Thursday 29 August 2013


Hi lovelies! If you are a lovely loyal reader of Chloe's Way (or if you have a great memory), the name of this post may ring a few bells for you. At the beginning of last month, I did my first Beautiful Bargains post about a lovely summer dress from Primark. I hadn't done another one of those posts after that as I'd had so many other things to ramble on about/ hadn't found anything I thought worthy of a post, UNTIL NOW!

This Beautiful Bargains post is a bit of a bonus post (you lucky things), as I have not one, but two of these babies to show you! All for the good of blogging and definitely not because I want them in every colour and am planning to get even more, of course.These are honestly the most comfortable, easy to wear shoes ever. They go with everything, they have a big platform, so they give you a fair bit of height, but your feet aren't vertical all day, so walking around in them is no problem at all! The best part? They're from eBay and are only £14.99! Amazing!

Now, for the exciting part (or even more exciting, because these shoes are pretty exciting on their own), I am actually going to be giving away a pair of these shoes in the colour (and size, obviously!) of your choice! Simply check out the ebay link under the photos to check out all the colours and comment below with the colour and size of your choice to be entered to win! I was put off giveaways slightly after my little mishap with the world of 'compers', but because so many of you backed me up and supported me through the drama, I felt like I wanted to give something back. So, this giveaway is simply for blog followers only, no 'enter everyday on twitter' lark (we'll save that for another time when I'm fully over the trauma!!), just plain on GFC and bloglovin'! So, use the rafflecopter form below to enter, good luck!

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Wednesday 28 August 2013


Wet 'n' Wild Blush (UK Shopping link)

Hi lovelies! Yet another US beauty product review for you all today! Today, I'm talking about this gorgeous blush from Wet 'n' Wild. You can get Wet 'n' Wild online in the UK (but there is quite a difference in price), but as far as I'm aware, you can't really get it in stores. So, needless to say this was a brand I'd never really used before, but I'd heard so much about their products on youtube videos and US beauty blogs, so I was really excited to receive this in my swap with Ashley!

This blush is a totally gorgeous peachy pinky colour, it's not exactly coral, but it's definitely a more warm toned pink, which I love (I don't do blue toned cheek colour!). While the products appears to have a lot of shimmer in the pan, it's more subtle on the cheeks, so it gives a pretty glow rather than giving disco ball face vibes. The colour itself is gorgeous, it's a little more muted and not quite as bright as some of my other blushes, making it perfect for the coming Autumn months as I tend to tone down the colours of my makeup i the cooler weather. Side note - who's getting excited for Autumn? I just love the Autumn, I'm looking forward to the cooler weather so I can start wearing hats and boots again. Though guaranteed I'll be moaning about it come November, so fickle.

Anyway, back to the point. I don't know a great deal about Wet 'n' Wild, but from what I understood it was a fairly cheap, drugstore brand. So to be honest, while I'd heard great things, I wasn't really sure what to expect pigmentation wise. However, I can confirm that blush is incredibly pigmented, so much so I actually have to be very careful not to end up with way too much on my face! It doesn't have the best texture of any blush I've ever used, I actually find it a little chalky, but as it's such a pretty colour and so well pigmented, I can forgive it. It doesn't appear chalky on the skin anyway so it's fine! While I love this colour on my fair-but-currently-lightly-tanned skin, I think it would look fab on girls paler or darker than me. However I do think it could be a little harsh on very fair skin if you got a bit brush happy, however used carefully I think it would look fab on pretty much any skintone.

I don't have much to say on the packaging, it's basic and fairly cheap looking, which to be honest is probably why I questioned the quality before trying (book by it's cover, whoops!), but I do like the fact that it's got a clear lid because it means I can see the colour through it. This would be a lot more useful if I actually had more than one of these blushes and actually needed to tell the difference, but if I did have a collection, the clear lid would make life a lot easier at 7 in the morning and that's always a bonus. Speaking of which, after applying my makeup at 7 in the morning, it's still there, albeit slightly faded when I get in from work at about 5:30pm, so that's a good 10 hours plus, which is amazing. As for the brush that comes with it, I'm sure I don't need to tell you that it's useless, as are most brushes that come with products like this. I think it'd be okay if you wanted to top up during the day, but I found it way too rough for the product itself and it picked up way too much product and felt kind of scratchy. Give me Real Techniques any day.

