Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Hi lovelies! Something a bit different for you all today. I'm going to keep this one short and sweet as I just wanted to write a quick post to say that this year, 21st September to be exact, myself, my sister Hannah, two of my cousins and some other girlies will be taking part in the 'Pretty Muddy' race for life in Basildon, Essex. Pretty Muddy isn't quite the same as any other Race for Life fundraising event. It's a 5k mud run/ obstacle course where women of all abilities climb, jog and walk all over cancer - it can be as challenging as you want to make it! So if you just want to go to raise some money and have some fun, you can take it easy, but if you want a bit more of a challenge it's great for that too. I for one will be pushing myself to the absolute limit!
Pretty Muddy Essex takes place at Northlands Park in Basildon on Saturday 21st September at 1pm, so if you're anywhere close to the area, it would be amazing if you'd like to take part too, maybe I could meet some of you guys! If not you can visit the Pretty Muddy page here to see if there are any close to you or just for more info on the event. I think this will be such a fun event for such a worthy cause, cancer is something no one likes to talk or think about, but it's still very much there and research has come so far and I think to see a cure in our lifetime would just be the most incredible thing. So if I can raise any money at all to be a part of that, then I'm 100% in. 
We are fundraising here and any donations of even the smallest amount would mean the world to us. I hope you guys don't see this post as pushy or beggy and I've been in two minds as to whether or not to post it, but it's such a fab cause and it'll be such a fun event, I thought why not?! So, if you can donate, fab and if you can't, it'd be amazing if you could just share this post to raise awareness for such an amazing cause.

(The trainers are Nike Revolutions! linked to similar as I can't find them online - boo!)

Thank you!


Monday, 29 July 2013


Hey lovelies! I'm reviewing another Bourjois product for you all today, this time, the infamous 'Chocolate' Bronzer. I'm seriously late on the bandwagon with this one as this has been a cult blogger product for ages now, but as I mentioned in my review of one of Bourjois' new lip crayons, I hadn't really tried many products from the brand before now! So, when Bourjois was on 3 for 2 in Boots, I just knew this baby had to come home with me so I could see what all the fuss was about. So, my beloved Soleil Tan De Chanel was put (lovingly) into a drawer, to make room for this beauty in my every day makeup bag.

I really love the colour of this bronzer, some have said it's a bit orangey but I think it's quite natural looking (unless the fact that I'm an Essex Girl is altering my orange detection skills!!). I did buy the lightest shade, which is plenty dark enough for me and I do think had I have bought the darker one, I may have ended up looking a bit more Sugar Hut than sunkissed, but on my skintone, this shade is lovely. It's really easy to blend out too, making it perfect for contouring, as I don't end up with cheek stripes, but also for all over bronzing. It can be blended out a lot for a more subtle bronze, or built up for a night out/ if I'm just feeling a bit pale!! It's also pretty long lasting too which is great, with a lot of other powder bronzers, I feel as though they've disappeared by the end of the day which isn't any fun. I like that is has a very subtle shimmer, so it gives you a glow all over, but is still fab for contouring - yay for multi-purpose products!

Also, can we take a minute to look at this bronzer. It's shaped like chocolate, luckily it doesn't look as if you've smeared chocoalte all over your face, but it smells like you have! It has a sweet, chocolately scent which I absolutely love. The scent is only noticeable when you're using the product and in the pan, so no need to worry about smelling like chocolate all day! The packaging is also very compact, so it's fab for taking out with you or for travelling. One thing I would say though, is I'd love for it to have a little mirror in the lid, though this would probably up the cost, which is not so fun.

Overall, I'd thoroughly recommend this bronzer, if I even need to as so many of you have probably already tried it!! But in case you haven't and like me had been putting off giving it a go, I'd definitely say give it a try - you might fall in love with it too!

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Friday, 26 July 2013


Hi lovelies! I hope you're all fab! I'm ridiculously tired and a bit delirious thanks to lots of early mornings, busy days and late nights lately and I'd planned to do another review post today, but my brain is just not having any of it. So I thought I'd save the review for a day when my less tired head could put together sentences without sounding as if I've only just learnt English.  

