Thursday 3 October 2013


(these are models from the next website, I didn't know this at the time, I just wanted a photo infront of the Cosmo board!!)

Hi lovelies! Unless you have been living under some kind of bloggy rock, you'll know that yesterday night was the Cosmo Blog Awards! I was so excited to go and after meeting Becky, Rosie and Daisy at the tube station, we were off to the Oxo Tower for the evenings events! There was so much to do and a lot to drink(!!). The bar was just amazing, they were serving three different pink cocktails (my personal favourite being the Cosmopolitan, duh!), I didn't get a photo of the bar, which was super clever, but there are some fab photos on Cosmo's twitter. There were also waiters serving little snacks and champagne, which is always a bonus!

They had hair dressers for anyone who wanted their hair redone, mine was so full of hairspray that nothing was getting my curls out, so I didn't take advantage of the mini salon, but Becky, Rosie and Daisy all did and their hair looked amazing. There was also a manicure station and the Vintage Cosmetic Company was on hand to do everyone's lashes. You'll also notice I took full advantage of the photo booth. I do this at pretty much every event I go to, I love a photo booth, especially when it's free!

As expected, I didn't win Best New Beauty blog, but the winner, Alice from 'One Nail to Rule Them All' was such a sweet girl and it was a thoroughly deserved win! While I didn't win, I was so overwhelmed to hear that there were over 43,000 entries to this year's blog awards, so to be shortlisted alone just feels like the biggest achievement ever and I was so proud and grateful to be there. It was so lovely to meet so many lovely bloggers that I've chatted to over my blog and twitter and to finally meet them all face to face was just fab! Some of the lovely ladies (Becky, Daisy and Rosie aside!) I had the pleasure of meeting included Jess (Copper Garden), Tash (It's Simply Beauty - who one Highly Commended for Best Beauty Vlog, yay Tash!!), Sophia (Sophia Meola), Amanda (Honeypop Kisses) and Hannah (Cosmetic Crave). There were so many more so sorry if I haven't mentioned you!! All the girls I met and spoke to were so sweet and genuine and it's lovely to get to know the girl behind the blog a little bit.

At the end of the night, we were given the heaviest goodie bag I have every received. They seriously spoiled us with these and our goodies included Photo Director Editing Software, a gorgeous recipe book, some next goodies and pink vodka. I will probably review a few of these bits and bobs in due course so expect more on this! In addition to what I've photographed, we also received a bag of 'Propercorn' Popcorn and a little knicker shaped biscuit from 'Two Little Cats Bakery', but as I hadn't eaten anything and drank some very strong cocktails, I ate both on the train home!

Overall, it was a fab night and Cosmo did an amazing job putting it all together. Thank you once again to everyone that nominated me, without you lovelies I'd never have had this amazing opportunity! Love you guys!



  1. Looks like you had so much fun :) hopefully I will get to go next year!

    Would love for you to check out my latest posts including behind the scenes of my Look Magazine and Company Photoshoots.

    Charlie xx
    Lurch Hound Loves | UK Fashion Blog

  2. looks like a great event! x

  3. The evening sounds amazing! Well done for being shortlisted! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  4. Now I've met you once, we have no excuse to stay apart:) xx

    1. definitely be seeing you again soon missus!! xx

  5. This looked nice!


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