Overall, I'd recommend these blushes if you can get your hands on them as they're cheap and cheerful and provide excellent pigmentation and lasting power.

So, what do you think? Have you tried anything from Wet 'n' Wild? What are your thoughts?


Monday 26 August 2013


EOS Lipbalm (UK shopping link)

Hi lovelies! Today I'm reviewing another product from the US beauty swap I did last month, it was an item I was super excited about this one as, as you can see, it's an EOS lipbalm! These little beauties aren't easy to get hold of in the UK and while we have Balmi, which is the UK answer to EOS, it's still not quite the same. This is only the second EOS balm I've owned as I got one from another swap once and I absolutely loved it and used it to death. So I was so excited to discover this one in my lovely box of goodies from Ashley. I was even more excited when I saw that it was in the flavour Strawberry Sorbet and it was a gorgeous pink colour!

I have serious issues with dry, cracked, sore and peeling lips pretty much all year round (it's as attractive as it sounds, really) and need a good lip balm to keep them soft and smooth! I've had issues with a lot of lip balms before, while some seem to do absolutely nothing and others actually seem to make them worse! However this gorgeous balm is 95% organic, 100% natural and paraben and petroleum free. It's also packed with anti-oxidents, Vitamin E and Shea Butter. So, with all these gorgeous things packed in (and nasties kept out), this balm is perfect for someone like me who has very sensitive lips. I started using this just recently but as soon as I did I noticed a huge difference in my lips literally from the first day. With all the Baby Lips hype going round, I think it's time we paid some attention to some of the other amazing lip balms out there and this is definitely one of them! From the first application, on a day when my lips were particularly chapped, it instantly soothed the soreness and made my lips feel a lot smoother and softer. I'm also pleased to say that after using this daily for the past few days, it's kept my lips hydrated and soft ever since the first use.

I love the packaging of these as it's a super cute little shape that gets noticed whenever I use it around others. It's easy to apply and while the shape is definitely just for the novelty factor, it's kind of fun to apply too! There's quite a lot of product too, particularly when you look at the US prices, which is around $3 from what I've seen online. They're a little more money to buy in the UK, but this won't put me off putting in an order because I love them so much!

Overall, I'd totally recommend EOS balms, particularly if like me, you have lips prone to dryness and soreness.

What do you think? Have you tried EOS balms, or would you like to?


Sunday 25 August 2013


Night out with friends - Trying graze box - Seeing the conjuring
My new baby! - L'Oreal Micellar Water (love!) - Visiting my Grandparents
Pretty iPad case - Darker blonde hair - Shopping in London
Golden Grahams are the best cereal ever - Looking at old photos of my Grandparents - Pug Tshirt!
With Henry at work - Gorgeous new watch - Cocktails with friends

Hi lovelies! I thought I'd do a little update post today, as I haven't done one of these for over a month, so this is a few little snippets of my life from the last month and a half or so. It's consisted of lots or shopping, drinking, working and socializing with friends and family. It's been loving seeing members of my family I don't get to see too often and catching up with friends. It gets more and more difficult to see your family and friends as we all have full time work, uni and things, but it means you really make the most of it when you do get the chance, which is what I've been doing lately! As you can see above, I've been buying lots of things, including the gorgeous new L'Oreal micellar water, I'm pretty sure I'm fairly late on the bandwagon with this one, but if you'd like me to review it, definitely let me know! 

What have you been up to lately? I'd love to know!


Thursday 22 August 2013


Jacket - Bon Prix
Boots - Bon Prix
Dress - Missguided
Socks - Topshop

Hi lovelies! I have a confession to make, as much as I love the summer time and complain about the rain and the long winters we have here in the UK, when it comes to August, I get super excited for Autumn. Autumn is my absolute favourite time of year as I think it's easily the best time of year when it comes to fashion. I love jackets, boots, socks and tights, layering etc etc, but it's not so cold you have to hide your pretty outfits under a huge jacket. So, my wishlist for today is an outfit I think would be perfect for the Autumn time.

Bon Prix is a website I'd never really considered before when it came to online shopping as I thought it was targeted to women slightly older than me. Which in some ways, it may well be, however there are some absolute gems on the site, this jacket being one of them! I loved these kind of Jackets last year and never bought one, so I'm really happy to see them back again, I definitely think I'm going to get one of these this year as they're perfect for the cooler weather and look super stylish at the same time. This one in particular looks totally gorgeous on the model on the site, it looks really fab quality and it's not too expensive for a jacket either, perfect! 