Anyway! Due to all of this, I have a wishlist for you all today. Because sleep deprived or not, online window shopping is always a good time. I've been drawn to anything brightly coloured lately and these items are all things that have been on my 'must buy' list for quite some time. Let's start with the watch, because why wouldn't you want this watch? While browsing through ASOS, I came across this bright pink Marc Jacobsand actually squealed. I'd only ever seen the Rose Gold/ Silver/ Gold ones and never any coloured Marc Jacobs watches (have I been hiding under a rock or are these new? Let me know!). It's one of those things I'll probably never actually buy, but just stare at wishing my bank balance would allow it. 

Moving on, how cute are these Topshop undies? I made a pact with myself a long time ago to buy more matching underwear, because everyone knows matching underwear means you have superpowers and your day will be fabulous from start to finish. But then my matching sets got jumbled up and now I'm lucky if I match once a week let alone every day. Maybe if I had more pretty sets like this, I'd make more of an effort to be matchy-matchy!

Still on the theme of bright colours, the Ted Baker Purse and River Island dress are both items I point out every time I see them in the shops, but never buy. I love the Ted Baker purses just because they come in so many colours and styles (probably why I haven't bought one yet, fun fact, Chloe is bad with decisions) and they're so well made. The dress is just perfect too, it even has a built in necklace, the perfect, 'I want to look like I made an effort without making an effort' dress. Don't lie, you have those days too!

So, let me know what you think of these items, which is you favourite?

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Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Hi lovelies! If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen the photo I shared of this beauty the other day. It's one of the new Bourjois Color Boost Lip Crayons in the shade 'Peach On The Beach' (cutest name). To be honest, up until just recently, Bourjois had always been a brand I'd slightly overlooked, despite the rave reviews about several of their products (including the chocolate bronzer, which I finally purchased - review up soon!). But a few weeks ago before I went away, I picked up their Bronzing BB cream and loved it, so I decided to give them another try! So, while in Boots, I saw these lip crayons and despite generally being very unadventurous with my lip colour choices (nude, nude pink, light peachy pink...) this colour really stood out to me and I figured hey, it's summer, perfect time to be a bit more daring!

So, as you may be able to tell from the photos, I couldn't wait to give this a go and was a bad blogger and used it before taking pictures! The consistency is gorgeous, it goes on smoothing and glides over the lips, leaving a semi sheer wash of colour. It's very pigmented, but not totally opaque, which I love as it gives a bold colour on its own, but can also be even bolder, or more muted with another lip colour worn underneath.This claims to be waterproof and to last ten hours, Now it's definitely not waterproof as far as the glossiness goes, particularly with eating and drinking! However, I do find it stains your lips with the colour, so the colour does last a long time when you look at it that way, 10 hours though? Not sure.

As I said, I'm usually not very brave with lip colours at all, but there's something so flattering about the colour and consistency of this! I definitely want to try some other shades and have got my eye on the orange one at the moment. If you're anything like me and feel a bit shy wearing brighter shades, but fancy something a bit different for the summer, then these will be perfect for you.

What do you think? Have you tried the Color Boost Crayons?


Sunday, 21 July 2013


Hello lovelies! I hope you're all amazing! It is this gorgeous hairbrush and yes, I know what you're thinking, Chloe, you say you're super excited about everything. Yes, I do. But seriously, this really is an exciting hairbrush and not only because it looks like an oversized barbie/ my little pony hairbrush (which is, admittedly, partly why I've fallen so in love with it). So, let's rewind. Up until now, I've sworn by my trusty Tangle Teezer and thought nothing could ever live up to it. However, my Tangle Teezer has seen better days, the bristles have gone all bent and it just doesn't seem to do the job as well as it used to these days. So, I was going to pick up another one, but happened to see this on the shelves of TK Maxx (is there anything they can't do?) before I got the chance. With the cute baby pink colour, Barbie-esque design and £9.99 price tag (£14.99 on the official website, linked above), I decided to give this a go instead and I'm so glad I did! This brush is amazing. There have been a lot of Tangle Teezer wannabes knocking about, but this one is above and beyond for so many reasons.

First thing's first, this brush is beautiful. Did I mention that? But not only is it gorgeous to look at, it's practical too, it has a handle, making it super easy to use, but you can also hold it around the wings if you need more control - aka serious de-tangling. The bristles are softer than the Tangle Teezer too, they detangle just as well, but they feel even more gentle on the hair and don't pull at all. Perfect if you have fine hair like me! The brush also has Anti-static and Anti-bacterial properties, not entirely sure what the anti-bac is for - but hey, a super hygienic hairbrush has to be good right?!

