Wednesday 31 July 2013


Hi lovelies! Something a bit different for you all today. I'm going to keep this one short and sweet as I just wanted to write a quick post to say that this year, 21st September to be exact, myself, my sister Hannah, two of my cousins and some other girlies will be taking part in the 'Pretty Muddy' race for life in Basildon, Essex. Pretty Muddy isn't quite the same as any other Race for Life fundraising event. It's a 5k mud run/ obstacle course where women of all abilities climb, jog and walk all over cancer - it can be as challenging as you want to make it! So if you just want to go to raise some money and have some fun, you can take it easy, but if you want a bit more of a challenge it's great for that too. I for one will be pushing myself to the absolute limit!
Pretty Muddy Essex takes place at Northlands Park in Basildon on Saturday 21st September at 1pm, so if you're anywhere close to the area, it would be amazing if you'd like to take part too, maybe I could meet some of you guys! If not you can visit the Pretty Muddy page here to see if there are any close to you or just for more info on the event. I think this will be such a fun event for such a worthy cause, cancer is something no one likes to talk or think about, but it's still very much there and research has come so far and I think to see a cure in our lifetime would just be the most incredible thing. So if I can raise any money at all to be a part of that, then I'm 100% in. 
We are fundraising here and any donations of even the smallest amount would mean the world to us. I hope you guys don't see this post as pushy or beggy and I've been in two minds as to whether or not to post it, but it's such a fab cause and it'll be such a fun event, I thought why not?! So, if you can donate, fab and if you can't, it'd be amazing if you could just share this post to raise awareness for such an amazing cause.

(The trainers are Nike Revolutions! linked to similar as I can't find them online - boo!)

Thank you!



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