I also spotted these boots on the site, which I absolutely love. I have a serious thing for lace up/ military style boots and go through so many cheap pairs every single year. However, these ones look really well made and look as if they'll last pretty well. I think they'd look perfect with this gorgeous floral dress from Missguided and the pretty over the knee socks from Topshop. I love knee high socks in the cooler weather, I tend to wear them with natural or sheer black tights as it's often too cold to go bare legged. 

Let me know what you think of this wishlist! Are you excited for Autumn too?

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* This post is sponsored by Bon Prix, all opinions are my own.

Monday 19 August 2013


top - primark
skirt - choies*
shoes - ebay

Hi lovelies! Look, an outfit post! Today, I wanted to show you all this gorgeous skirt I was sent from a company called Choies. Choies is an amazing international clothing company with a huge range of clothes, shoes and accessories. When picking out items to review from the site, I had a lot of trouble narrowing it down to just a couple of things as the range is huge and everything on the site is so unique! As I said, the company is international, so all the prices are in dollars, however considering these were shipped from abroad, the shipping time was really great! I opted to pay for shipping (they have a free option, which will take longer) and these arrived today, I'm not sure how long it's been but it was definitely super fast for international delivery!

The first item I'm going to be showing you is this beautiful Geometric print skirt. I absolutely adore it! I picked it out as I knew it would look gorgeous in the warmer weather, but will also be fab with tights and a jacket in the winter months too. I paired it with a plain vest top and these nude suede wedges so the skirt would be the real statement piece. I really love the colours of this skirt and it's so well made too. The pleats go all the way up and it has a really cool pleated effect at the waistline which is really unique. It has a zip up the back, which is always a winner for me (I have a thing for skirts with zips going up the back, is this just me?). I think this is a great outfit for (yes I'm going to say it) a summer BBQ, or even just a more casual night out.

What do you think? Is this something you'd wear? Will you be checking out Choies for some amazing unique pieces?

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Sunday 18 August 2013


Hi lovelies! Today I decided to have a huge clear out as I have a wardrobe full of clothes I almost never wear and it's a big ridiculous! So, I thought I'd pop a few bits and bobs on here before I stick them all on ebay. I will consider suggestions on prices within reason, but many of the prices will be pretty low as is, so please be reasonable with any haggling! You can comment on this post or tweet me on @chloesway if you'd like to buy anything. All items are good as new and have only been worn once or twice (brand new will be stated).
P+P will be £3 for clothing and £4 for shoes and payment is to be made via paypal only! Happy shopping!

Wine Red H&M Dress Size 6 - £6
Dark Red Spiked Shoulder Dress Size Small - £7
Baby Pink Skater Dress Size Small - £4

Printed Strappy Dress Size Small (looks smaller than it is, it's just the hanger!) - £5
Butterfly Print Dress Size Small - £6
Mango Oversized Orange T-shirt Dress Brand New Size XSmall (but will fit anything from 6 to 12!) - £5

Topshop Black and White Aztec Print Dress Size 6 - £7
H&M Striped Skater Dress Size 8 - £5
Black and White Skater Dress Size 6/8 - £5 - SOLD

Missguided Green Sequinned Dress Size 6 - £10

Studded Lace Up Boots Size 6 (worn once) - £8

MEL Ankle Wellies Size 6 (brand new in box) - 10 - SOLD

Studded Flats Matalan/ Primark Size 6 - £4 each or £7 for both

Let me know if there's anything you fancy! 

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Friday 16 August 2013


Hi lovelies!
Ooh, cheeky title and misleading photo, did I fool you? Not as cheeky as it might sound though, sorry if this disappoints you (but also, massively creepy if this does disappoint you). This is actually a tag post, I've seen a lot of these going around where Youtubers/ Bloggers give a list of their 'firsts' in different things. The list I have is a random one I found on Google and adapted for blogs instead of youtube, so feel free to use this if you'd like to do this post! So, let's get personal!