If you're still not won over by this brush, the thing that I think really gives it the upper hand over any de-tangling brush I've had before is it's heat resistant and perfect for use with a hairdryer. As you may all know, the Tangle Teezer can't be used with heat and can go out of shape very quickly when you do. I don't use any heat on my hair if I can help it, but I do have to use a blow dryer sometimes if I'm a hurry for my hair to dry, so, the fact that this is heat resistant is a huge plus for me as I prefer to blow dry my hair straight rather than use straighteners these days!

Overall, I'd thoroughly recommend the Tangle Angel, particularly if you have finer hair like me as it's so gentle on the hair and detangles with ease! I would say that this would possibly not be the right brush for those with thick, coarse hair as it is so gentle but it's worth a try!

What do you think? Have you tried the Tangle Angel? Would you like to? Let me know!

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Thursday, 18 July 2013


dress - missguided
shoes - matalan
earrings - john greed*
purse - river island (linked to black version - can't find the green1)
bracelet - topshop (similar here)

Hi lovelies! I hope you're all doing good! I mentioned in my last post on John Greed jewellery that I was planning to do a couple of outfit posts featuring the jewellery. So, this is the first of those! This is the sort of outfit I'd probably wear on a night out, but I think it'd be good for daytime too with flat shoes - if I was feeling brave of course! 

I love this outfit, I do love a good black dress and this one is just so unique. I think black dresses are total staple in any girls wardrobe as they can be dressed up and down so easily. In this case, I've dressed it up with these fab bright neon earrings, a neon purse, used as a clutch and these gorgeous heels from matalan. Fun fact though, these heels hurt. Fashion before function and all that but wow. I mean, they're super high with no platform and while I'm not too much of a wimp with heels and I can last a night out in my other pairs, these ones really do me in. They're beautiful though and they look so much more expensive than they were so they're forgiven. 

What do you think of this outfit? Is this something you'd wear?

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Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Hi lovelies! Hope you're all good and those of you in UK are enjoying the gorgeous weather! This post is yet another summer themed one, with even more outdoor photos! You can see how much the sun had dried out the grass though, not the loveliest of backgrounds, but as this isn't a gardening blog, I think you can let me off. it's been crazy hot here for the UK, so the summer clothes are out, which means summery accessories are a must! So, when I was contacted by John Greed Jewellery and they asked if I'd like to try a few pieces, I was super excited!

These pieces are all from the John Greed Summer collection and I think they're perfect for this season. I chose these three pieces as I have a lot of brightly coloured clothes, as well as plainer black and white pieces, so these pieces are perfect as they'll match a brighter dress for a night out, or glam up a simpler outfit to make it more seasonally appropriate! I chose these gorgeous bright drop earrings as I thought they'd be perfect with a brightly coloured or patterned dress that has too much going on to wear a necklace (I have the perfect one - possible OOTD coming soon!) or with a plain black or white dress. These are probably my favourite thing that I chose as they're such a statement piece, but it's quite unexpected. I have a few statement necklaces, but hardly ever change up my earrings, however these babies are enough to make me switch it up for a change!The next piece is a cute little pink floral bracelet, I don't buy too many bracelets but there was something about this that I really loved. It's such a pretty piece, I thought it'd look lovely with simple, pretty outfits on an evening out. I think this would look fab with a simple cream chiffon cami and lightwash jeans (yet another possible ootd!!). Then finally, the last piece is this sweet flower peace necklace, I love long necklaces with simple outfits and this one is just so pretty. I think this would make an amazing festival piece with a floral crown and some denim shorts - too cute! Now I just need to go to a festival...

Overall, I'm very impressed with the quality of these pieces, especially for the very reasonable prices. John Greed not only stocks pieces like this, but brands such as Thomas Sabo, Pandora and Links of London. It's definitely worth checking out, whether you want something a bit special, or just some fab fashion jewellery you'll definitely find something you'll love!

What do you think? Which of these is your favourite piece?


