Sunday 18 August 2013


Hi lovelies! Today I decided to have a huge clear out as I have a wardrobe full of clothes I almost never wear and it's a big ridiculous! So, I thought I'd pop a few bits and bobs on here before I stick them all on ebay. I will consider suggestions on prices within reason, but many of the prices will be pretty low as is, so please be reasonable with any haggling! You can comment on this post or tweet me on @chloesway if you'd like to buy anything. All items are good as new and have only been worn once or twice (brand new will be stated).
P+P will be £3 for clothing and £4 for shoes and payment is to be made via paypal only! Happy shopping!

Wine Red H&M Dress Size 6 - £6
Dark Red Spiked Shoulder Dress Size Small - £7
Baby Pink Skater Dress Size Small - £4

Printed Strappy Dress Size Small (looks smaller than it is, it's just the hanger!) - £5
Butterfly Print Dress Size Small - £6
Mango Oversized Orange T-shirt Dress Brand New Size XSmall (but will fit anything from 6 to 12!) - £5

Topshop Black and White Aztec Print Dress Size 6 - £7
H&M Striped Skater Dress Size 8 - £5
Black and White Skater Dress Size 6/8 - £5 - SOLD

Missguided Green Sequinned Dress Size 6 - £10

Studded Lace Up Boots Size 6 (worn once) - £8

MEL Ankle Wellies Size 6 (brand new in box) - 10 - SOLD

Studded Flats Matalan/ Primark Size 6 - £4 each or £7 for both

Let me know if there's anything you fancy! 

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  1. Can I have the black and white skater dress please?! My Paypal address is

    1. Have requested the money on PayPal hun! Xxx

  2. What lovely things! I'm not on the look out to buy anything as I have way too much stuff and could do with doing a blog sale myself but just wanted to say nice blog! :)

    Sarah x

  3. Hey Chloe :) would you say the aztec print skater dress is a perfect size 6? I'm usually an 8-10 in dresses so I'm not sure if I'd be able to squish myself in! xx

    1. Hi Jo! Probably more a 6/8, will fit a size 8 for sure, but possibly will be tight if you're blessed with bigger boobies!! Xxx

  4. Can I have the ankle wellies please? Paypal email is X

    1. Sure hun! Will send the paypal invoice now if that's okay! xx

  5. Love your blog sale and now following you! Would have loved the Topshop dress but your so teeny tiny I wouldn't fit in it :( xx

  6. Hey! What kind of material is the Mango dress?! xxxx

  7. The boots and dresses shown in this blog are nice and all the stuff is available at reasonable prices, that is a great thing.

    Knitted Tunic Dress

  8. is the baby pink skater dress avaliable? i love it! and the stripey dress, i think the h&m one? xxx

  9. Hi,
    Could i have the: Printed Strappy Dress Size Small
    and also where does the: Mango Oversized Orange T-shirt Dress Brand New Size XSmall sit on your leg?

    Bella xo


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