First Relationship
My first 'real' relationship (i.e. lasting longer than a couple of days/ weeks of 'he's my boyfriend/ we're going out, while never actually going out) was when I'd just turned 15 I think. It was with a guy from my High School, we were together for around two years and split up just before I started seeing Darren. So I was never the 100 boyfriends kind of girl in School, which at the time, seemed boring and crap, but looking back I'm pretty thankful for that. I was in a long and mostly happy relationship at the time instead of messing about with lots of different guys, getting my heart broken etc etc. It didn't end hugely well and it had its dramas, but for the most part it was a good relationship. We don't talk now needless to say but I wish him all best even so. 

First Love
Despite the long relationship before Darren, I would definitely say Darren is my first true love. Of course you say I love you when you're in other relationships, but until you're with the right person, I don't think you can truly be in love. I'm a bit of a believer 

First Blog Post
Chloe's Way used to be a daily outfit blog so it was an outfit post. A rather cringey outfit post with a pretty crappy outfit at that, but I won't take it down as all blogs develop and I think it's good to show the development and not just leave your newer more streamlined posts up. Getting rid of my old blog posts would be like throwing away old photos, just because your outfits dodgy and your hair is scary, doesn't mean you should get rid! It's nice to look back and see how far my blog has come!

First Tweet
"skins is on and it's JJ tonight. life= not suckish." 
So there it is, had to go through all my twitter archives for that, so I hope it's worth it... Sort of.

First Job
My first job was in a shop round the corner from my house, for an hour and a half one night a week and I hated it. Putting higher prices on items, serving strange customers. Dodgy stuff!! I'd literally be given a pile of products and be told to put the price up, I'd clean shelves that looked as though they'd never seen a duster before in their poor shelf lives. It was moderately traumatizing. Although I do think having a part time job when you're in high school teaches responsibility and things, so it was worth it in its way.

First Big Purchase
This would probably be my iPad, I don't have my own place, nor do I drive so this is the only 'big' thing I've bought myself! Strange really as I only bought it a few weeks ago!

First Text Today
This was my usual good morning text from Darren. I love little things like that in a relationship, it's so cute and makes my morning every single morning!

First Thing You Did This Morning 
Okay, funny story. I didn't do my usual checking my phone, or turning my alarm off. I rushed to the mirror, to check I wasn't purple. I had a dream that my showe ran purple food dye instead of water... So there it is, I'm possibly insane.

First Concert
It was Barney The Dinosaur in concert and yes, it counts.

First Alcoholic Drink
Probably a Smirnoff ice or WKD blue, I was that kid. ;)

I hope you've all enjoyed this post and I didn't disappoint any creepers too much with a lack of sexy time stories. Let me know if you've done this post, I love reading them!


Wednesday 14 August 2013


Hi lovelies! Before I start, I'd like to say a huge huge huge thank you to those of you that supported me through yesterdays drama regarding my recent giveaway (more info in my last post if you're curious!). Thanks to all your support, I have not lost all hope for giveaways in the future, but will be thinking about how to go about having people enter as I definitely don't want the whole 'comper' drama again - yikes! As a lot of you said, a blog is not run like a business and we have no legal obligations as we write giveaway rules ourselves. I think these people need to realise this and accept that mistakes can and will happen sometimes! Anyway, thank you all again for your massive support, it was definitely needed! Massive love and hugs to each and every one of you!

Anyway, drama aside, I have a little haul for you all today! Yesterday, I went shopping in London with my Sister and to be honest, the only place I wanted to go to was Victoria's Secret, I have a few of their Body Sprays and perfumes and after being sent a few more bits in a Beauty swap with Ashley (a few posts down), I wanted to try even more! The sprays, lotions, shower gels, body butters etc are all 5 for £30 in Victoria's Secret, which is actually a pretty good deal considering these are all £9- £11 individually. This time, I decided to pick up a body lotion and some body washes too. As much as I love my Soap & Glory 'Clean On Me', I felt like a change and these feel super luxurious! The shower Gels I picked up were 'Such A Flirt' and 'Sensual Blush', which are both gorgeous, fruity floral scents, which I absolutely love. I tried 'Such a Flirt' in the shower last night and it was amazing, it lathers up really well and the gorgeous scent fills the room when you use it! I also picked up two more body sprays in 'Pure Daydream' and 'Sensual Blush' and then a body lotion in 'Pure Daydream'. I actually already have the Pure Daydream perfume, so I wanted to pick up the body lotion and spray to team them all up for a longer lasting scent! This actually works really well just FYI!  If you'd like any full reviews of any of these, just let me know!