Monday, 15 July 2013


Hi lovelies! Hope you're all having an amazing day, I'm loving this gorgeous weather, hence the massively rare outdoor photos! I really don't think any kind of professional lighting can ever beat a good sunny day. Anyway, in this post I wanted to share a few of my absolute favourite products of the moment, many of which are very summer appropriate! I find I switch up my whole beauty regime in the summer - and by switch up, I mean get hugely lazy with it! Twice weekly exfoliation, twice daily body moisturiser, straighters and a full face of makeup go out the window and in comes tanning lotions, lip balms and natural hair! So, before 8 ramble too much, let's get to the products in question! I will link as many of the products as I can to shopping links for you to check out for yourself.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine Edition
I adore this perfume and have already reviewed it in full here. It's a gorgeous, light, fruity/ floral scent, perfect for summer. The description says'Marc Jacobs' Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine Edition is a bolder and fruitier limited edition interpretation of the original Daisy fragrance. A playful, fruity, floral fragrance, it features an energetic and addictive fruity top, a breeze of airy floral petals in the heart, and a smooth, velvety base of subtle sweetness.' I love this scent as it's a sweet, girly scent, but as it's a fruity/ floral, it's a fresh kind of sweet, not the sickly, sugary kind, which can be a bit much for summer. The super gorgeous bottle is a massive bonus too, naturally.

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Perfume
Another perfume I've been in love with lately is the Victoria's Secret Bombshell perfume. I picked this up in the Bond Street VS (which, by the way, is amazing, throw in the US prices and it'd be every bit as good as some of the American Stores I've been to!) and I know how hard they are to get hold if in the UK if you can't get to London too easily so I've found an Amazon link for anyone interested. This scent is described as "A glamorous blend of purple passion fruit, Shangri-la peony and vanilla orchid." So, another fruity floral, no prizes for guessing my favourite type of scent! This one is a little more 'grown up' than Daisy, as it's a slightly deeper scent, but it's still very girly and fairly light, another perfect summer scent - thought I think this one is more 'year round' than Daisy. Definitely worth checking out if you love very girly, fruity scents, but fancy something a little more grown up.

OPI Liquid Sand in Pussy Galore
Again, another product I've reviewed previously, so check that out here for more info and swatches! I love this polish as it's just something a bit different. I don't often wear regular polish on my fingernails, as I usually have gel nails on for work, but I wore this while I was away on holiday and wear it on my toes a lot too. It's an amazing light pink matte, texured polish with little fuchsia glitters in it. It just looks so different and interesting on the nails and I get a lot of compliments on it when I have it on. 

Garnier Summer Body Moisturising Lotion
This is my favourite gradual tanner by far, it's the one aimed at darker skin tones, which I most definitely do not have, but it works perfectly anyway. This is an amazing tanner for several reasons, the first being the colour, it makes my skin such a natural tan rather than that 'fake' tan look. It also smells amazing, light and fruity rather than unbearable biscuit-y smell. It's also super moisturising, so I find I don't need to overload my skin with various body lotions and body butters as this can be pretty sticky business in the summer!!

St Tropez Instant Glow Face Lotion
Another tanning product! I actually got this in the Selfridges Summer Beauty Box and I've been so impressed with it. Even in the summer, my face is always paler than the rest of my body so I use this under my makeup as an extra little boost and it gives my face a gorgeous healthy glow with a hint of tan just enough to even it up with the rest of my skin, but not so much that your face is suuuper dark. Definitely worth a try if you're cursed with white face syndrome like me.

Balance Me Limited Edition Tinted Lip Salve
I haven't included a shopping link to this as I couldn't find it online. I actually got this with Glamour Magazine as they have Balance Me products as freebies this month! I'm actually subscribed to Glamour so it was a bit of a lottery when it came to what sample I was going to receive, but I'm so glad it was this one. The Balance Me Rose Otto Lip Balm seriously saved my lips last winter so this was a fab balm for the summer as it's lighter and has a pretty tint, but also keeps my lips moisturised too. If you haven't got this months Glamour yet, go, go now!

Glo Minerals Water Resistant Mascara*
This was sent to me with a few other samples from a US brand called Glo Minerals, it's a mineral makeup brand so fab for those with sensitive skin types. This has a pretty basic wand with natural bristles as opposed to rubber or plastic and after using Covergirl Lashblast and Benefit They're Real for the longest time, it has actually made a nice change. The product itself is really black and it makes my lashes longer and thicker in just one quick coat - love this!

