Saturday 12 October 2013


Hi lovelies! I have yet another lovely advertiser to share with you all today! The latest addition to my sidebar is 'Cat Hearts' a lovely new Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle blog run by the gorgeous Catherine. Catherine had a beauty blog previously, but recently started Cat Hearts as a more 'general' blog, instead of being completely beauty focused. I think this is a fab idea, as I love a blog with lots of varied posts.

Cat Hearts is very new (she only started it on Wednesday!), but she already has a variety of different posts from Beauty Reviews to Fashion Hauls to Cooking! I love Catherine's layout too (I'm a sucker for grey and pink, if you couldn't already tell!!), it's super simple and girly - a girl after my own heart! Though this is a very new blog, I definitely think it's one to watch so get over here and check her out! You can also follow Catherine on Twitter and Instagram for more regular updates and pretty photos! (Tell her I sent you!)

Cat Hearts is one of my 'Large Ad Package' advertisers, for more information on Ad packages and if you'd like to advertise on Chloe's Way, check out my page here, for more info.


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