Then, onto the thing I was most excited about, my gorgeous new iPad case! I bought a Ted Baker iPad sleeve, but I wanted a pretty case to stop the back getting scratched and while walking around VS, I came across this along with a ton of different iPhone cases, (if you have an iPhone and want a pretty case, Victoria's Secret is the way to go!). So after looking for a pretty case in a ton of shops, I was so excited to find this one! This feels like such great quality and it's super easy to get on and off as it's made of a sort of plastic/ rubber material, which is fab. I had a hard plastic case on my iPad before and it was a nightmare to get off! I won't go on anymore than I already have about an iPad case, but as I said, if you're looking for iPad/ iPhone cases, VS is amazing.

So, let me know what you think of everything in my haul! Is there anything you'd like further reviews of?


Tuesday 13 August 2013


Hi lovelies, just a quick post this morning as I'm a little bit upset by something I woke up to on twitter this morning. I recently did a giveaway to celebrate my blog reaching 1000 followers. There were no problems with this, loads of people left lovely comments saying congratulations and things and lots of people entered etc etc. So, when I came to pick my winner, I admittedly did have a few problems with rafflecopter as I was on my iPad with slow wifi, but I picked the winner (Sophie from and that was that.

However, this morning I woke up to tweets congratulating another girl on winning my giveaway, and sure enough, her name had appeared above Sophie's on my Rafflecopter form. I understand that this could have been my mistake, but as you all know, there weren't two winners for this giveaway, so I had - to my knowledge - only picked one. I will say, that I did have to click 'pick a winner' a few times before it worked with the slow internet, which may have been the problem, but as I said, Sophie (who the prize has now been sent out to), was the only one I had seen and the only one that had shown up on my iPad at the time. I understand that this could be confusing and disappointing for the other winner, and had I have known what had happened earlier, I would of course have sorted it out right away.

So of course, I responded to all the tweets apologizing for any confusion, explained that there had been a mistake and expected that to be the end of it. I did not expect however to get tweets telling me I'd deleted the other winner on purpose, or I 'only pick other bloggers' to win, how it couldn't possibly have been an honest mistake and that people had screenshotted the giveaway as 'proof' there was another winner. I understand how disappointing it is to have your name on the winners then be told it's a mistake, but it is what is, a mistake. I had already announced Sophie as the winner as she was the only winner displayed to my knowledge. I find it unfair and ungrateful that people would get this hung up about a tiny mistake. Things like this can happen, I'm not an internet whizkid and I get things wrong. I may have accidentally picked two winners or Rafflecopter may have messed things up, I don't know, but what I do know is Sophie was the only winner displayed to me when I announced the giveaway and that's how it is going to stay.

Bloggers spend their time and money on giveaways and I'd always loved doing them, but this has seriously upset and angered me and I think I'll be put off doing them for a long time now. It was an honest mistake and i'm sorry for that, but this is ridiculous and wrong and I think those of you still tweeting me right now should be ashamed of yourselves.


Sunday 11 August 2013


Hi lovelies! I hope you've all had a fab weekend, I had a lovely lovely time chilling with my boyfriend, doing lots of shopping and switching up my hair colour! (Just a slightly darker blonde, nothing crazy, I'm not that adventurous). So, as you may have seen in my last post, I recently did an international beauty swap with Ashley from One of the products I received in this swap was this beautiful 'Primal Instincts' eyeshadow palette from Sephora. This was very exciting indeed for me as I've never tried anything from Sephora before, so this was put straight into my everyday makeup bag so I could give it a go.

I've used this just a handful of times, but I absolutely had to review it straight away because it's so bloody amazing! I'm a die-hard MAC eyeshadow fan and have found very little that even comes close to my beloved pro pans, but even they have had to take a backseat and have officially retired from my everyday makeup bag until further notice. Ashley could not have picked a more perfect palette for me, this beaut has just about everything you need for any eye makeup look be it subtle work makeup, pretty shimmery day makeup or a full blown smokey eye. I am strictly a neutrals girl, but I do love a subtle pop of colour sometimes, so the hints of colour from the rose gold/ purpley shades are just perfect as they add a little something without being too crazy bright (blues and greens are a no go for me). I change my mind about matte/ shimmer shadows quite a lot, but at the moment I've been loving shimmery shadows, because I'm currently trying to channel my inner Victoria's Secret angel (is it working yet?..) so as the majority of this palette is shimmery, that's amazing. Although, there are three matte shades, a light neutral champagne colour, a brown and dark brown/ black shade, so if I do decide to go a bit more understated, I can do.