Denman Bright De-Tangling Brush*
This was another product sent to me for consideration and I've been absolutely loving it! As I mentioned, I don't like using a lot of heat on my hair in the summer, so I've been letting it air dry as much as possible. My hair drys pretty wavy when I leave it tangled after the shower - (but not in a good way!), so de-tangling when my hair is still wet is a must to get it to dry straight. This is perfect because it has a handle and fits perfectly into the palm of your hand, making it really easy to use in the shower. I feel a bit like a horse groomer when I use this, but that's fine. It glides through my hair easily without pulling my hair out while it's still wet. These are only £3.50 each, which is amazing and they come in all different colours - which is even better!

So, those are my favourites of the moment! What are yours?

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Sunday, 14 July 2013


Hiya lovelies! Hope you're all doing well! I have a review of a product I'm quite excited about today. I recently received an email from Sarah, who owns a company called Fillanew, a new small cosmetics company with a difference! "Fillanew is an environmental company that provides handmade cosmetics without excess packaging and harmful ingredients." Their aim is to reduce the amount of packaging that is disposed of as a result of using beauty products everyday. 
They are currently in the process of product development. They are currently working on making these lip balms refillable, along with a range of shampoos and conditioners, which will be refillable too. So you will be able to send your empties back to the company, to have them refilled. I think this is an incredible concept, particularly for those who care about the environment! When you think about the amount of packaging we throw away when it comes to beauty products, it really is quite shocking (empties posts anyone?)! 

As for the actual products themselves, these are really lovely lip balms. I was sent three flavours, Peppermint, Vanilla and Strawberry. They'd sold out of the fourth flavour, orange, but this should be available to purchase on the website again soon I should think! The quality of the lip balms is just lovely, the consistency is perfect for a stick balm, they're not too soft so they're not going to melt on you, but they're not too solid either. They feel really buttery on your lips, making them smoother and hiding any chapped bits, but don't feel as though they're going to slide right off, this along with the fact that they are colourless, makes them an absolute dream to apply under lipstick. I need a good healing lip balm as my lips get chapped and sore very easily if I don't wear one and these have been perfect. The ingredients are all listed on the actual balm itself and the font isn't super tiny - which means a short list of ingredients, and none with scary long names. Something like this is perfect if you're anything like me with super sensitive lips that need extra TLC at all times. The balms smell gorgeous, but don't actually taste of anything, which I actually prefer as I find I just lick it all off if it tastes good - not good for the lips!

Overall, I totally love and recommend these lip balms if you like handmade products with all natural ingredients, or even if you just fancy a fab new lip balm! These balms retail at £1.99 each and shipping is only 99p - total bargain and definitely worth a go!

What do you think of the Fillanew concept? Let me know!

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Thursday, 11 July 2013


expert face brush - £8.99 superdrug

Hello lovelies! Well, what on earth has been going on around here eh? GFC seems to have been 'down' for quite a while now, could this finally be the end?? I really do wish google had been clearer on this, we've all been left in the dark about this a bit. Annoying! So anyway, I really don't want to switch to Google+ if this is the end of GFC, so if you could take a moment to follow me on bloglovin' here, that would be fab - and don't forget to leave your bloglovin' links in the comments so I can follow you back!

Anyway, onto the point of the post. My new favourite makeup brush! I tweeted a while ago asking how you lovelies applied your liquid foundations, as my Real Techniques buffing brush had seriously seen better days. So, I trotted off to Superdrug, only to find Real Techniques (RT) were on sale for buy one get one half price! I think this offer is still on so snap some up while you can! Superdrug are actually slightly cheaper than Boots for RT brushes anyway, this was £8.99 as opposed to £9.99 in Boots, so that's worth knowing! So I picked up the Expert Face Brush and Stippling Brush for my sister. Me being me, I couldn't wait until the next day to apply my makeup, so I tried this as soon as I got home (after taking photos of course, blogger points!).

