Friday 5 July 2013


Hello lovelies! As a blogger, I absolutely adore beauty products, makeup, clothes, accessories.. you name it!  However, I'm much more likely to spend £30 on a single makeup item than I am £100 on an item of clothing. Clothes go in and out of fashion and I get tired of things very quickly, so unless it's an absolute staple piece, I'm not about to spend lots of money on trendy clothes. Which is why I've decided to start up a mini series on my blog called 'Beautiful Bargains'. These posts will focus on one item, be it clothes or accessories, (or even beauty products if I find anything worthy!) that are an absolute bargain! These will all be items that are in stores at the time of publish you will be able to pop out to the shops and grab it yourself if you like it!

So, the first item is this gorgeous dress from Primark! You'll have seen this already if you saw my 'What I wore in Majorca' blog post. It's a beautiful, floral summer dress with cut outs at the side. This dress was only about £13 I think, which is amazing for such a gorgeous piece. It looks gorgeous with a tan as it peeks through the cut outs! (Although the flash on my camera made me look super pale!!). It's a little longer than I'd usually go for, but I think this is probably a good thing as it's spaghetti straps with cut outs. It makes it a little more appropriate to wear in the UK too, which I did in London the other day on a particularly hot day and it does a great job of keeping you nice and cool.

The quality of this dress is amazing too. It can be a bit hit and miss in Primark but this is so well made. I was a little worried as it has the straps and and lattice effect on the cut outs, but they all feel very firmly stitched into place and the material feels great quality and is very comfortable to wear. Well done Primark!

So, let me know if you like this kind of post as I'd love to do more if you do!
What bargains have you been loving lately?



  1. The dress is lovely! your face in the last photo, brilliant x

  2. the dress is soo pretty, i love the pattern of it! and the price aswell xxxx

  3. That dress is gorgeous! Love the floral print and the fact that it has cut outs :D

    The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  4. This is a lovely dress, Primark do such lovely dresses for cheap prices :) I'd love to see more posts like this

    Water Painted Dreams

  5. This looks so pretty, I love the idea of these posts! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  6. i love that dress it screams summertime and its great for day and night...

  7. I think Primark's really good at the moment! You're looking lovely :)
    Essie xx

  8. "Clothes go in and out of fashion and I get tired of things very quickly, so unless it's an absolute staple piece, I'm not about to spend lots of money on trendy clothes." <--- precisely the reason why I spend more on make-up than clothes! So GLAD there's somebody else who shares my thoughts :))


  9. This dress is beautiful! I saw you wore it in holiday! Great blog!

    F xx

  10. Love your blog! They look like beautiful couple ! Thanks for posting!
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