I had high hopes for this palette when it came to the quality of these shadows and they definitely lived up to my expectations. The pigmentation is amazing on every single shadow in this palette, which is fab, as usually there's at least one duff shade, but not with this beauty. Each and every shadow is as gorgeous on the eye as it is in the palette. They blend out perfectly with each other, meaning they can be worn subtly, but they can also be built up to look more dramatic and bold, perfect for a darker smokey eye. The shadows are gorgeously soft and easy to apply, so chalky rubbish here! I use my beloved MAC paintpot in Painterly under these as a base and they last all day, not a single crease or any signs of fading in sight.

As well as the gorgeous shadows, I absolutely adore the packaging of this palette. It's not too bulky,  but not too flimsy either, it feels really sturdy and well made. It also looks amazing in my makeup bag with the cool animal print design! It has a brilliant big mirror inside too, making it perfect for travelling as you have all the colours you need in one place, with the mirror built in. The price is also amazing (I know it's naughty to check as this was technically a gift, but I did it for you guys, aren't I good to you?) at $28 (roughly £20 I think) for 14 good sized, incredible quality eye shadows, it's worlds away from MAC on price, but does not compromise on quality at all.

So, as I'm sure you can tell, I'm a bit in love with this palette and would definitely recommend it if you can get your hands on it. Sephora, please come to the UK, pretty please.
What do you think? Would you like to try this palette? Does anyone else wish we had Sephora in the UK as much as I do?


Friday 9 August 2013


Hi lovelies! I hope you're all doing well, I'm in a fab mood because it's friday and tomorrow is the first Saturday I've had off in ages, which is exciting! What was even more exciting about today though, was getting home to find a big box from the USA waiting for me. This box was from the international beauty swap I did with the lovely Ashley from Though this only arrived today, I was far too excited to not post about it tonight (hence the late post) so let's get right into everything!

First things first, I think Ashley is my long lost sister, while I did give her a few brands for inspiration, I didn't give any specific things that I particularly wanted to pick up, but everything she picked out for me are things I would definitely have picked up myself. Even down to the mnm's ;) I'm literally only just getting round to sending her box as I ordered some bits and bobs for her online and the Royal Mail is totally useless. I'm so excited for her to get her box now though and I so hope she loves it as much as I love mine, though I'm not sure that's possible! I literally squealed opening this lovely lot. I even went as far as busting in on my poor sister Hannah (who was in the bath) to show her everything! 

First thing I saw when I opening the box was the gorgeous Victoria's Secret makeup bag, which was enough for me as it is, how beautiful is it, seriously? Then when I finally got over the stunning makeup bag (and yummy sweets) and started opening each lovely individually wrapped item, I literally could not contain my excitement. First up, she picked out two body lotions and one body wash/ scrub from Victoria's Secret, along with some tweezers and a bronzer, which I'm really looking forward to trying. I'm not gonna talk too much about any of this stuff as I'm going to be reviewing lots of it in the next few weeks. So watch out for that! Along with the body theme, Ashley also chose three body lotions from Bath and Bodyworks which is very exciting for us Brits as we can't get it over here, like I said I'll review these so I won't go on, but honestly, she could not have picked better scents, these are totally gorgeous scents.

Another thing that completely thrilled me was the two pack of maybelline baby lips lip balms. These have just come to the UK apparently, but I haven't been able to find them anywhere, so once again review coming soon! She also sent me an EOS lip balm, which is fab as I've tried one before and loved it, but this one is pink, which makes it amazing, of course. She also picked loads of gorgeous makeup bits from Sephora, Physicians Formula, Wet n Wild and Tarte, all brands I've not tried much of before so I'm super excited to give it all a go and review it for you all! 

I'd just like to say once again, thank you so much to Ashley for choosing all these amazing bits for me, it seriously was more exciting than Christmas! 

Let me know what you think of everything I received in this swap, is there anything you'd like reviewed?

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