I. love. it. It's a bit smaller than the buffing brush and slightly more dense too, meaning you don't get any of those irritating lines in your foundation, just a quick, flawless finish. When I say quick, I mean quick too. I can apply my makeup in a mad rush (every morning) and not worry too much about how it looks after. This brush applies my foundation so evenly and streak free with no problems at all. It's also a little smaller than the buffing brush, meaning it gets to places like the sides of the nose and the undereyes fairly easily. This is also the softest brush ever and feels amazing on the skin. I'd forgotten how nice and hassle-free it can be applying foundation with a brush that isn't used to death (my poor buffing brush really has taken a beating) and this one just feels such fab quality and so luxurious. It hasn't shed at all either, which is actually something I've found with all RT brushes. Despite months of abuse, my older RT brushes haven't shed even slightly, so that's amazing!

Overall, I'd totally recommend this brush to anyone, if you're a long time makeup lover like myself, it'll be a pleasure to add to your collection and it's also super user friendly and great if you're just getting started too.

What do you think, have you tried this brush or would you like to? What's your favourite way to apply your foundation?

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Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Hello lovelies! How are we all? I hope you're all good! I'm still on a bit of a high after finding out I was shortlisted for a Cosmo Blog Award (I will stop going on about it eventually, I'm just not sure I've ever been so excited in my life!). I was shortlisted for Best New Beauty blog, so if you want to vote for me or any of the other lovely bloggers, you can do so here. My category is page two, make sure you vote in every category then hit submit at the end! Anyway, ramble over, onto the actual point of this post. I have been absolutely loving Victoria's Secret lately, which is a massive pain because it's so bloody difficult to get to in the UK! There are a few stores in London and while I live fairly close to London by train, I can't just pop over whenever I feel like it. Also, why why why don't Victoria's Secret stock online in the UK?!! 

Anyway (again) after buying Victoria's Secret Bombshell perfume (seen in the photo above, LOVE this by the way, let me know if you'd like a review!) in the Bond Street Store, I decided that definitely wasn't enough and when my sister Hannah said she was off to Stratford Westfields the yesterday, I asked her to pick up a few of the Victoria's Secret Fantasies bits and bobs on their 5 for £30 deal. I browsed the website and chose five fragrances I liked the sound of and asked her to get me a couple of perfumes and three body splashes. I'm sure these are 5 for $30 in the US, which is a much, much better deal than this but I just couldn't resist! 

The fragrances I chose are Pure Seduction and Pure Daydream (both perfume), Midnight Dare, Love Rush and Strawberries and Champagne (body splashes). I'd actually just found out about the Blog Awards when Hannah handed me the beautiful striped bag full of pink goodies, I actually squealed. What is it about those bags? Just me? I wore one of the perfumes (Pure Daydream) today and am so impressed with the lasting power of it. These little beauties retail at just £11 each, which I think is amazing for such a fab perfume with such great staying power. All the scents are very fruity/ floral, with the exception of Midnight Dare, which is a little deeper and sweeter, with a hint of Vanilla, even though it doesn't claim to be! They all smell gorgeously girly and even the body splashes last ages too. I wore Love Rush in my hair and on my work uniform today to see how it would last compared to the perfume and by my surprise I could smell that as well as I could the scent on my wrists. 

Overall, I'd whole heartedly recommend these beauties to anyone - they're amazing! Let me know if you'd like full reviews of any of the scents!


Monday, 8 July 2013


So, I might be very slightly MASSIVELY excited right now. I just found out Chloe's Way has been nominated for a Cosmo Blog Award, 'Best New Beauty Blog'. Say whaaat? I'm beyond excited and so grateful to those who voted, I honestly wasn't expecting it at all!
You can vote for me (and all the other lovely bloggers!) here. My category is page two, make sure you vote for every category then hit submit at the end! It'd mean the world to me if you voted, but just getting this far is just so overwhelming, the Cosmo Blog Awards were how I first ever found out about beauty blogs, I was reading the magazine when I saw something called 'Blog Awards', then looked at some of the blogs from that year. Chloe's Way has been up for only just over a year so I find it incredible that I've achieved this much in such a short space of time and I want to thank each and every one of you who has made this possible. I know I sound like someone accepting an Oscar right now, but just to be nominated is just the most amazing feeling ever.
So to everyone who nominated me, everyone who votes for me to win and just everyone who takes the time out of their day to read my blog - thank you SO much, you guys are the best!

Love you all!