft or gorgeous smelling hair! That said, this is cheap, it does the job and looks prettier than a black bottle, so for those reasons I probably will repurchase this, but if another brand is on offer/ gets recommended to me I'll probably go for that instead!

Alberto Balsam Hairspray
I don't use a lot of hairspray so I only need a cheapy one for when I decide to curl my hair or do some kind of style that requires a bit of hold or control. This one was only around £2 - £2.50 in my local Savers and for the price I think it's fab! It does have a generic 'hairspray' smell, but it doesn't leave my hair crispy or dryed out. Fab fab fab! Definitely will repurchase,

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush
I love the Batiste dry shampoos as I'm sure every blogger and their mum does and Blush is my absolute favourite scent. I won't bang on about this as I'm sure you all know the drill! I've already repurchased this, can't live without it! 

Schwartzkopf Gliss Leave in Conditioner
This is another one of my favourite products and a super cheap one at that! I spray this on wet and dry hair and it makes it so soft and alongside the rest of my hair products, this has definitely improved the condition of my hair. I can't recommend this product enough! Will forever repurchase!

Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day Conditioner
I used to be so in love with this conditioner, as it has that gorgeous Soap & Glory smell and left my hair super soft and smelling gorgeous all day, but I think my hair has sort of gotten used to it and it doesn't seem to work like it used to! It's a shame as I love it, so I won't be repurchasing for a while but I'll defintiely give it a go again in the future.

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Shampoo
I love this. This is fab to use every wash if you want to be just a bit blonder for summer, or once a week to brighten your blonde and give it a bit more life. I've heard mixed reviews about this saying it's drying or makes the hair yellow, but I use this with a toning shampoo and a hydrating conditioner and haven't had any problems with it. Repurchased already!

ProVoke Touch of Silver Shampoos
I'm pretty sure I've spoken about this several times on the blog before, but it seriously is THE best toning shampoo for blondes. If you're a blonde and you hair tends to go a bit yellowy, or you'd just like a bit more of an ashy tone, you NEED this in your life. Forever repurchase!

Nice n Easy Deep Conditioner & L'Oreal Preference Conditioner
These came with hairdyes so not a lot to say about them except I love how these little conditioners make your hair smell after dying your hair! Does anyone else wish they sold them in big bottles? I know you can get the nice n easy ones separately but I so wish they had full size versions.

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment
I really loved this, while I'm not sure how much actual difference it made to the speed my hair grew, it certainly mae it look and feel a lot nicer! I do think it contributed to growth a bit, but I think you'd have to be fairly religious with it for it to make a true difference and as it's quite pricey, I don't think that'll be happening! I will repurchase this if and when it's on offer but otherwise maybe not.

Benefit That Gal Primer Sample
I didn't love this. A little while ago, I had a microdermabrasion treatment at work (linked if you're not sure what that means!) which brightened up my skin a lot, so I wanted to try to find a product that made my skin stay bright as I don't have time for regular treatments! So I searched through my makeup collection and found this little sample of Benefit's 'That Gal' brightening primer. While it did brighten my skin slightly, it didn't make my makeup last any longer at all. As benefit primers go, I definitely prefer POREfessional, so I won't be repurchasing!

Dove Go Fresh Compressed Deodorant
A deodorant? Little bit weird, but I wanted to include this because I want to have a bit of a moan. They claim that these little cans last just as long as the big ones and I personally think this is a lot of rubbish! I could be getting a bit spray happy or something, but this didn't seem to last very long at all to me! Probably longer than a tiny one, but not as long as the big ones. I love the scent though, and it fits nicely into my bag, so despite my moaning, I probably will repurchase.

Garnier Simply Essentials Toner
I don't really have too much to say about this as I'm not fussy with toners. However I do like to use one as toner closes your pores and no body wants open pores. This one does the job and it's super cheap so that's fab. Might repurchase but as I said, I'm not hard to please with toners.

Nivea Double Effect Deodorant
Just another deodorant. It smells good and makes me smell good, not a lot more to say! (Why did you even photograph it Chloe? I know, I'm sorry)

Korres White Tea Cleansing Water
I was honestly so sad to see this go. This gets off all last traces of make up/ dirt and makes my face feel almost as fresh as when I've just used a face wash. I refuse to use face wipes, even after a night out, so this was my little savior for when properly washing my face at night seems too much like hard work. I actually got this for a fiver in TK Maxx, so I'd probably only repurchase it if I found it in there again! 

Garnier Simply Essentials Make Up Remover
This is fab, it's an oil/ liquid formula that you shake up before you use it and it got my makeup off super well. However I think my skin got a little used to this/ it stopped being my friend as it randomly stopped working for me! Come in the next product....

Johnsons Eye Make Up Remover
This was recommended to me by another blogger and I love it, it removes every trace of makeup (not just eye makeup!) and even takes of the dreaded benefit they're real mascara - happy days!

Korres Guava Body Butter
I really liked this range and Korres Body Butters are lovely. This had a nice holiday type scent and got rid of any dry skin that was lurking about. This was another TK Maxx find in a little set that I reviewed in full here. So again, I'd repurchase if I found it at the bargain price again!

Hope you enjoyed this rather ramble-y post! I tried to keep it short(ish) and if you made it to the end, give yourself a gold star! (And if you read this, tell me in the comments that you earned your gold star)

Let me know if you've done an empties post lately, I love them!



  1. I don't get how the same amount of deo can be in those little cans - pretty sure it's hogwash! x

  2. Great empties! I need to try the Batiste dry shampoos, they sound amazing!


  3. I know what you mean about the Vo5 products smelling manly! The Tresemme Keratin Smooth heat defence is my favourite, and the Aussie one is pretty good too!

  4. Wow you've finished so much stuff! I love batiste blush, too! It's my favorite dry shampoo, it smells so amazing!

    xoxo aly

  5. I think a trip to TKMAXX is in order =)


  6. I loved the Lee Stafford treatment but I just didn't get on with the Soap & Glory conditioner x

  7. I snapped up some Korres goodies in tkmaxx too! x

  8. Ah, dry shampoo! Every womans favourite! I love the stuff! haha :)

  9. Nice stuff...I love Batiste Dry Shampoo :)

  10. I love the touch of silver shampoo, it does wonders for the tone of my hair :) xxx

  11. I really want to try the Soap and Glory conditioner, and the Johnsons eye make up remover! :)

  12. The Korres body butter looks amazing, I really want to try it now! xxx
    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  13. Batiste and the same deoderant are in my empties this month too! lol :)

  14. Love the V05 Heat Protect - that's a must buy for me, could not live without it!

  15. I love the johnsons makeup remover too! It's non-greasy as well which is always a plus.

  16. I love the Nice and Easy conditioner. I don't dye my hair but I use this anyway because it is so hydrating! It makes my hair so soft and I love the smell as well :)
    I definitely need to try more Korres products - I love finding them in TKMaxx too so I will keep my eyes peeled for the cleanser!
    Natalie xoxo
    The Blonde Ethos

  17. I've been considering the Lee Stafford Hair Growth treatment, but not sure now you say your not sure it makes a difference. Maybe I'll try something else from the brand :)


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