Wednesday 17 July 2013


Hi lovelies! Hope you're all good and those of you in UK are enjoying the gorgeous weather! This post is yet another summer themed one, with even more outdoor photos! You can see how much the sun had dried out the grass though, not the loveliest of backgrounds, but as this isn't a gardening blog, I think you can let me off. it's been crazy hot here for the UK, so the summer clothes are out, which means summery accessories are a must! So, when I was contacted by John Greed Jewellery and they asked if I'd like to try a few pieces, I was super excited!

These pieces are all from the John Greed Summer collection and I think they're perfect for this season. I chose these three pieces as I have a lot of brightly coloured clothes, as well as plainer black and white pieces, so these pieces are perfect as they'll match a brighter dress for a night out, or glam up a simpler outfit to make it more seasonally appropriate! I chose these gorgeous bright drop earrings as I thought they'd be perfect with a brightly coloured or patterned dress that has too much going on to wear a necklace (I have the perfect one - possible OOTD coming soon!) or with a plain black or white dress. These are probably my favourite thing that I chose as they're such a statement piece, but it's quite unexpected. I have a few statement necklaces, but hardly ever change up my earrings, however these babies are enough to make me switch it up for a change!The next piece is a cute little pink floral bracelet, I don't buy too many bracelets but there was something about this that I really loved. It's such a pretty piece, I thought it'd look lovely with simple, pretty outfits on an evening out. I think this would look fab with a simple cream chiffon cami and lightwash jeans (yet another possible ootd!!). Then finally, the last piece is this sweet flower peace necklace, I love long necklaces with simple outfits and this one is just so pretty. I think this would make an amazing festival piece with a floral crown and some denim shorts - too cute! Now I just need to go to a festival...

Overall, I'm very impressed with the quality of these pieces, especially for the very reasonable prices. John Greed not only stocks pieces like this, but brands such as Thomas Sabo, Pandora and Links of London. It's definitely worth checking out, whether you want something a bit special, or just some fab fashion jewellery you'll definitely find something you'll love!

What do you think? Which of these is your favourite piece?



  1. Those earrings are beautiful! xo

  2. I need all of these in my life right now! such amazing pieces!

  3. I absolutely loves those earrings at the top!

  4. I'm really into jewellery at the moment, and that necklace.. oh my God! So pretty! The earrings are lovely too! I'm a new follower, by the way, I especially love the way you go into so much detail in your posts and you have a lovely writing style :)I'm a new blogger who has just posted her first ever post, so I would appreciate it, if you have the time, to check my blog out perhaps? :) <3

    Chloe xx | Life Is Coco: Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle

  5. that necklace is gorgeous! Never heard of John Greed before but for sure gonna browse the summer collection now, such good prices! xx

    An Uninventive Name

  6. I like the earrings and the necklace! The choice of colours are adorable and lovely (:

    The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  7. I like the style, such pretty pieces xx

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